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Full Version: Israeli on air flight wants chocolate and doesn't like Arabs
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PC thought control hasn't quite made the rounds in the sole Middle East democracy.
thats pretty tame compared to some videos of Chinese on flights.

^ fake ass subtitles.

Flying isn't glamorous like it used to be. bunch of farmers on every flight.

yeah I've seen the same video with different subtitles... it's like the Disappointed Hitler videos, ppl add different subtitles for the hilarity.

I guess you've seen such buffoonery first-hand on your intl fights?
yeah. not that bad, but I've seen some minor scuffles. I also confronted some chinese dude sitting next to me that wouldn't stop spreading and shaking his legs

I was just like "STOP" and gave him a SMH disappointed/disgusted look. didn't get angry. just made him feel like a peasant.
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