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Full Version: Vitamins vs Whole food sources of nutrients
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Without a doubt, the best way to get your nutrition is through food IMO. I have done countless hours of nutritional research, and used myself as a laboratory test subject throughout the years for all types of diets and supplement programs.

I have to say that vitamins and supplements have had terrible effects on me when taking them. The late nutritional guru Aajonus Vonderplanitz warned that supplement companies were quietly being bought out by big pharma and ingredients as well as overall quality of most supplements is very poor and in some cases toxic to the liver.

What is your opinion on supplements? Have you noticed a tangible difference in using them? And what is your main rationale behind taking it? Thank you.
I think the problem with today's vitamins and supplements is that the delivery system to add those important vitamins and supplements into your is not currently available. All the bottled vitamins and supplements are produced in large quantities and then processed and re-processed to be able to fit in the bottle and last long enough on the shelf...I believe a lot of these producers of vitamins and supplements cut corners where they can. it's a multi-billion industry couple with an eternal yearning of the masses to get healthy and hale in the promise of a pill-bottle. Fresh food is they key to good health. That and moderate exercise. AND, of course, reading here on EY to make sure you get the best advice???!!!
"AND, of course, reading here on EY to make sure you get the best advice???!!!"

Ha, exactly
I take a vit D and some C. I prefer to listen to my body and how it reacts to what I eat, supplements almost always leave me feeling that my stomach is working on what I have ingested, almost curiously and clumsily my body says different than what the mind is telling it. Your body knows, you have to learn to tune into it, feel how food feels in the stomach, what it smells like and also what it calls for or craves....no junk food included. Once in a while I have a junky food day, though I find my body has no use for it so I generally feel crappy and pasty after fast food.

Every day I have a protein shake that consists of wild canadian blueberry (because my childhood), protein plant powder, coconut milk, coconut oil a banana and two scoops of probiotic yogurt and a bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar. Everyday my body says thank you, I feel it in the morning and through to lunch.

I have always eaten fresh foods never processed, also organic beef and chicken and natural spring water. One food my body says "thank you" to me is always tuna or salmon, because they are such a healthy anti-oxidant intense food. I believe I enjoy blueberries for the same reason plus a cultural history of living across a field of wild blueberries as a kid, I would eat them on the regular.

If you can't manage to feed yourself enough of a range of the seven fruits or vegetables and all the required fibre and grains etc......then maybe supplements are for you, hey maybe pharmaceutically prepared vitamins and supplements are too
Vitamins really can't replace their whole food nutrient counterparts.

But they can be very effective.

The main thing, of course, is to not polarize yourself too much on the issue. Be rational.

I don't take a lot of vitamins. I just take what I need, such as B12.

For example, taking Red Yeast Rice will give you the same results as taking Lipitor without any of the adverse side effects.

But, really, I feel it would be better to save up for a Vitamix and use it daily.

That's just my opinion. I used to sell vitamins and sports supplements and talk to customer every day, so I know that they can be effective.

But it does vary from person to person.

For example, I don't really notice much difference taking a multi-vitamin but some people notice an immediate loss of energy without one.

Just my opinion, I used to work for Nature's Bounty and do believe they are a good company that makes quality vitamins.

I usually recommend them.

I just don't buy them myself because they don't offer a lot of vegan capsule alternatives. So I'll usually buy NOW brand.

Don't buy a lot, just what you need based on your needs.

Green drinks are also a nice alternative to popping a bunch of vitamins but can be a little pricy.

Again, as Hippocrates said, "Let they food be they medicine and medicine be thy food".

Today, people trick themselves into believe they're healthy because they take a few vitamins. They're not.

Vitamins can be helpful but are not a substitute for living foods.
I am going to try and stick to food based supplements and compare.

I have started taking these recently. The Kelp I think is an essential supplement. Where else would you get iodine in the western world? Plus their are so many iodine antagonists in the food and water supply such as bromine, fluorine, and chlorine.

[Image: 2014072509441877231_lrg.jpg]

[Image: Natures-Way-Kelp-033674145081.jpg]
Cool beans Coffee Guy.

I've purchased the liquid iodine supplements and was thinking about trying the kelp as well.

Keep us updated.
^^ iodoral? lugol's solution? What dosage do you take?
(02-22-2015 09:58 AM)Coffee Guy Wrote: [ -> ]^^ iodoral? lugol's solution? What dosage do you take?

The one I've bought a couple times is called Iosol Formula II.

[Image: TPC001_Xl.jpg]

I usually take 2 or 3 drops in a glass of water.
I take Vit d, and some others, and not every day, I am learning to listen to my body and give it what it needs when it needs it. Knock on wood, I haven't been sick this year while everyone around me has been getting sick for weeks.
Vitamin D is one of the few vitamins worth taking imo. It is not easy to get D from food and people far overestimate what they get from the sun.
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