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Full Version: Site was down.. too many connections?
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Hey EY, how do we post youtube vids on this site. I'm a bumbling dope when it comes to this stuff...Wink
press new reply and you'll see a TV icon.. then click down on the youtube link and a popup will appear asking you to insert the youtube link

Click on 'New Reply'.

Locate the TV screen at the top to the far right.

When you click on it...there will be a number of options, YouTube being one of them.

Click on YouTube.

Then just put in the URL address at the top of the YouTube video page.

It should work.

EY beat me too it.

He's fast!
i'm gonna ask the admin to try to make it so its preset in the quick reply
This site is blowing up like crazy.

Is there a place we can make donations for upkeep costs?
well it would be blowing up more if they didn't delete that thread LOL.

they made a thread making fun of the site and it ended up attracting a lot of members.

i think if OGers knew about it, they would come in droves.
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