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Full Version: Sandy Hook Child Loaner Program Investigation Thread
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So, there is speculation some of the children involved were part of a "child loaner" program and that a few are actually alive and well.

The most common theory that older photos of currently living children were used.

Here's a good thread to investigate those claims.

One of them is the claim that Avielle Richman is actually Lenie Urbina.

Avielle Richman

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

[Image: 20121218_063338_AvielleRichman_300.jpg]

Lenie Urbina


^^^The above photo is copyrighted and cannot reproduced but the link is a picture of Lenie Urbina from the Newtown Bee.

Any resemblance?

Or mass hysteria over nothing?
strong resemblance, esp. hair, hairline and chin
That's the same kid, look at the right incisor.

Eyes, chin, nose, hair.
Same girl

Would be very hard to find two little girls with a jawline that strong
Avielle Richman (Obituary - http://www.legacy.com/ns/avielle-richman.../161726376) vs ....................................Lenie Urbina - May 9, 2014 http://photos.newtownbee.com/Journalism/.../i-FDBp74R
[Image: hqdefault.jpg] [Image: 20121218_063338_AvielleRichman_300.jpg] [Image: Bee%20Lines_%20Lenie%20Urbina-XL.jpg]

[Image: 2qimt8k.jpg]
good catch Canuck.

Right incisor.

same girl.

[Image: 2qimt8k.jpg]
[Image: aviellerichmancompexact.png]

lennie urbina was at the superbowl sandy hook show
This shit makes me want to vomit. Grown liars are one thing...but coercing innocent children into living a national lie? It's grotesque.
eye color is identical too.
with these new pictures, this is probably the best empirical evidence.

or at least one of the best.

the jawline, the hairline, the hairtexture, the eyebrows etc. are all a match
the teeth are identical. look at the top row.
her left eyebrow has a little peak to it, right is smoother curvature.

but that just my be a very coincidental, along with the hair, chin, eye color, smile, teeth.

twins don't get that close, so i'm guessing it's more than likely a clone. that or it must be a robot like in AI only this one grows older.
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