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Okay eating a huge curry beef brisket dish. in the middle of it my stomach started hurting.

stormed into the washroom and unleashed hell on earth. turds just ran out like looters in ferguson. as I started to wipe, I saw light green color. same color as my curry.

WTF. intredasting. So on the next wipe, i bring the green streak up for a sniff test to verify what I suspect to be true. And voila, it was curry!

So I'm eating and shitting at the same time. Another step toward Godliness.

let me guess it's that canto yellow beef brisket curry. that always gives me mud butt as well
I don't think Curry is very healthy; I had always assumed it was until looking over the ingredients.
is it not? i fucking love curry. but now i'm sitting here dumbfounded like i just took mushrooms. i'm tripping.
Curry is healthy but it contains a lot of fat and sodium

Cumin, Tamarind etc. are all good for you.
Lol... Massaman curry is the shit!
(03-03-2015 04:37 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]Curry is healthy but it contains a lot of fat and sodium

Cumin, Tamarind etc. are all good for you.

That's what I mean -- it's full of fat (the good and bad kind).
yeah but Japanese people eat it like twice a week at least and they are the world's healthiest.

Wouldn't call it super healthy, but in reasonable amounts I think it's OK.

RAMEN, now that is UNHEALTHY.
right here folks. canto beef brisket curry. induces swamp ass immediately.

[Image: AngelCakeCafe008.jpg]
I used to go eat panang curry twice a week. I was addicted to it.

Wasn't that unhealthy. Just coconut milk, red curry, and some spices.

Usually, when you order it, they ask you how hot/spicy you want it on a scale of 1-10.

I used to get the 10 but never had this type of reaction.

Maybe you got a bad batch?
I always get diarrhea when I eat curry.. at least 50% of the time.

my theory is that they use expired meats when they make it. the strong curry flavors mask the stench of rotting meat.

remember asian restaurants never waste food!
Maybe that's why. I used to get mine with either tufu or just the vegetables.
yeah when I eat Japanese curry things seem to be OK too or packaged curry. I think tons of asian restaurants use at least almost expired meat for their curries.

japaense restaurants use unfresh tuna when they make the famous spicy tuna roll.
thought of this thread and ordered this dish today.. sure enough got the RUNS!

oh crap. Just went to the bathroom again. ate it like 4 hours ago and it's still affecting my stomach.

no more massaman curry
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