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Full Version: Programming the nation, documentary
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good watch

Will check it out tonight
cool doc so far

subliminal messaging is the modus operandi of the NWO media.

but it's not really hidden messages or codes.. it's more about hidden agendas and psychological triggering
Yeah that was good. Hardly shocking for those of us here, but a good watch.

HAARP is some scary stuff.
[Image: 142022.jpg]
[Image: 374d21c5cc1242ff9f49797b3e116d0a.jpg]
[Image: top-10-most-inappropriate-magazine-ads-161108.jpg]
(04-22-2015 02:12 AM)Winnson Wrote: [ -> ][Image: 142022.jpg]

is that real??
Maybe. They used to use doctors to advertise cigarettes.
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[Image: antonio-federici-gelato-04.jpg]

[Image: antonio-federici-ice-cream-immaculately-...-91415.jpg]
[Image: fry_baby_ad_1960_2.jpg]

I bet that's real
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(04-22-2015 02:48 AM)Winnson Wrote: [ -> ][Image: babbeer1.jpg]

There's actually a little truth to this one. With our first child, our OB/GYN recommended my wife drink a Guiness to get her milk to come in. She did, it did. Now, I don't know about a case of Blatz...what a great name for a beer, though.
When my niece was born the nurse recommended my sister beer.

The Chinese have this special soup new moms drink with a bit of alcohol in it, but it's whisky, not beer.
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