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Full Version: Nascar driver Kurt Busch says ex-gf is a CIA assasin in court documents
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Really bizarre to make an accusation like that. Sure lots of accusations get made in messy domestic violence cases, but this one is so out of left field, you have to wonder if there's some truth to it.

Kurt Busch: Ex was trained killer


DOVER, Del. -- The NASCAR driver known as "The Outlaw" testified Tuesday he believes his ex-girlfriend is a trained assassin dispatched on covert missions around the world who once returned to him in a blood-splattered gown.

[Image: fSrN0lGl.jpg]
Patricia Driscoll, seen in May with ex-boyfriend Kurt Busch, called his assertion that she was a covert assassin "ludicrous," saying he took it straight from a fictional movie script she has been working on.

"Everybody on the outside can tell me I'm crazy, but I lived on the inside and saw it firsthand," Kurt Busch said when his attorney, Rusty Hardin, questioned why he still believed Patricia Driscoll is a hired killer.

In an interview late Tuesday, Driscoll called Busch's assertion "ludicrous," saying he took it "straight from a fictional movie script" she has been working on for eight years and that he has proofread.

Busch, appearing in court again over Driscoll's request for a no-contact order, continued the push of his legal team to discredit his ex as a scorned woman out to destroy his career, portraying her as a character fit for a screenplay.

Busch said Driscoll repeatedly asserted her assassin status and claimed the work took her on missions across Central and South America and Africa.

He recounted one time when the couple was in El Paso, Texas. He said Driscoll left in camouflage gear only to return later wearing a trench coat over an evening gown covered with blood.

A day earlier, Busch said his ex-girlfriend told him she was a mercenary who killed people for a living and had shown him pictures of bodies with gunshot wounds.

Busch said Tuesday that Driscoll had claimed that a female character in "Zero Dark Thirty," a film depicting the CIA's hunt for Osama bin Laden, was a composite of her and other women.

Last month, Michael Doncheff, who served as a personal assistant to Busch and Driscoll, said an ailing Driscoll told him in September that she had been picked up by a big man and slammed to the ground while helping round up immigrants at the Mexican border, a story Doncheff considered "far-fetched."

Doncheff said Driscoll also asserted that she was a trained assassin for the U.S. government and once told him, "I take down foreign governments. I own Washington."

During the hearing, which stretched over four days, neither Driscoll nor her attorney refuted the testimony.

In a telephone interview with The Associated Press late Tuesday, Driscoll dismissed Busch's assertions.

"These statements made about being a trained assassin, hired killer, are ludicrous and without basis and are an attempt to destroy my credibility," Driscoll said. "Not even Rusty Hardin believes this."

"I find it interesting that some of the outlandish claims come straight from a fictional movie script I've been working on for eight years," Driscoll added.

Busch testified Monday that he decided to end his relationship with Driscoll after a race last fall because she was monopolizing his schedule and he needed to focus on racing.

Driscoll said Busch assaulted her in his motorhome at Dover International Speedway a week later, grabbing her by the throat and slamming her head into a wall three times. Busch and his attorneys have denied the allegations, which are the subject of a separate criminal investigation. Driscoll's attorney, Carolyn McNeice, cross-examined Busch on Tuesday, but few of her questions dealt directly with the assault allegations.

Busch has testified that he repeatedly told Driscoll to leave after she showed up unannounced at his motorhome, finally cupping her cheeks in his hands, looking her in the eye and telling her she had to go.

"He advised that her head tapped the wall as he was doing that," Detective James Wood testified Tuesday, recounting Busch's interview with Dover police in November.

Richard Andrew Sniffen, a Christian music minister who performs at NASCAR outreach events and befriended Busch and Driscoll, said Driscoll told him on the night of the alleged assault only that Busch had pushed her and that she hit her head. Sniffen said Driscoll was upset, angry and brokenhearted, but that she never said she was afraid of Busch and seemed intent on reconciling.

That attitude shifted in the weeks that followed, Sniffen said, with Driscoll going "from a broken heart looking for love and reconciliation to anger and a little bit of revenge."

"I will destroy him," Sniffen said Driscoll told him, adding that she repeatedly said she would take Busch down.

A court ruling on Driscoll's request for a no-contact order is expected later this month or in early February.
female assassins definitely exist all over the world.

for assassinations it would be far more easy to use females to lure horny unsuspecting male targets.
Quote:But as ludicrous as it may sound, and despite Driscoll's denials, there is evidence to suggest that Busch's assertion of Driscoll being a trained assassin may have some validity.

Driscoll is the Chief Executive Officer of Frontline Defense Systems, a defense contracting company, which according to its website is a "customized services company specifically designed to support the U.S. Govt. and commercial companies engaged in the Global War on Terror." And on the company's website Driscoll's areas of expertise are spotlighted.

[Image: Driscoll.0.jpg]

No, there is nothing overt about Driscoll being an assassin, though reading between the lines, it isn't farfetched to see how a connection could be made.

[Image: tdremh11.jpg]

And then there is Pocket Commando, a video Driscoll created and starred in with the intent of landing a reality show. In the nearly six-minute production Driscoll, who dubs herself "Commando Mommy," is seen shooting myriad firearms and her close relationship with the U.S. armed forces is prominently featured.

"There's a lot of sensitive things that I work on," Driscoll said. "Most of them you're never going to see."

If Driscoll is indeed an assassin it would seem she missed the all important lesson on how to remain covert. Then again, maybe not blowing one's cover is not really a concern when you're an expert on the use of knives and poison, as Busch testified.

The great unknown and what's hard to fathom is why Driscoll would go to great means to concoct an elaborate ruse? It's a question which confounds Busch's attorney.

"She was telling these kinds of things to people before she even knew Kurt and she was telling these kinds things -- at least as far back as 2008 -- to people who would have testified," Hardin said." And when she replayed these things she would be very believable in the way that she replayed them -- she would show pictures of people she had killed, she would show them scars that she says she got from a drug lord she later killed, she would show them photos of dead people.

"To some people she claimed that her people were the ones who captured Saddam Hussein. To Kurt, she said she was there when (Hussein) was captured."

During the protective order hearing, Hardin was prepared to disprove Driscoll's assertion of being a government hired-gun had circumstances dictated. Among the witnesses Hardin was prepared to call was Driscoll's second ex-husband, Geoffrey Hermanstorfer, a former member of the U.S. Army who would have explained how Driscoll would have been privy to information that she could have used to pass herself off as an assassin.
"She has paraded herself as having very close relationships with the military and the intelligence community," Hardin said. "Whether she really had those relationships or not, or really did the things she claimed, it makes her so bizarre that it should call into question anyone believing her."
And yet Busch testified he believed Driscoll's exploits.

great stuff. there probably is some truth to his claims.
Sounds like a beta/delta trained monarch.

Kind of a surprising story but supposedly these type of women lead separate lives.

One life doesn't necessarily remember what happens during the other without some extensive regression therapy.

Who knows...it wouldn't surprise me anymore.
i'm guessing she is involved in defense and knows people involved in assassinations, she then BSed people about being an assassin herself.

either that or she was involved in honeytraps
(01-20-2015 02:07 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]female assassins definitely exist all over the world.

for assassinations it would be far more easy to use females to lure horny unsuspecting male targets.

Oh yeah. I read some book by an ex Mossad agent who talked about how they would use attractive women often. In one story, they used an attractive woman to lure an Iraqi scientist working on nuclear reactors. They also use prostitutes all the time. Then there was that large group of Mossad who got caught on an assassination mission (was it in Australia?) that had many women amongst them.
yes mordechai vanunu.. one of the most famous cases.

he was lured into a honeytrap.

weenie control.. the only way to defeat the new world order.
^No way? The Nuclear Scientist Whistleblower?

I remember reading that they abducted him by Helicopter in London?
(01-21-2015 02:33 PM)kungfool Wrote: [ -> ]^No way? The Nuclear Scientist Whistleblower?

I remember reading that they abducted him by Helicopter in London?

Idk the details of Vannunu's arrest, but the scientist I'm referring to was an Iraqi caught up in a Mossad scheme involving women agents and prostitutes. They lured him with a beautiful female agent and some dapper guy who pretended to befriend him for business reasons, then provided him prostitutes with which they blackmailed him afterwards. I believe the book was called " By Way of Deception".
Quote:Through constant surveillance and analysis by Mossad psychologists, the Mossad found that Vanunu had become lonely and eager for female companionship. Masquerading as an American tourist called "Cindy", Israeli Mossad agent Cheryl Bentov befriended Vanunu, and on 30 September persuaded him to fly to Rome with her on a holiday.[35] This relation has been perceived as a classic honey trap operation whereby an intelligence agent employs seduction to gain the target's trust—a practice which has been officially sanctioned in Israel.[36][37][38] On the day Bentov met Vanunu, the Israeli Navy electronic surveillance ship INS Noga was ordered to the Italian coast.
The Noga, disguised as a merchant ship, was fitted with electronic surveillance equipment and satellite communications gear in its superstructure, and was primarily used to intercept communications traffic in Arab ports. As the ship was heading from Antalya in Turkey back to Haifa, the captain was instructed in an encrypted message to change course for Italy and anchor off the coast. The Noga arrived off the Italian port city of La Spezia and anchored in international waters, just outside Italian territorial waters.
Once in Rome, Vanunu and Bentov took a taxi to an apartment in the old quarter of the city, where three waiting Mossad operatives overpowered Vanunu and injected him with a paralyzing drug. Later that night, a white van hired by the Israeli embassy arrived, and Vanunu was carried to it on a stretcher. The ambulance drove out of Rome, down the coast to a pre-arranged point.

very famous case. Weenie control folks. Weenie control.
Mordechai Vanunu, formerly a jew, is now a Christian. he lives in the St. George Cathedral in Jerusalem under constant surveillance:


he's called "israel's most dangerous christian"

This guy may be the most mentally tough guy ever. 18 years in prison, constant harassment and he still did not break.
please sign the petition to free mordechai vanunu:

I signed it. He should be out any second now.
And I bet that chick's a maniac in bed.

Too bad you'll never find out! Blam!
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