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Full Version: I'm not a CT'er, don't fit that label - I'm an OSFA'er or OSI'er
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Never did consider myself a CT'er. It does not accurately describe what my MO. I'd like to coin an official name for this here[/b]. Feel free to offer suggestions.
Good terms.

I long ago stopped attaching labels to my beliefs. I'm in constant search of the truth and will follow the trail of evidence.

That said, I suppose "Truther" would come the closest to describing my beliefs.
Im an honesty and integrity investigator
I'm a Bullshit Caller-Outter, but BCO is a lame acronym

Also 'Caller-Outter' sounds like a 6-year old

Good thread, we'll have to make some better terms Smile
i am Just Want All the Lying to Stop

JWALS, it has a groovy acronym rhythm to its

reality research
CTer is a convenient label to put on someone so that their opinion can be disregarded as crazy. to me this site is not really CT but more of a truth or exposing of the mainstream lies. CTer to me are the people who believe that the queen turns into a reptile

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good post. when I use the term CTer I mean Conspiracy Truther, not theorist most of the time.
you mean she doesnt?
(04-16-2015 01:38 PM)canuckster Wrote: [ -> ]you mean she doesnt?

I don't think he's being serious.

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Certified Forensic Online Research Expert

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conspiracy shouldn't be a bad term.

it just means 2 people working together to screw someone else over illegally.
I asked my handlers and they said I was a GEID (Ganfully Employed Information Distributor).
CR-conspiracy realist.
The tactics of our loving Western Powers That Be and the Church of Scientology are eerily similar. In Scientology, anyone who raises unwanted questions about the church's practices is usually declared to be an SP (Suppressive Person). In church jargon, this means that the person is unhinged and should be avoided at all cost. Merely speaking to an SP is grounds to be labeled PTS (a Potential Trouble Source), which you really don't want. Being declared PTS means you are subject to invasive and costly ethics auditing that could result in you being declared SP, sent to a detainment camp or other terrible things.

Meanwhile, since the Kennedy assassination, the West has used the term "conspiracy theorist" in much the same way as the "suppressive person" MO. CTers are given a stigma of tinfoil-hat mouth-breathing crazies. Normal people should avoid speaking to CTers and certainly should not engage in any analysis of the "crackpot" theories they present. To do so is to invite being labeled PTS...I mean "paranoid delusional".

It's all just rhetoric, albeit rhetoric that works. They've even taken the word "truth" and given it a bad connotation. Truther is now a derogatory name. You have to respect this strategy even as it sickens you.

Personally, I don't go in for labels. Labels, acronyms and jargon are a tool of control over groups. Look no further than our alphabet agencies to see how all of that gobbledygook shakes out, and what happens to the individuals who go through all of its indoctrination.

Or, just take a look at the sheer amount of acronyms and labels used in Scientology to see just how insidious this stuff can become.

I am a human being. End of label.
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