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Full Version: Dennis Quaid does a Randy Quaid impression???!!!
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Most likely a stunt???!!!


Randy Quiad has WAY more class than that.

I wanna see him fight Dopey Dick in the parking lot
lol, dopey dick
Dennis Quaid is a troll????!!! Randy is the one we're still not sure about?????


Maybe feeling Jimmy Kimmel was stealing their thunder — what with everyone speculating he was behind the Dennis Quaid Meltdown video — Funny or Die this morning took credit for the video gone viral, and unveiled what actually happened. Turns out, there really was a Dopey the D--- on set, as well as zombies, pussies (aka kittens), horse s---, babies — even garbage. Oh, and “Blow me” was directed at his hair and makeup person. “Sorry, I get grumpy when my hair gets flat,” he explained.

When the video of Quaid blowing up at someone he called Dopey the D--- on a set went viral yesterday, many people responded: Jimmy Kimmel prank video! Apparently loads of people, including many people in the media, still are smarting over having been punked by Kimmel’s infamous Worst Twerk Fail Ever hoax video a year ago.

Anyway, ABC late-night host has rushed to his own defense last night, insisting he’s not behind the Quaid video meltdown: “I have to say, it’s disappointing. You play 50 pranks and suddenly people don’t trust you anymore.”

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