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Full Version: Are Ukrainians/their sympathizers becoming fed up with their criminal leaders?
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It would seem so, going by the comments on this article at Ukraine's English language daily (whose former owner is the chap bankrolling Femen):


Here's another from someone in Ukraine at the Saker's blog:

Quote:Justin said...
Saker, I share your sentiments as well as those expressed by Zakharchenko.

The idiocy of the comments from the Ukrainian Commanders comments defy belief. Winging about his fathers house being destroyed yet ironically by his own forces. Also stating the Ukies will not stop shelling civilian targets until the fighting against Ukrainian Troops at the airport stops. Like WTF??

Hello War Crimes and he and his superiors should be hauled in front of a court and held to account. He knew he was in the wrong hence the defensive behavior and retreat towards the end of the video.

There seems to be a huge disconnect with Ukrainians and with whom responsibility for their affairs lie. Some discussions I had they were blaming Russia for the theft of pensions and saving at the fall of the USSR. Trying to point out that those were also stolen in Russia and by agents of Wall Street and The City of London, it didn't seem to register.

It is the same as when you try to point out the Holodomor Famine was not unique to Ukraine but to people all over the Soviet Union. Brought on mainly in part to the Communist regimes adherence to paying back loans to London and Wall Street and their parties refusing anything other than grain shipments as payment. It was a deliberate ploy no different to the famines inflicted by the British against the Indian continent, the Irish Potato Famine or the starvation of Austria at the end of WW1.

Not all Ukies are blinded but there is a lot of denial and a great need for soul searching to happen before healing and rectifying the sorry state the country has fallen into. As for Right Sector, a joke but a cruel one. Behind the battle lines where they terrorise small villages or hide out in Kiev with the odd stupid march. I was disgusted when on Christmas Night, 6th I was at the main Christmas Tree in Kiev and there I was approached by ATO collections people. Yeah to the celebration of the Prince of Peace. Told them to go away after a hearty Nyet.

I wish very much for the horror taking place in Ukraine to be over and for the country to heal. Independent of the many ills that have captured it at this point in time.

Also, thank you for your coverage.

Word from Finland is that people are skeptical about a great many issues presented in the media including France. Also that of Government calls to curb internet freedom and to monitor activity in the name of anti terrorism.

Funny how the Finnish Economy has been crushed under sanctions against its neighbor in the East. Mean while their leadership or lack there of is calling for closer integration with the West. Talk about hedging with the Titanic.

17 January, 2015 04:34
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