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Full Version: New Jordan Maxwell Quote on "Waking Up"
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people say well you know people are waking up now.. i say to them of course people are waking up, they have to, can't sleep forever. When you wake up that's what guys do when they're in prison. every morning they wake up but they're still in prison.

and they ain't going nowhere. just because you wake up that don't mean shit big jack.. that don't mean nothing. that just means you woke up and find out you're fucked. yeah well finally you figured it out and you woke up and found you fucked and whacha gonna do about it? Nothing. well then shit you might as well go on back to bed.

and people say we'll there is a light at the end of the tunnel.. well I say yeah and that's a train coming, FOO.
shit had me rolling. I transcribed this myself hahahaha. 110 WPM FOO
I like it

This idea is on my mind a lot lately; there comes a point when more research is useless... once you have done enough to see what's what, there's little sense in continuing to puzzle about it... anyone still trying to research and prove to themselves that a grand conspiracy exists and that there is something really wrong with the mechanisms of the system is a good 5 years behind.

Eventually the question becomes what to DO about it. This is a very hard one to answer. Do anything too strong and you will lose. Don't do enough and you allow it to continue. Get too passionate and it can consume you.

I like to think that if everyone decides to take some unique action that they can contribute, however big or small, it is the collective effect that can eventually turn the tide. Getting the word out like EY is doing is a good first step. Talking to people in real social circles is perhaps more bold... protesting has its time and place, but imo the whole human race needs to start getting CREATIVE with it; where are the artists, the musicians who are willing to stand up and call some motherfuckers out and tell it like it is? Street art, etc etc.

Right now imo its all about shifting the THINKING of the collective. Opening up topics of thought and discussion that were previously hidden or taboo. Start calling out bullshit when you see it/not pretending anymore. Eventually the shift can happen, I believe. But it is up to us, NOW to start beginning to create a current in that direction.

This may take a few generations, or it may happen at any time - not for us to decide.

Jordan Maxwell has dedicated his life to helping that shift - what can YOU contribute?
I think that people learning how to use meditation as a guide in their day-to-day decisions is key.
I think Wall-St Sales Tax is where its at.

By now most people are aware that the average person pays 10% on every transaction, and 30% of their salary in Taxes, while Bankers, Speculators and Derivative Brokers pay nothing.

But you can't just complain about it. They didn't care when Occupy started a Hippie Commune in their park.

Hit the Western Finance Oligarchy where it hurts. Take their Money. Start with a 1% Financial Transaction Tax.

[Image: make-them-pay.gif]
I agree with the a financial transaction tax for large institutions.

People in the US can no longer do something about this IMO. the system is too entrenched in all areas of life. However people in other non-aligned countries can.
It sounds like Maxwell may be losing it a bit.

"The State never intentionally confronts a man’s sense, intellectual or moral, but only his body, his senses. It is not armed with superior wit or honesty, but with superior physical strength. I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest."

- Henry David Thoreau

What I gain from that tirade is that Maxwell is a psychologically beaten man.

Maybe he needs to take a time-out.

Get his life on track rather than worry about where the Union Pacific is headed.

Start finding out what it is that he believes in that is more important than staying out of train tunnels.
Could just be doom programming. guy has been harping on for ages how the NWO can't be stopped and how the elite are Godly aliens.
It is rather sad in a way that as he reaches his twilight years, and after 50+ years of researching the NWO and teaching and awakening others, that he draws this conclusion.

He's basically saying that everything he's done is a waste.
(02-26-2015 10:03 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]Could just be doom programming. guy has been harping on for ages how the NWO can't be stopped and how the elite are Godly aliens.

BANG! Spot on.
because he didn't offer any real solutions and he spent most of his time bashing the only institution that was capable of reversing the conspiracy, Christianity.

Also people go into this and expect to be some type of hero overnight. it doesn't work that way. you do your part, maybe influence a few hundred people and do your part.

it's kind of like taxes... an individual taxpayer doesn't contribute much, but cumulatively the taxes add up to something substantial.
Information matters. They trip out when teachers talk about CT stuff and their class size is usually 20-30 people. When you talk on the net you are reaching thousands of people or more at a time from all over the world.

Also he is an admitted freemason so I don't see how he's "calling out the conspiracy"
Just a thought about Jordan Maxwell's comments.

I recommend going to the ISIS thread and checking out the Christopher Green/Alternative Media TV video. It's spot on.

Maxwell could maybe learn a couple things from that video.
He was on EndOfDays Radio some time ago and came across very bitter. Lashing out against young critics etc, they even use a clip of it for their intro

I think would be frustrating to have worked so hard your whole life, being a pioneer of research, only to see your work making little difference and just getting old and no one listens to you anymore.

Little does he know perhaps how much influence he had. Time will tell
It's a real tough prison to live in when you hang out at Disneyland with Michael Eisner and George Lucas. The dude is an insider, anything he says is suspect. Masonic tool, like Icke.

[Image: lucas_eisner_maxwell.jpg]
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