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Full Version: Putin's main political adversary assassinated in Moscow... Can you spell CIA?
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This is perfect. It may be an even better play than the American Nazi puppet government shooting down a passenger plane then blaming it on Vladimir with no real data or verifiable forensic evidence.

What benefit would Putin get from killing his main political opponent at this very juncture with the west and the MSM media playing to the sheeple as the next coming of Hitler who needs to be eradicated?

This is going so wrong it is scary. These idiots really think Putin's gonna blink. Well, as we all know here, he won't.

Exactly. Im' trying to explain this to people on the OG.

He gets ZERO BENEFIT from offing him. The way Putin gets rid of opposition is by using TRUMPED UP CHARGES or actually enforcing tax laws against the target. He doesnt' need to off people, esp. since the western media will automatically blame him.

I smell outside-inside job.
Also they claim that Russia isn't a democracy and Putin is an all powerful dictator, why would he need to off this guy? Putin is all powerful right?

If this was indeed a self inflicted wound it just proves they will sacrifice their own if it advances an agenda. Peopel think they are part of the club they aren't.
Putin approval rating = 84%. no need to engage in this.

they will try to smear putin with this. Disgusting.
Mark my words here everybody. This game has little to do with a Ukraine with no oil, no real mineral resources, and no money. What does the EU want with that? What do the western central banksters want with that? I'll tell you what... NOTHING!

This whole deal is purely a strategic military play by the US to put NATO troops and all kinds of "defensive" (lol) ballistic missiles a few hundred miles form Moscow. That's it. They want to neuter the world's other nuclear superpower and ensure their unipolar supremacy over all us humans.

Putin knows if the US NATO & all their defensive (lol) ballistic missiles show up one day the US will have first strike nuclear capabilities. Simple as that. This can 'never' happen. This will throw the MAD principle which kept 6 billion humans from being vaporized during the cold war out the window.

If the US launched a nuclear first strike against Russia from it's own borders it would take less than 5 minutes for them to reach Moscow. The Russian's would be caught with their pants down without time to react. The US would also wipe out their communications with EMP weapon bursts in the upper atmosphere (standard in cold war battle plans). This would cripple their command and control and take out all radio & telecommunications. The Russian's would have a huge problem trying to launch a real counter attack even with their independent mobile ICBM's & subs.

Essentially this would turn Russia into a subjugated nuclear state like France or Britain. Sure you got hundreds of ICBM's but the US has the iron hand overall. The US now could win a pre-emptive nuclear war and be willing to take acceptable losses vs anybody, even if they could retaliate. This is serious shit.

Cuba October 1962. Kennedy and Khrushchev had their fingers on the button because of the same scenario with the Soviets in the process of putting first strike nuclear missiles 90 miles from Miami. There would have been a war. Probably the all out nuclear kind. There is no way that Kennedy or any American president would ever let that happen. No difference with our comrade Vladimir and the Russian motherland.

These fuckers have an end game that they think they can win an it's biblical.
http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=9a6_1425081351 - video not gory no blood

Russian Opposition Politician Boris Nemtsov's Body Laying Dead in Street After Assassination

Boris Nemtsov, one of Vladimir Putin’s most vocal critics, has been shot dead on a street in Moscow, according to Russian media.

He was shot four times near the Kremlin while walking with a woman, news websites claimed, after several people got out of a car and confronted him.

Nemtsov was, briefly, the Russian deputy Prime Minister under Boris Yeltsin, but recently has been a strong critic of Putin.


Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=9a6_14250...1jfs80t.99
these guys will go to whatever length to achieve their aims.

truly scary. how can you compete with this level of relentlessness?
This guy has been anti-Putin for 15 years lol. Why wait 15 years?

this is ridiculous.

Most likely he was killed by his own guys or western backed intelligence to smear Putin. esp. since he said "he was afraid Putin was going to kill him"

Again what does Putin gain from this? the entire intl media saying he murdered his political opposition?


Putin had nothing to do with this. Nothing.

they shot their own people during the maidan rally.. why wouldn't they shoot their own to advance a cause?

"The country needs a political reform. When power is concentrated in the hands of one person and this person rules forever, this will lead to an absolute catastrophe, absolute," -Nemtsov.

84% Approval rating. 84%



and ummm 84%
Quote:There was no immediate claim of responsibility and former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev warned against jumping to conclusions.

"Certain forces will try to use the killing to their own advantage. They are thinking how to get rid of Putin," he said.

Yes, Mr Gorby.. you are VERY INTELLIGENT.

tell it like it is.
stupidest thing you could do is murder a high profile opponent. too much too lose.

The west will have a hard time pinning this on him.

what's scary is how close this happened to the Kremlin. There have been 8 assassination attempts against Putin.
Netizen Comment:

"soooo...putin waited for 8 years, so he could kill him now? now, that he has the highest rating ever? and in the middle of red square? and he couldnt stage a "car accident" or something? yeah, right...it looks more like cia or a drunktard killed him to try and damage putin's reputation...spectacular murder on the famous red square covered by all mainstream media... I bet cnn, fox and other tools will do their best to accuse putin of anything they can...this is an old, many times seen tactic....rofl!"
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