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Full Version: 'Conservatives/ Jeb Bush are upset that 'Obama' shook hands with Tyrannical dictator'
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Quote:Conservatives & Jeb Bush are upset that #Obama shook hands with the Tyrannical dictator of #Cuba

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Quote:plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

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Quote:On 16 February 2003, Parade magazine's David Wallechinsky rated King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah as the second worst dictators in the world.[79] Most of this criticism stems from the fact that most of Saudi citizens live under a strict Wahhabist interpretation of Sharia law, which mandates the amputation of hands as a punishment for theft and floggings for crimes like drunkenness.[80] Execution by public beheading is common for murder, rape, drug trafficking and witchcraft, and Abdullah's policies towards the rights of women have also been criticized.

While open criticism of the King within the country is forbidden, criticism of his extremely powerful Chief of Staff/private secretary and éminence grise (formally President of the Royal Court) Khaled al-Tuwaijri, is not, and he soon became one of the most hated men in the country.
Rumsfeld and Saddam Hussein

[Image: Saddam_rumsfeld.jpg]

McCain and Gaddafi

[Image: McCain%20bows%20to%20Kaddafi.jpg]

Father Bush and Chavez

[Image: hugo-chavez_bush.jpg]

Chavez was twice (or three-times) elected. It does go to show how easily the America state turns on leaders.
Yeah, it has to be a major alert for Putin by now.

probably you can find some photos of US leaders shaking hands or meting with Yanukovich, who some US mass media is calling the expresident of a "regime". Yanukovich even LET MCCAIN CAMPAIGN AGAINST HIM openly at Euromaidan. he just let the politicos come and campaign against him on stage and hand out cookies, etc. And now he is basically a refugee. How does that happen? Did he just think that if he plays frIENDLY WITH THE EU and US everything will be OK? Apparently not. Apparently you have to show absolute fealty and sign agreements when they turn up the heat and openly oppose you with protests. Of course, that can go bad too if you get kicked out by the other side. The US put in Morsi, perhaps, and then the Egyptian leadership removed him when he started to go off que.
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