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Full Version: Disney Loathing = Unacceptable Socially
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Hey all

I think as EYer folk its healthy to remind ourselves sometimes how the ideas we take as commonplace here are viewed to the average public.

Different CT ideas get different reactions from people;

Some CTs are actually beginning to sound normal, people waking up and considering
Other CT's are met with harsh resistance and anger
Others are met with complete apathy
Others are met with light ridicule and easy dismissal.

But one area of CT thinking lately I've experienced as being surprisingly way more difficult to discuss across than others, met with very unique and powerful response is a skepticism of DISNEY.

My wife knows I never want to go to Disneyland with the kids. She knows why and respects my thoughts even though she thinks they may be extreme (and will likely try to twist my arm again, lol)... but the idea of going to Disneyland came up a few times with other parents, and man there is just no way to open up this ball of yarn with non-CTers.

I made a fuss when Malificent came out too - my kids are target demographic, lots of parent-friends going... I didn't want my kids to see it but good fuckin luck trying to explain why to a non-CTer, lol I dare ya

The only angle I think regular-minded folk can agree with is the obscene body-types of their female characters. Women dig this criticism, lol. You can also talk about the consolidation of media, how Disney is much bigger than just a movie studio, how much other media they own/control under different names. SOMETIMES I can get people to think when I point out the complete over-saturation of ROYALTY-themed movies they have. Something like 40% of their animated films revolve around princesses or Queens and kingdoms.

- But take it any further and you will see a very befuddled look in their eyes;
They don't know if they should be confused, curious, offended, or if they should frightened of YOU, lol 'Why would you NOT take your kids to Disneyland?? Come on, man lighten up. Its DISNEYLAND!!' One of my best friends thinks I'm quite crazy because of the Malifecent thing. This makes me sad Sad

My wife/kids did end up watching Malificent together, I saw the last 10 minutes of it. Of course, it is a beautiful and entertaining film. Its just the context of any sort of real understanding of what Disney is etc is just so vast, you need to understand a lot of OTHER CTs too before you can start to put it in perspective. Westerners love their Disney man. And rightly so; they are master storytellers and artists. Its a Sacred Cow. Sometimes I think its easier to talk about 9/11 than it is to suggest that Disney might just be made of something other than fairy dust.

This sucks cause I see so many great kids and good friends as parents all eating that shit up without a second thought. I watch them all get brainwashed into Disney-reality and you know you can't really say anything about it.
My wife loves Disney. I mean loves it. Always has, always will. There is no way for me to broach these topics with her, and I do not try. The thing I have to remember is that it is a spell, one cast with potent magic that is disguised by innocence and adventure. I have not found the counterspell for her, nor do I know if I want to find one. She is very happy with her perception of Disney, and, in the end, perception is reality. It brings her joy to show these movies to our children and to take our family on trips to Disney World.

I have deep reservations because I know too much about the way this world works. But, I have also enjoyed our family vacations because she is happy, my kids are happy, there's lots of fun to be had. I watch what my kids watch and I offer counterpoints and shut down certain shows that I feel are going too far. Am I going to be able to stop Cinderella, Ariel and Elsa from twisting my daughter's worldview? I don't know, but I will do my best. If I were to ban their viewing, it would alienate my wife and my daughter, and she'd just see them eventually. Disney is ubiquitous in our culture. As with all such ubiquitous things, it is my job to guide my kids to healthy opinions and life choices despite the garbage aimed at them.

With all that said, I don't feel great sending our money to Disney. It makes my skin crawl to think what goes on at night in Disneyland and Disney World. But, it is a magical illusion that makes three fourths of my family very happy. I take it with a grain of salt. If my wife wants to believe in Santa, who am I to shit on it?

On an interesting side note, last time we were at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, we rode the little monorail in Tomorrowland at night, and I pulled my phone out to take a picture as we passed into the tunnel by Space Mountain. It notified me that a new wi-fi network was detected: NSA-1. Great.
thoughtful posts
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My daughter is 10
There is a family I am friends with for which I have more respect for than any other family I know, they were a big influence on me... they took my wife in for a time when she was illegal here/when I first met her, and just really inspired me what a real strong family/marriage could be. Now they live in Florida.

Their youngest daughter, who I knew when she was 5, is CRAZY about Disney, and is now in her late teens and works at The Magic Kingdom, I think she is in the Mickey Mouse Club etc. She is a wonderful kid, very pretty lots of charisma

But what can I do/say? lol

Probably nothing. Other CT friends of mine give me shit for not going 100% with protecting my kids from TV, food additives etc... but AA is right; if you go too far and go all Mosquito Coast on them, you can create the opposite effect; alienation and them being LESS receptive to CT thinking. You can likely even make people hate CT talk all together and just not want to hear it at all

Its a tricky line to tread, as parents or relations with other loved ones.
My wife is in agreement that Miley and the oversexualizing teenie bopper shows on the Disney channels are bad. We had a bit of a fight about Maleficent, and I outlined how the story was a re-telling of the Lucifer myth. She agreed to go see it with her best friend before she let our daughter watch it. In the end, she decided it was a shitty movie and agreed to not show it to our daughter. Last month, my daughter went to a sleepover and saw Maleficent. Sigh.

^ well that's the other thing about it;

You CAN'T ESCAPE IT. If Disney has a new movie, your kids WILL SEE IT, or at least know all about it and have apps and games and shirts etc.

Disney is a master at this; they create something, and somehow it penetrates the subconscious mind of EVERY SINGLE WESTERNER and beyond. I mean every single one, even the most hardcore CTer will have the images implanted and forced to grapple with them.

That is unfathomable power.

Impossible to shield your kids unless you go live in the jungle.

I am trying to slowly teach my kids about media awareness, and the spiritual ideology of TV/Disney etc. I think I am doing a good job, they are starting to get it, but every step I help them take is knocked back again real fast, its a constant battle vs the onslaught of media and social influence.
Yeah you ain't shaking Disney. They're an institution and cannot be questioned as good clean fun for the kids.
It's probably no surprise I think Disney is Satanic.

It's not a religious thing, it's just based on empirical observation.

But, I can't say it's not entertaining.

I sometimes buy my nieces Disney gifts and movies because that's what the family wants.

I even own a copy of Pinocchio on blu-ray.

Mostly because I try to keep movies around they can watch when they come to visit but don't want to get stuck watching one of those princess movies.

They can barely speak English but they know all the Disney Princesses names.

If I had kids, I would probably be just like Masato.

The problem is...you can't really stop it. Every party they go is a princess party of some kind. That's all their friends talk about.

It's almost impossible to keep them from knowing about it and wanting it unless you lock them in closet and feed them by pushing food under the bottom of the door.

And if you don't give it to them, the other parents will think you're a jerk and think you are casting judgement on them as parents.

But my nieces are my brothers children. It's his and his wife's job to raise them in the way they feel is best.

I respect his wishes and don't feel it's my job to explain to them the hidden mystery religion of Disney.

The truth is, some people don't know about the kind of stuff we talk about here and don't really want to know about it.

In their view, America is a place where Christian and liberal politicians hold all the power and fight over who's going to be the top dog every four years.

The challenge that view makes people reassess their entire world view and many people simply would rather not know what Disney or anybody else is doing behind closed doors.

As for me, I love learning about that kind of stuff.

I prefer truth over comfort. I love investigating things and learning more about how the world and power really operates when nobody is looking.

But that's not for everybody. Not everybody wants truth over comfort.

I respect that in a lot of ways.

As for me, I always want to challenge myself. I always want to learn something new and off the wall that I didn't know yesterday.

Other people prefer psychological stability and don't want their opinion of the world or how it works changing from day to day.

But I have had certain co-workers that become interested in this type of stuff and they love it.

It's almost like they are excited when I come into work because I'm going to tell them something so off-the-wall and interesting that it draws them out of their daily boredom.

I could ramble all day.

But is Disney Loathing socially unacceptable?

Maybe if you spend a lot of time hanging around other parents with small children.

But in certain situations, you're perfectly fine and people can sometimes be fascinated by it.

It's important to know your audience.
I am also conflicted because I do have a ton of respect for their artwork. Animation is my favorite artistic medium and they were/are the bosses. Some films are downright masterpieces. I have a lot of the oldschool features and treasure them as great works of art, in spite of my wider opinions of the company.

I don't think most Disney artists have any suck inclination of thought.
people have absolutely no concept of the power behind media and its tremendous influence on people.

im 100% with you man, but disney is a tough one to break and requires extensive research into these topics before one can see with clarity, just what they are doing. They know they are getting into the young minds of the population. and there's fuck all you can do about it.
I am trying to think of a Disney classic movies where one of the main characters didn't die......................hmmmm

I have never been nor did I take my sons do Disneyland, boys aren't really into the magic and fluffy puffy ghey shit. When boys holiday we camp, shoot guns and sling shots and eat bbq.

Disney is feminine mind control camp, you go there and see and ride and never really do anything just observe. then when you get old enough you turn into princess bitch like Madonna or that other aging cretin, whats her name Bruce Jenner and do all kinds of mindless shit, like rear end people and kill them. ahhh disney, the mind numbing mindless cycle of life
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Yeah my "hitler was right"" monologue flopped at the dinner table last thanksgiving
I went to Disneyland a dozen times as a kid. It didn't screw me up. The its a small world ride was a little creepy. I was more into X-Men and Street Fighter and stuff and didn't really like it.

For girls its a different story. I think women especially want to surround their daughters with Disney because it reminds them of their childhood. The sexual innuendos are thought of as jokes for the adults even though most kids are fully aware of them by 9.

If I were a parent Id be more pissed off about the prices than the themes. Its what $100 per person after you consider food and snacks? I've got a buddy who keeps landing Latino chicks in North OC, and they freak when he doesn't want to go. Groups of Asian college aged girls all have annual passes around here too. - I'm dead serious.

Overall I think the channel is worse. The Highschool Themed shows about climbing the popularity ladder seem much more toxic than the Early Childhood Princess Fantasy stuff.
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