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he probably wants to get banned. would get a lot of publicity and he's probably been demonetized on youtube already
this dood is pretty funny haha

(03-03-2020 09:40 AM)CTsar Wrote: [ -> ]Antifa "journalist" Jared Holt gets invited to CPAC, Ann Coulter not allowed to speak.



See, this is why we all get called 'far right'. Because the 'conservative' institutions have all be co-opted, subverted, infiltrated, so therefore, if you are against them, you must be EVEN FURTHER RIGHT than they are.

Which, I mean, considering they are center left or center, is not actually that far right, but hey... That wouldn't make for sensationalist headlines.

"Moderate conservatives criticize _____"
No no, "far right hate speech discovered in _____" works much better.
(03-03-2020 10:35 PM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]this dood is pretty funny haha

this one is also pretty hilarious:

quentin tarantino is lame as shit

what a bore
AJ's new look:

Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison


[Image: Screenshot-2020-03-12-New-York-attorney-...-Jones.png]
selling supplements that boost the immune system is not selling cures

the war on supplements, herbs CONTINUES
CTsar watches Geeks & Gamers? kek
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