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Full Version: Rand Paul supports sanctions, attended Bibi speech, signed open letter to Iran
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In case you were still holding on to the hope that Rand Paul would be a Republican worth voting for in 2016, you should consider these key stances he has taken in recent months. You might say he is just playing the game in order to get the republican nomination in 2016, and once he is elected his stances will change. To that I would say - don't get your hopes up.

Sen. Rand Paul: U.S. Must Take Strong Action Against Putin’s Aggression

Rand Paul on Iran Sanctions

Rand Paul signed Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran. How much does it matter?

Rand Paul Sounds Off on Netanyahu’s Speech and His Comments Might Shock Some
You need an accompanying photo of some kind.

[Image: 6a00e008d2bcf48834017c36e420ae970b-pi]
IIRC, 27% of Netanyahu's speech, which was about 40 minutes, was applause. An Israeli made a music video of it:

'Ayn' Rand Paul the Neocon.

I'm sure his father is proud.
Ugh. I'm watching the appearance on Hannity linked in the 4th article.

He opened by kissing Ronald Reagan's ass.

He tells Hannity that he liked Netanyahu's speech, and that he also demands that Iran give up State Sponsored Terrorism, Nuclear Enrichment, Ballistic Missiles and their quest for Regional Dominance.

Hannity accuses Obama of lawlessness and 'going Rogue' and negotiating with Iran himself.

He more or less says that Netanyahu is a peaceful man, and that Israel just wants peace too.
Hannity is your typical Republican troll. He accuses Democrats of doing the same things Republicans do, but defends Republicans when they do them. Treaties, for example, are almost always, if not always, negotiated by the Administration and then sent to the Senate for ratification or amendment. The deal with Iran is no different. Rand has never been very good at hiding his Neo-Con views.
Ron Paul was the last of his kind.
I told you guys to never trust a man wearing a toupee.

Rand oozes scumbag from every pore of his body.
New Netanyahu campaign ad:

“We got [US] sanctions against Iran”
“And now to stop the agreements that are dangerous for Israel” (Netanyahu in front of the US Congress applauding him)
“We closed the hole in the wall” (shows Apartheid Wall with barbed wire)
Then it shows the Israeli parliament whining at him like a bunch of losers.

Which do you think is better, the campaign ad or the remix video from earlier?
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