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Chinese Vancouver election candidate fails to respect the white man's culture. This sure seems to be happening a lot lately around here. Why don't these people just get with the program Wink

Conservatives drop Burnaby candidate after transphobic comments


And she refuses to apologize. So brazen.

Ex-Conservative B.C. candidate won’t apologize for anti-LGBTQ2 comments caught on video


Dunbar's number: Why we can only maintain 150 relationships
Jane Fonda arrested protesting climate change in Washington


NEW YORK — Jane Fonda was arrested at the U.S. Capitol on Friday while peacefully protesting climate change.

The actress and activist was handcuffed on the east side steps and escorted into a police vehicle. Video of the arrest circulated online.

Fonda was one of 16 people arrested for unlawfully protesting and was charged with "crowding, obstructing or incommoding." She was released hours later.

On Thursday, the actress vowed to join Friday protests at the Capitol "inspired and emboldened by the incredible movement our youth have created.Smile

Ira Arlook, of the group Fire Drill Fridays, confirmed that Fonda was arrested at the inaugural demonstration Friday.

Before her arrest, Fonda in a speech called climate change "a collective crisis that demands collective action now."
kidney shots

Software engineer Yi Yin was recently fired from Facebook after he accused the tech giant of mistreating foreign employees.

Yin said that he received an email warning on the same day he attended a memorial for Qin Chen, a colleague who jumped from the fourth floor to his death.

The 37-year-old, who joined Facebook’s core growth team in July, told CNBC about rumors that Chen may have held an H-1B visa, which allows U.S. employers to employ highly skilled foreign professionals.

Chen was reportedly concerned about his position at Facebook after he received a mediocre performance review by his supervisors at the company’s advertisement engineering team.

Yin, who is also from China and on a work visa, didn’t know him personally, but Chen was reportedly bullied by his manager.

Yin wants to shed light on Facebook’s “H-1B abuse” and its performance summary cycle (PSC), semi-annual reviews that include extensive peer reviews. The system has been criticized for reprimanding employees who perform well, but don’t participate in group activities.

Yin received a final warning from human resources on October 1 after taking part in the protest demanding justice for Chen, and he was dismissed on October 7.

Facebook later told him in an email that he would need to pay back $39,000 of his sign-on bonus.

Following his termination, Yin created a post on LinkedIn that described how he lost his job, which got over 9,000 likes and 900 comments.


what a nightmare. peer reviews.. commie style snitch tactics

Transgender Wyoming woman convicted of sexually assaulting 10-year-old girl in bathroom

Daglord where are you?

I've always thought Ed Norton was smart, but this exceeded my expectations. What an awesome guest.

JOe def. has one of the best jobs in the world
(11-01-2019 06:24 PM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]JOe def. has one of the best jobs in the world

Except shilling must eat at own's very soul.
(11-02-2019 04:02 AM)Chaos Reigns Wrote: [ -> ]
(11-01-2019 06:24 PM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]JOe def. has one of the best jobs in the world

Except shilling must eat at own's very soul.

he def has done a 180 on truth seeking/telling

He's not dumb though.. he tells the truth he loses everything, he plays along to get along and he gets the kingdom
He’s 52 and has figured out a way to make millions hanging out with his friends and celebs in his basement. Hard to blame him.
Beto is out.

Womp, womp.

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