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front hole sounds even more disrespectful

it's not a hole anyways.. it's an entry way
Quote:Leader of self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic killed in E. Ukraine blast


An explosion that rocked a cafe in central Donetsk city, in eastern Ukraine, has killed Aleksandr Zakharchenko, the leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, and injured several other top officials.

“The head of the DPR, Aleksandr Zakharchenko, has died as a result of a terrorist act,” a spokesperson of the self-proclaimed republic’s administration told journalists, revealing no details of the incident.

An improvised explosive device was planted inside the café … right near the entrance,” Aleksandr Kazakov, an advisor to the DPR leader, told RT, adding that the killers apparently knew that Zakharchenko would arrive at the café and were “waiting” for him. A state of emergency has been imposed, Kazakov said, adding that borders with both Ukraine and Russia were sealed as the security services are “actively searching for the potential perpetrators.”

One of Zakharchenko’s deputies also sustained severe injuries in the blast while several bodyguards died in the incident, Kazakov said. He added that Zakharchenko died at the scene as well, contrary to the earlier reports suggesting he was injured and succumbed to his wounds in a hospital.

The DPR security services detained the alleged perpetrators behind Zakharchenko’s murder later on Friday, a DPR spokesman confirmed, adding that their identities have been established. According to media reports, those detained were identified as “Ukrainian operatives and some of their accomplices.”

Dmitry Trapeznikov, one of Zakharchenko’s deputies, has been appointed as the DPR’s acting leader, the head of the local legislature, Denis Pushilin, told reporters.

Moscow condemned 42-year-old Zakharchenko’s murder, adding that it could be detrimental to the whole peace process in Ukraine. The death of the DPR leader could have a particularly negative impact on the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, Konstantin Kosachev, the head of the Russian Senate’s International Affairs Committee, said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his “deep condolences” to the relatives and the loved ones of the DPR head, the Kremlin said in a statement. Putin called Zakharchenko “a real people’s leader,” and “a brave man.” He also said that this incident shows that “those, who chose the path of terror, violence and intimidation, do not want to seek a peaceful…solution…and engage in a real dialog with the people living in south-eastern [Ukraine].”

There is “every reason to believe” that Zakharchenko’s murder was orchestrated by Kiev, which “has repeatedly resorted to such methods to get rid of dissidents and undesirables,” Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said.

“Instead of abiding by the Minsk Agreements and seeking ways to resolve the internal [Ukrainian] conflict, the Kiev warmongers opted for a terrorist scenario, thus exacerbating an already tense situation in the region,” she added. The Ukrainian security service, the SBU, has denied involvement in the killing of the DPR head.

Zakharchenko headed the self-proclaimed republic since November 2014 when a crisis broke out in Ukraine following a coup d’état that ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. The Eastern Ukrainian provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk engaged in open conflict with Kiev since they refused to accept the new government, following the 2014 coup, and established the self-proclaimed republics. He previously survived several assassination attempts.
Quote:In fit of anti-Trump pique, American liberals shamelessly embrace ‘deep-state’ criminals


In their blind hatred for Trump, liberals have sunk to an all-time low by unabashedly cheering a war criminal.
On August 24, HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher had former CIA director John Brennan on as an interview guest. Brennan has been in the news lately because he accused Trump of treason or, more precisely, “nothing short of treason,” due to the president’s weak-kneed, post-summit news conference with Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

In retaliation for Brennan’s remarks, Trump revoked his security clearance. This has caused uproar from establishment intelligence toadies and, in a case of strange bedfellows, the allegedly liberal anti-Trump movement which has dubbed itself the #Resistance.

On the episode of Real Time, the usually acerbic Maher, or as I am fond of calling him due to his petulant demeanor and intellectual dwarfism, Little Bill, immodestly degraded himself fawning over John Brennan before the former CIA chief ever got on stage by gushing that he was a “true American patriot.”

The nadir for the #Resistance occurred shortly thereafter as Brennan rumbled on stage and was greeted by the eruption of a raucous standing ovation by the liberal audience, with Little Bill calling it a “well-deserved standing ovation.” Only in the bizarre universe where a silver-spooned, multi-bankrupted, reality television star is president does a former CIA director who has committed crimes and war crimes such as implementing and covering up Bush’s rendition and torture regime, spying on the US Senate, and masterminding Obama’s deadly drone program, get a delirious ovation from those on the left.

As Little Bill sat across from Brennan, his sycophancy swelled further when, like a pimply faced teenage boy on his first date, he rapturously declared: “I don’t say this very often, but it is an honor to meet you and have you here.” If this interview were taking place in the back seat of Little Bill’s parent’s station wagon, the windows would’ve have been completely fogged by this point.

The interview was one rambling study in confirmation bias, as Brennan bemoaned not having security clearance for the first time in 38 years, and Maher stomped his feet and wailed “everyone with a brain is on your side!” Neither man was self-aware enough to realize the brazen level of entitlement that oozes from their belief that a security clearance for a former government official is a right, not a privilege.

Brennan then blamed Kentucky Senator Rand Paul for starting the whole mess and Maher breathlessly screeched: “Rand Paul is dead to me!” In the throes of his Brennan crush, Maher all but promised to fight Rand in the parking lot after school to defend the former CIA director’s honor.

Brennan then waxed poetic about how “national security is one of the most sacred and solemn professions in this government.” I wonder which part of his national security work Brennan finds so sacred… was it the torture? The extraordinary rendition? The kill lists? The murdering by drone strike of innocent people, American citizens included? The spying on the Senate in order to scuttle any impartial investigation into the torture program? The teaming with fascists in Ukraine to overthrow a democratically elected government? Or teaming with terrorists in an attempt to overthrow Assad in Syria?

Little Bill, no doubt hoping to get lucky on his dream date, did not ask any of those questions or raise any of these topics, he just pursed his lips and shook his head as he proclaimed his horror that Trump dared to call Brennan, the man who “defended our country after 9/11,” a “low life.”

Maher’s on-screen love affair with Brennan is in-keeping with his erotic profile, as his history shows he is most certainly aroused by high-ranking intelligence agency criminals. Maher has had similarly fawning, to the point of bootlicking, interviews with former head of the NSA and CIA, General Michael Hayden. Little Bill’s modus operandi is to never speak ill of such mendacious intelligence officials as Hayden, Brennan and former director of national intelligence James Clapper, all of whom have lied to the American public and committed numerous crimes and moral atrocities such as their culpability in the rendition, torture and surveillance programs, but he instead chooses to speak only in the most overly reverential tones about their bravery and patriotic work keeping America safe.

I find it very curious that both Maher and his fellow liberal HBO comedy comrade John Oliver of Last Week Tonight are so enamored with the intelligence agencies. Oliver too is an unrepentant establishment shill and brownnoser who has routinely ignored intelligence agency misbehavior and parroted the pro-intel line at every opportunity, a perfect example being his softball interview of former NSA chief general Keith Alexander and his aggressive take-down of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

What is even more disheartening than two insipid cable television comedians being so obviously in the pocket of the intelligence agencies, is the total lack of intellectual and moral integrity on the part of the liberals in their audience.

The buffoons in Maher’s studio audience who gave Brennan a Pavlovian standing ovation on Real Time are probably the same fools who have donated money to the GoFundMe campaigns for fired FBI officials Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok to the tune of more than a million dollars between them. Do these liberals not know who the FBI is and what they do? The FBI are the ones who wiretapped Martin Luther King Jr and tried to blackmail him into killing himself. The FBI also infiltrated environmental, anti-war and civil rights movements in a concerted attempt to destroy them. According to Human Rights Watch, the FBI has gone above and beyond in subverting civil rights and due process in post-9/11 America by being “directly involved” in high-profile terrorist plots in the US, where Muslims were entrapped and imprisoned for phony plots proposed or led by FBI agents or informants.

The liberal adoration of FBI flunkies and intelligence big wigs like Brennan, Clapper, Hayden and even the media anointed saint, former director of the FBI and current Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who rounded up Muslims in the wake of 9/11, botched the anthrax investigation, and lied about WMD’s in Iraq to the American public, is repugnant and will ultimately be counter productive if not downright self-defeating to any progressive movement.

I understand the liberal anger with the demagogue Trump, what I do not understand is why the left is so intent on embracing the most deplorable of war criminals and police-state apparatchiks who have routinely flouted the constitution and flaunted their power, in order to try and bring down Trump, who progressives claim has flouted the constitution and flaunted his power.

Towards the end of the interview, Brennan received a cacophony of cheers when he described Trump as a man who is “dishonest, unethical, doesn't have principles… or integrity,” but Brennan’s description of Trump is a case of the former CIA official doth protest too much, methinks. When seen in the light of Brennan’s own dishonesty regarding torture, his unethical spying on the Senate and his overall lack of principles and integrity throughout his career, this statement reeks of shameless hypocrisy. Brennan’s condemnation of Trump would equally fit Brennan or any of his other media darling intelligence agency cohorts, along with the liberal lemmings who send them money, give them standing ovations and take their word for gospel.

In closing, Brennan postulated that things will “get worse before they get better” and reminded viewers that this country “fought hard for the freedoms and liberties we have right now.” I wholeheartedly agree with that assessment, which is why the #Resistance must jettison from their ranks all criminals like Brennan, Clapper and Hayden who have dedicated their careers to usurping the “hard fought freedoms and liberties we have right now.”

The pied pipers in the media, including court jesters like Bill Maher and John Oliver, are leading liberals down a road to perdition by holding insidious intelligence officials and agencies up as paragons of nobility and truth. Brennan, Clapper, Hayden and their ilk are professional liars whose main priority is not to uphold and defend the constitution but rather to uphold and defend the corrupt establishment and the military industrial complex.

In 2016, liberals lost the election, but since that time, as evidenced by their deification of Brennan and his intel cohorts, they have proceeded to lose not only their minds, but their souls as well. In the face of the Trump demon, liberals have conjoined themselves to truly despicable people who have perpetrated great evil at home and across the globe. In the long run, the #Resistance is going to learn the hard way that with friends like Brennan, Clapper and Hayden, who needs enemies?

Michael McCaffrey, for RT

Michael McCaffrey is a freelance writer, film critic and cultural commentator. He currently resides in Los Angeles where he runs his acting coaching and media consulting business. mpmacting.com/blog/
Quote:The Terrifying Take-Away From Maduro Assassination Attempt

The would-be killer was a DIY drone.

The failed assassination of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is a game changer.

The August 4th attack was the first known attempt to assassinate a head of state with a drone. It will not be the last. There will be more of these kinds of attacks, and some of them may hit their mark.

Much of the commentary following the drone attack on Maduro focused on how it demonstrated the weakness of his government. While this may be true, the attempted assassination by drone is not necessarily evidence of this fact. Even the strongest and best resourced governments and militaries may soon be struggling to prevent attacks by DIY unmanned transport on both their leadership and the public.

It remains unclear who carried out the attack on Maduro. However, the Venezuelan government has arrested six individuals and has accused a wealthy Venezuelan businessman living in Miami of financing it. Furthermore, it’s clear that those who targeted Maduro used two commercially available drones manufactured by DJI that had been modified to carry C4 plastic explosives. The $5,000 professional-grade drones can carry a 13-pound payload and have a range of three miles.

The first of the two drones used in the attempted assassination exploded above a parade ground less than 100 yards from where Maduro was speaking. In a video of the attack, Maduro, his wife, and the military brass standing around him look up as the drone comes into view. Moments later, the explosion can be heard. A second drone exploded three blocks away from the parade ground. Seven soldiers were injured in the attack.

It is unclear why the drones failed to get any closer to the president. The Venezuelan security services may have been using anti-drone technology, but the first one did get within a hundred yards of the president. Video of the first explosion shows that Maduro’s security detail is slow to react even after the drone is spotted. It is only after the explosion that his bodyguards surround him. This may point to a lack of preparedness on the part of his security detail, but it also highlights a growing problem with drones: they are becoming more and more common in urban areas and are increasingly used by media companies to capture aerial footage. They may have not assumed cause for alarm, at least not at first.

Small off-the-shelf drones can now be seen flying around many cities and parks. Some belong to enthusiasts which run the gamut from children with a new toy to men and women who spend thousands of dollars on fast and nimble technology. Others, some of which are very similar to the drones used to target Maduro, are operated by local police, fire departments, and other emergency response services as well as many commercial enterprises. And soon, there will be drones delivering packages, fast food, and even medicines. In a few years drones may well be ubiquitous in the skies above major cities where they will carry out a multiplicity of tasks. Far more than now, they will go unnoticed by the public.

As these flying machines become a part of our everyday lives they will also become more of a threat. With what is likely to be hundreds if not thousands of drones in the skies above major cities, the opportunities for terrorists and militants to make use of them will only increase.

Even the most secure and advanced can be hacked, as was demonstrated by the Iranians hacking one of the United States’ most advanced and stealthy drones—which was then top-secret and called RQ-170—in December 2011. The Iranians hacked the drone’s GPS signal and then landed it in Iran. Commercial, private, and emergency response drones are unlikely to be as secure as those drones used by the U.S. government. Many of these could easily be targeted by hackers and used to carry out acts of terrorism.

Apart from the danger from hackers, the idea that drones will become “normal” is a real fear. It will be very hard for individuals and government security services to distinguish between the drone dropping off a package and one that is dropping a bomb. A hacked or modified drone can easily join other drones in what drone manufacturers are calling “drone corridors.” These corridors will be highways in the sky for what will be a dizzying array of drones designed to carry out different tasks. How will these corridors be patrolled? How will these drones be secured against hacking? How will governments begin to deal with threats from drones that already range from the size of insects to small aircraft?

Drone technology, and more importantly, the artificial intelligence that drives them are both developing at such a pace that what is state of the art today will be outdated within a year. The drones that were used to target Maduro are primitive compared with what will soon be on the market. Yet, one of them came very close to injuring, if not killing, a head of state. The two drones used in the attack on Maduro required controllers, were not stealthy, and had limited range. In the near future, commercially available drones will not suffer from any of these limitations.

In response to the attack on Maduro, Irish authorities charged with protecting Pope Francis during his recent visit to Ireland raced to deploy the latest anti-drone technology to protect the pontiff from aerial threats. Just as drone technology is developing at a breakneck pace so is the technology that prevents them from being used to carry out attacks. However, this is a race that will likely be lost as drones become far more common, faster, and ever more capable thanks to the artificial intelligence that will guide them.

Michael Horton is a foreign policy analyst who has written for numerous publications including Intelligence Review, West Point CTC Sentinel, The Economist, The National Interest, and The Christian Science Monitor.

Ban drones
suicide drones.. imagine that situation

they need to be banned imo

or you need to go to special places to fly them.

even though black mirror is predictive programming that scene you just posted was expertly filmed and utilized great music

american tv producers could learn a lot from black mirror on how to PROPERLY film and produce commercial entertainment
Censorship is on a serious roll:

Quote:Steve Bannon dropped from New Yorker festival after invite sparks anger

Magazine rescinds invitation after guests including Jim Carrey and Judd Apatow pledge to withdraw from event

The announcement that Steve Bannon would headline the New Yorker Festival in October caused a storm of controversy on Monday, leading a Pulitzer-winning writer to complain, guests to pull out and the invitation to be swiftly withdrawn.

The magazine’s editor, David Remnick, first told the New York Times he would interview the former Trump aide and chief White House strategist in front of a live audience, with “every intention of asking him difficult questions and engaging in a serious and even combative conversation”.

The audience, Remnick said, would “by its presence, [put] a certain pressure on a conversation that an interview alone doesn’t do. You can’t jump on and off the record.”

Maybe they should just ban assassination.
kudos to dick black speaking the TRUTH
Snoop Dogg's racism comes out during UFC 228

"they call this the DARTE" HAHAHA

so how does that white fighter represent donald trump? he voted for Trump?
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