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Full Version: Anglo mercenaries on the ground in Ukraine helping Kiev Junta
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check around 45 seconds. a guy with an anglo accent says "out of my face, out of my face please"

Quote:The man holds a carbine in his hand and is wearing a tactical vest. As the correspondent points her microphone with a request to comment, the man covers his face with the other hand and says in an American or Canadian accent, “Outta my face, outta my face!”
Seems like british accent, could be australian as well. Maybe more informed people can identify it.

South English Accent?
That sounds like an a North American accent EY, not enough of a sample to guess the region.
you might be right. Eastern US accent.

It also sounds sort of like a british accent.

he is speaking quickly so it's kind of hard to tell.
yep. American accent.

I guess we can conclude blackwater type forces are on the ground in ukraine now.
Yeah, it's northern US or maybe Canadian, but I wish there was more.
Yes, American mercenaries now might be fighting ethnic Russians in an ancient part of Russia right next to Mother Russia itself. It's incredibly dangerous.
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