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(05-11-2015 01:13 AM)Winnson Wrote: [ -> ]Perfect! And just to keep it upbeat, please enjoy this Willow Smith music video. It really is something!

This Willow Smith video was removed and when I tried to find it again, I noticed all Willow Smith music videos now have the comments disabled.

LOL! Rock on Willow. Rock on.

[Image: donotreuse-willow-smith-fqc7-2015-video-...rf-650.jpg]
(04-21-2015 08:00 PM)Redneck Wrote: [ -> ]This epidemic is the result of many years of conditioning and planning from the top. The aim seems to be to raise racial tension to a boiling point, and somehow I think it all ties in with plans for martial law and to disarm the population.

This makes sense. I wouldn't be surprised if it was also a way to cancel elections also. Martial law is pretty powerful and encompassing.
(04-23-2015 10:58 PM)ihitpeople Wrote: [ -> ]Blacks 100% were targeted. The main weapon was music. There are sciences of how certain sounds can activate the release of endorphins. This combined with suggestive lyrics can CERTAINLY program people. Cop hating, violence, over-sexualisation and drug use are glorified especially through the use of music videos. Absolutely used to degrade the black man.
Also the beauty standard for black woman is to have white woman's hair. A black woman with dark skin wearing a blonde wig looks like a clown. They think they look good. Brain washing ? Mind control? Of course. Maybe Music videos of Beyoncé with straight White woman's hair is a bad example. They are taught to hate themselves and don't even realize it.

Music is a huge part of social engineering.

It wasn't like that though. 1979-1989 rap music was some black positivity like you wouldn't believe.

And then along came 'for profit' prisons, and the whole game changed for blacks. Slangbanging and Gangbanging. Pushing coke, murder, whatever. Anything for a life sentence!


Learn please
(05-07-2015 08:15 AM)Hellfire Awaits Wrote: [ -> ]Stigmatize miscegenation between man & orc

ROTFL I'm dying here. Big GrinBig Grin:Big Grin
The first rap song to actually go #1 was by the group Blondie. The song was Rapture and it was a white woman rapping.

Jump to 1:50...

The first rap song to go to number one was probably Tex William's song Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) (1947)

Bo Diddley was probably the earliest black rapper, following in what had always been a white American country music style.

(04-22-2015 07:03 PM)kungfool Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-22-2015 06:34 PM)Hellfire Awaits Wrote: [ -> ]Now with ALL this bullshit going on, can you really blame American cops for being stressed all the time, and for venting their rage in unlawful ways?

You were saying some good shit until this point.

You can't complain that Blacks have poor impulse control and apologize for Cops having the same problem.

Lately we've seen a Cop shatter an old Indian man with a Power Hiza-Guruma, a Cop tell a Teen he could make up any charge he wanted to fuck his life up, 3 Cops mow-down a crazy White Guy who was throwing rocks at cars, a Cop shoot a Black Man who stole his taser 6 times in the back.

This shit is an epidemic right now. You can't blame the Black-Man for this.

Idk what's more surreal, seeing this from you or seeing Count Iblis talk about cheering when cops die lol.

Obviously i know views evolve and change but this is a fascinating fucking thread.
(04-23-2015 06:00 AM)DonJohnson Wrote: [ -> ]Every single problem can be traced back to the bankers and politicians. does that mean we shouldn't resolve our local problems anymore?

this is a mental illness.

Yeah there's some serious cognitive dissonance going on here, talking about "the white mans crimes!" to deflect from your argument and the topic at hand.
The Hellfire Awaits in this thread and on the OG was hugely influential in my early political development, he used to be such a good poster.
I have not changed at all.

Maybe you are misreading my posts.

Jesus loves you.


OK half of what I posted here was trolling, but I was correct in the end. Freddy Gray was guilty as a mofo, the cops were innocent.

no more gratuitous insults or creating division on this forum.

Even when i am trolling, I win.

(04-25-2015 08:06 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:1) the fuck they outnumber criminal suspects. Are you high? Do you want me to post statistics here?

are you autistic?

Almost every white person in this thread came off as deeply self loathing, insecure, and emotionally invested in defending a narrative, no doubt about it.

Also just for the record, we are in fact the strongest race.

How did this thread get 46 pages?
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