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Full Version: Dana White the Rock Star
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I just realized something, this job is about Dana becoming a star, it has really gone to his head.Ive met him a few times, UFC 31 and 47 both times a very social humble cat. The character now blabbing on the post 183 isn't who I remember meeting. Its as though he presents himself as we are blessed to hear him speak, like an MMA Jesüs.

As we roll through the fighter rolodex, Dana stays in the background as a bald talking head, who pushes what he believes and uses other peoples heartballs to display integrity

"sorry to have wasted about 30 seconds of your time you will never get back"

Hillhairy Cliton

I met him before UFC 30 at some press thing that only a handful of people showed up to and yeah he was a very different person back then.
leo's r like that

attention hoars
during press conferences he always has to stand right between all the fighters with his podium.

never letting us or the fighters for get that all these great fighters are just his mandingos
[Image: dana_white_zps7524967b.jpg]
[Image: Dana_Tito1_zpsf86726f4.jpg]

[Image: dana_zps6e5fb8371_zps1f9a2ddd.png]
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All he did was take a script from Vince Mcmann's play book. Chapter 1: How to be a Heel.
I imagine Danas job is extremely difficult, I am honestly sad to see him not doing media scrums and the Dana vlogs.

He can definitely be harsh at times but lets look at what he is dealing with, I am sure his head is about to explode over UFC 184.
(02-05-2015 01:44 PM)jason73 Wrote: [ -> ][Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRKS6Z9jVfS3YPtyusolHT...-CB2qgIfpY]

Its insane how big Lorenzo is now, he is like the hulk at this point lol.

I need that casino money.
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