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Full Version: MicroSoft n' flaccid declares their next console ONLINE all the time
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"Sorry, I don't get the drama around having an always-on console," Orth tweeted. "Every device is 'always on'. That's the world we live in. #dealwithit."

When it was pointed out to him that not everyone lives in a world where internet access is guaranteed – such as Janesville, Wisconsin or Blacksberg, Virginia – Orth's response was tactless, although one suspects accurate from his point of view.
So they basically need you to be online all the time to play their crappy pc in a box system.
Lmao @ this shit. I am struck speechless by how brazen these assholes are. They are slamming it in deep and hard, without even pretending to use a rubber.

And the worst thing is, they know this won't put a dent in their profits. The consumers are sheeple. That's what explains their arrogance.

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Yep. I think they figured it out in the last 5-10 years that the truth no longer matters. It is the perception.

they flood you with a barrage of bad news, and eventually the people give up and stop caring.

this is total demoralization.
I'm just fine with my PS3 thank you.

Might look into a gaming PC to hook up to my TV as long as I can hook up a PS controller to it.
I think the XBOX1 will spy on you..

I've heard of people getting busted doing illegal activities using their ONSTAR car service and I imagine that we will hear stories like this from the XBOX1

The XBOX1 needs to be online and the Kinect feature is the all seeing eye in your home.. Bill Gates is part of the establishment IMO...

Sitting around playing your new XBOX1, smoking weed, and the next thing you know the FEDS are kicking in your door trying to bust you for pot..

No thanks

I own the 360 now and if I do buy one of the new consoles, it will more then likely be the PS4... I've heard the PS4 will play used games like normal, it is confirmed more powerful then the XBOX1, and it doesn't require internet service...
yeah.. it's already making the rounds in the CT media.

the new xbox will be a bonafide spying machine.

so will samsung TVs
"deal with it"

I'll deal with it by not buying the new Xbox you smug asshole
(06-10-2013 08:27 AM)MightMakesRight Wrote: [ -> ]"deal with it"

I'll deal with it by not buying the new Xbox you smug asshole

hahaha. yeah.

i would totally rather get the sony.

Microsoft was also the first to sign onto the prism spying program.
not gonna put up with this horseshit. good thing I'm not much into gaming these days so I can't be coerced by next gen graphics.
I bet the next gen graphics aren't even going to really be next gen.. The difference won't be as big as the xbox compared to the xbox360.. I only foresee a slight improvement on graphics for both systems honestly... People argue about the high end PC graphics being so much superior.. I don't see it there either, at least not to the point that PC users make it out to be... I think we have hit a peak in graphics performance...

Either way, it will be awhile before I get a new console... At least a couple years..
I live in bumfucked West Virginia. Internet is shady at best. I am a PS3 owner anyway but all my friends have an X-box. Hopefully this will convince them to switch platforms.

I predict this will put Sony over the top this time in the console wars. Seems to me that Xbox is all about different media and add-ons. Sony is a straight gaming console.

Different strokes for different folks, but I am thinking now it is a no-brainer especially where I live and other rural areas.
lol. this thing looks like a PC

[Image: 0x600.jpg?fit=scale&background=000000]
I've been a huge Xbox supporter since they released their first console, but this stuff is just getting ridiculous. Pretty much every new feature that they offer is a restriction of some kind and I don't want anything to do with the Kinect in my home. Looking forward to E3 tomorrow to see what other info is released, but at this point I don't see any way that I purchase the Xbox One. As long as Sony doesn't fuck up and follow Microsoft's lead, they should kill them in sales this upcoming generation.
^ agreed. I'm more interested in the design of the Sony.

I loved the PS2 boxy design, but the PS3 design was kind of generic.
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