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Is Stephen Harper Planning to Conscript Young Canadians?


Canada to keep sanctions against Iran despite nuclear deal

"Canada is refusing to follow the course set by its major allies, including not only the Obama Administration in the U.S., but Britain, France, and the European Union. They negotiated the deal with Iran as part of the “P5+1” group that also included China and Russia, and have agreed to lift economic sanctions in return for Tehran’s nuclear concessions."

Could every young Canadian say they were a conscientious objector to avoid the draft?
(07-22-2015 03:48 AM)Winnson Wrote: [ -> ]Could every young Canadian say they were a conscientious objector to avoid the draft?
Yes. It's called "surrender".
No. It‘s called not going to die for their bullshit.
I was speaking in terms of being attacked. I think they would just lie down and be killed.
Welcome back Gimp!
Pigeon caught flying drugs into prison

A pigeon smuggling cocaine and cannabis into a prison in Costa Rica has been caught by guards.

The bird was seen landing in the central concourse of the medium security La Reforma jail, in San Rafael de Alajuela, where it was taken into custody.

The drugs were contained in a small zipped up pouch strapped to the animals chest.

About 14g of cocaine and at least the same amount of cannabis were inside wrapped in plastic.

Costa Rica's Ministry of Justice and Peace released the animal's mugshot under the headline caption "narcopaloma", meaning "drugs dove", and listing the date of the animals detention.

Realidad7 reported the drugs had a street value of around £180 ($281).

Prison officials said they believe the drugs were destined for use by an inmate who may have trained the pigeon to act as a courier.

Director of the Penitentiary Police, Paul Bertozzi, told Spanish news agency Efe that it showed the need to be vigilant.

"Drug traffickers are using unimaginable ways to achieve their macabre atrocities," he said.

"This (use of a pigeon) is nothing new. In the past (the traffickers) have used cats and dogs to pass drugs to prisoners. Now it seems they are using pigeons to carry in their wares from the outside."
Drones will take care of that now I hear.
Palestinian Christians clash with Israeli troops in Beit Jala

Three US Citizens Sentenced For Conspiracy To Start A Revolution Using WMDs

September 2, 2015 James Tracy Headlinespolice state and civil rights, war on terror
Zero Hedge

While the US has had a surge in violence over the past several years, its defining feature was the generally chaotic and uncoordinated nature of each such – usually lethal – act.

That changed over the weekend when the FBI announced three US citizens – Brian Cannon, 37, Terry Peace, 47, and Cory Williamson, 29, – were sentenced to 12 years in prison for “conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction in attacks against federal government agencies. The defendants planned to attack critical infrastructure while motivating militia groups in other states to rise up and join them in removing government officials who they believed had exceeded their Constitutional power.”

Specifically, the three sentenced men “participated in Internet chat rooms frequented by militia members and others with a shared anti-government ideology. During the chat room conversations, Cannon, Peace and Williamson discussed starting a revolution against the federal government by conducting an attack aimed at the infrastructure supporting the Transportation Security Administration, the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Administration.” The complaint further notes that “according to their conversations, their goals included forcibly removing government officials who the defendants believed acted beyond the scope of the U.S. Constitution.”

And this is how the FBI summarized the bust…

“In this case, anti-government ideology and rhetoric morphed into dangerous extremism and led these defendants to arm themselves and travel to a meeting to pick up pipe bombs and other explosives intended for attacks,” said U.S. Attorney John Horn of the Northern District of Georgia. “The attacks planned by the defendants, while rare, posed a serious threat to not only the safety of our public servants, but also all other members of the community.”
… confirming yet again that when the NSA has to “get involved”, it does so admirably.

Meanwhile, any aspiring revolutionaries may want to consider avoiding cell phone communication and certainly never discussing plans for the second American revolution on public chat rooms that can be hacked by even 10 year-old “North Korean” hackers, not to mention the most sophisticated electronic communication interception system ever created.

Pipe bomb =WMD's?
these guys were most likely set up with a govt. appointed "mentor"
Mentor must have skipped the "how to keep a low profile" lesson.
what they do is create crime to catch crime.

they take a mentor and have them find lonely vulnerable male youths and radicalize them. they teach them how to do stuff make bombs etc. and convince them that it's ok to do it.. the vulnerable male youths then latch onto their mentor and are controlled like a cult follower. When the youths follow through they catch them right before the act and claim they caught terrorists.

this is called creating crime to catch crime.

the milgram experiments showed that an authority figure could cause most people to shock a subject to death..

these types of entrapment schemes should be illegal. ANYBODY under authoritative pressure could be influenced to commit crimes... think about how americans behaved in vietname or iraq.. they killed innocents because the authorities told them to do so.. they were under a spell.
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