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Quote:Syrian Girl ??
This is what all these colour revolutions are about. #bolivia
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The Daily Star Lebanon
· 18h
Bolivia restores relations with Israel, following Morales' resignation https://buff.ly/2L0L8Q8
4:30 AM · Nov 29, 2019

I discovered through 23andMe that my daughter is not mine — can I claim back child support from the biological father?
Quote:Israeli Forces Throw Canisters Of Poison Gas Into Orthodox Church Hospitalizing Archbishop Hanna

Archbishop of Sebastia for Greek Orthodox in Palestine Atallah Hanna was hospitalized today for inhaling poisonous gas after Zionist occupation forces threw gas canisters into his church in AlQuds. The Archbishop suffered from temporary paralysis, but is now in stable condition.


Father Hanna recently denounced the continued zionist land seizures of historic Orthodox real estate in Hebron and called on all Christian Palestinians to speak out against the occupation. The consequence: an assassination attempt.


No worries, Christian evangelicals will not only ignore this but condemn him for being in Palestine.

Quote:Greek Orthodox Archbishop Says Hebron Real Estate Under Threat


Bishop Atallah Hanna, the archbishop of Sebastian Roman Orthodox, stated Saturday, that the ancient Orthodox real estate in the area of ​​Hebron Gate is under serious threat, and that extremist Jewish settlers may seize these properties at any time.

The archbishop issued the following statements while being hosted by a delegation from the Orthodox parish, from Jerusalem and vicinity.

“We might witness the same scenario of the building of Saint John the Beloved in the Old City, to which the settlers were allowed years ago, again here in Hebron Gate.”

“This is a new and renewed calamity targeting our ancient Orthodox estates in Jerusalem. The seizure of Hebron Gate and its buildings means further weakening, and marginalizing Christian presence in Jerusalem,” he declared.

Bishop Atallah Hanna:“We call on the churches over the world and on the human rights institutions to stand up for the salvation of orthodox real estate in Hebron from the clutches of extremist settlers.”

He added:“We have been addressing appealing letters to the rest of the world over the past months, calling for a move to stop this impending catastrophe threatening us in Hebron, but we have not yet seen any serious action or any initiatives aimed to break this deal, concluded by the unworthy and submitted to the unworthy. ”

Bishop Atallah explained “those allowing these takeovers are betraying the Church and Jerusalem, and are no better than Judas Iscariot, who betrayed his teacher for 30 silver coins. Unfortunately, others betraying their teachers and Christianity for some dollars still exist, and they are becoming tools serving the enemies of Jerusalem, its sanctities and holy, Islamic and Christian endowments.”

“We shall warn again against the danger of the schemes targeting Hebron, for the news reported by media foreshadows the impending disaster. Settlers may storm the ancient Hebron buildings at any time. We may wake up one day to find the settlers in these buildings with the Israeli flag raised on top of them,” he warned.

“We shall reiterate our call to King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, the Hashemite custodian of Jerusalem and its Islamic and Christian holy sites, as well as the Palestinian president, Abu Mazen, to work to break this deal and preserve the identity and history of Jerusalem, and the Christian presence in this blessed city. We shall also address all world leaders, Islamic and Christian religious authorities and advocates of justice and human rights around the world, urging them to stop this impending catastrophe threatening Hebron and its ancient Orthodox buildings, the leading gate to the holy sites, monasteries, churches and ancient patriarchates in Jerusalem.”

The Bishop pointed out that “breaking the Hebron deal needs a legal and political effort because this issue is political, being part of the deal of the century and conspiring against Jerusalem, its holy sites and Arab-Palestinian identity. Politicians are quite aware of the moves they should be taking in order to break this deal, in case they are willing to.”

“Take action before it is too late. Do not let Jerusalem bleed alone, its endowments stolen and sanctities targeted. Move before it is too late. Our Christian presence in Jerusalem has become endangered. Targeting us, our holy sites and endowments is targeting all Jerusalem without exception.”
the only democracy in the middle east??!?!?!

Quote:Erdogan Recycles Idlib Terrorists from Syria to Libya, Trump Forces Relocated to Northern Iraq


Libya is the next destination for the anti-Islamic Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists loyal to the Turkish pariah Erdogan, meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Army gives the terrorists 24 hours to leave Maraat Noman.

Erdogan is now shifting to North Africa, there’s oil and there’s a new task assigned to the Zionist stooge: Cut off the road for China, keep Europe under check, and weaken Russia in that part of the world.

Mad at the Russian President Putin who didn’t notify him of the swift Syrian Arab Army operation in southeastern Idlib, Erdogan lashing out at Russia and trying his luck with the remnant of the international Muslim Brotherhood organization elsewhere. The terrorists who came to Syria and became part of the ‘Syrian Moderate Opposition’ will now be recycled into ‘Libyan Moderate Opposition.’

The Syrian leadership has waited more than 1 year and 1 month before deciding to implement the Astana Agreement by force, the agreement signed between Erdogan and Putin should have secured the vital arteries of M5 and M4 and reopened them between Aleppo and northeast Syria and the coastal side, and also with the southern provinces of Damascus and Daraa through Homs and Hama. These highways are literally the artery of the Syrian economy.

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad decided to not give Erdogan any further excuse after the latter started his military invasion into the northern parts of Syria. In a message to the Syrian Arab Army units positioned in southern Idlib, Dr. Assad gave them order to deploy north and northeast: ‘Every inch of Syria should be liberated.’

After swiftly penetrating the territories and cleaning more than 40 villages and towns from al-Qaeda Levant (aka HTS and Nusra Front), the SAA is on the outskirts of the strategic town of Ma’rat al-Numan.

The Syrian Arab Army gave the terrorists in control of the city a 24 hours ultimatum to ‘leave or will never’. Tomorrow is a new day.

The following report by the Syrian Ikhbariya news channel provides an overview of the situation and also mentions the airlifting of Trump forces from northeast Syria to northern Iraq:

Transcript of the English translation of the above report: (video available in the link)

The Turkish occupation forces withdrew groups of their terrorist organizations from the northern countryside of Hasakeh in preparation for their transfer to Libya, these forces continue to withdraw groups of their mercenaries from Ras al-Ain and its surroundings in the northern countryside of Hasakeh at the rate of approximately 60 terrorists from each terrorist group to send the terrorists to Libya through Turkish territory to get them into the battles that are taking place there.

The Turkish occupation forces have moved about 100 terrorists from Jaysh Al-Islam organization from their areas of deployment in the northern countryside of Hasakeh, to use them in the battles in Idlib’s southern countryside, in an attempt to support the terrorist organizations that have collapsed in front of the Syrian Arab Army.

On another front, two US coalition helicopters landed at the illegal Kharab al-Jir airport in al-Malikia countryside near the Iraqi border and withdrew US officers towards northern Iraq.

Since the beginning of the Turkish aggression on Syrian territory, the United States occupation forces transported hundreds of their soldiers and military equipment from several areas of Syria to Iraq through illegal corridors and airports.


At first, NATO invaded Libya and destroyed the state there turning it into a hub to export anti-Islamic Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood takfiri terrorists, it used the terrorists in a number of countries notably in Syria. Now after their defeat in Syria, it’s not possible to move on the previous plan and deploy them into Iran, that failed with the Iranians foiling the ‘protests’ plot there, and in Iraq which turned out more difficult than expected, and in Lebanon where the Hezb Allah – President Aoun’s alliance turned the tide against the plotter.

The only vulnerable place where the US can still stretch its last muscles is back to North Africa, where it can endanger the Mediterranean and cause endless worries for the EU, the AU, AL, and the rest of the world. (EU: European Union, AU: African Union, AL: what’s left of the Arab League). Not to serve any interests of the US or its people, on the contrary, it’s creating endless enemies for them while impoverishing them, it’s to serve the same old project: Greater Israel.

The ropes jumper who played Europe and Russia is a faithful servant for those who appointed him in a project they still think is viable, Erdogan also still thinks he can have a place in it. The mystery remains: Why did Putin save Erdogan from a confirmed end in 2016?
Word has it Erdogan's Uyghur jihadist army of some 20,000 is now being transferred back to China.

Here's a write up from 2018:

Erdogan’s Al Qaeda Mercenary Army of Uyyghur Chinese « Jihadists » Dispatched to Syria

Quote:Police in Hong Kong Brutalized by Rioters, While Attacked by the Western Press


It is much more than what you are allowed to see. The Hong Kong police force are heroically fighting both the rioters and a complex and extremely dangerous international network which is aiming at destabilizing the People’s Republic of China.
Carlos Ghosn: How did the Nissan ex-boss flee from Japan?


dude hid in a musical instrument case..

Japan is so corrupt
(01-02-2020 03:05 PM)Skookum Charlie Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:Police in Hong Kong Brutalized by Rioters, While Attacked by the Western Press


It is much more than what you are allowed to see. The Hong Kong police force are heroically fighting both the rioters and a complex and extremely dangerous international network which is aiming at destabilizing the People’s Republic of China.

The author of that article... Seems worried his right to visit China will be revoked. He has written a few books on China, written for The Guardian, and worked with Noam Chomsky. Really says a lot about him.

Of course I am not saying what he has written is untrue. There definitely are agents provocateur in Hong Kong. There are in EVERY protest movement.

But that is the question we should be asking. How do we separate a legitimate protest from those who seek to use it for their own purposes or subvert it?
You're in exclusive company EY Smile

Quote:Syrian Girl ??

Twitter have suspended the account of #Syria's president !

We are not allowed to scream while we are being murdered
. https://twitter.com/Presidency_Sy

they suspended the democratically elected present of Syria

that is pretty ridiculous.
Only in Merica.. the money grubbin is out of control. brickin' old devices so you can get a discount on a new one.

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