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Teen suspended after refusing to stand for Pledge of Allegiance
A student at a Texas high school says he was given a two-day in-school suspension for refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, sparking a debate on social media about whether the school district violated the teen's First Amendment rights.

Needville High School sophomore Mason Michalec told KHOU.com he refused to stand for the Pledge because of his opposition to government spying.

"I’m really tired of our government taking advantage of us,” Michalec said. "I don’t agree with the NSA spying on us. And I don’t agree with any of those Internet laws."

The 15-year-old has refused to stand for the Pledge for most of the year, but he ran into trouble when a different teacher noticed he was staging a silent protest.

“And she told me, 'This is my classroom. This is the principal’s request. You’re going to stand,'" Michalec told the station. "And I still didn’t stand and she said she was going to write me up."

Michalec said that after he was punished with two days of in-school suspension, the principal warned him that he would face more suspensions if his protest continued.

"I’m angry and frustrated and annoyed that they would try to write me up for something I have the right to do," the teen told KHOU.com.

Some residents in the small town outside of Houston said the school made the right decision.

"The soldiers are out there, they’re doing their job and he should stand up," Needville resident Jo Castillo told the station. "You’ve got a lot of things here that a lot of people don’t have, that’s respect, that’s freedom."

Dean Reese, a war veteran, said the school is sending the wrong message.

"The kid’s well-spoken and he’s well-informed," Reese said. "It’s not like he’s ignorant, he’s not doing it to make people mad. He’s doing it because of his personal beliefs."
Good for him^
(05-10-2014 08:10 AM)canuckster Wrote: [ -> ]Good for him^

Agreed. Jo Castillo sounds like a fucking dupe.
i stood up for my morals more than once in school, i didn't get suspended or reprimanded, I did get a sort of condemnation from the teacher. things they are a changing.

(05-07-2014 12:17 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]it took him hours to die.

and he suffered immensely.

pretty cruel IMO

yes it was horrible and he suffered, without a doubt

but it was anything but unsuccessful.
(05-10-2014 10:58 AM)GMB13 Wrote: [ -> ]

First thing I thought of.

Good for the kid.
Mine are next.

Neither of my daughters participate, but they're made to stand.

"A man who claims he is the best counterfeiter in the world, Frank Bourassa, has been allowed to go free after turning over a huge quantity of fake U.S. $20 bills that authorities say are “not detectable by the naked eye.”

Bourassa, a resident of Trois Rivieres outside Montreal, Canada, spent only a month and a half in jail and Canadian authorities agreed earlier this year that they would not extradite him to the United States for prosecution.

He walked out of court on March 28 after paying a $1,500 fine in Canadian dollars.

“I’m safe, absolutely,” Bourassa told ABC News in an interviewed to be broadcast tonight on "20/20".

“They can’t do nothing about that,” he said after freely admitting how he set up a secret printing operation capable of producing $250 million in fake U.S. currency.

Bourassa’s fake $20 first showed up in Troy, Michigan in 2010 and U.S. and Canadian authorities spent almost four years tracking the source to Bourassa.

The fake notes have since been found across the U.S., from California to Nevada to Florida to states in the Northeast.

“It was important to get this right away, get this off the street, get this off the market,” said Tasha Adams, an investigator with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Integrated Counterfeit Enforcement Team (ICET).

“To detect the counterfeit on this one is very difficult,” added RCMP investigator Dan Michaud.

Bourassa said he spent two years studying the details about currency security on the website of the U.S. Secret Service to learn how to produce his fake money.

Security features added to the $20 in 2003 have not been updated since then, a Secret Service official confirmed.

U.S. bills are “the easiest of them all” to counterfeit, Bourassa said, because they are not printed on polymer.

Even third world countries in Africa have polymer bills already,” he said.

He revealed how he began his operation by tricking paper mills in Germany and Switzerland to produce the unique paper made of cotton and linen used in the production of American bills.

“You have to start with that,” he said, to create the right feel when people handle the fake bills. “It’s got this crisp feel. If you don’t have that you’ll have nothing.”

Then, Bourassa said he scoured the internet to find suppliers in China that could provide ink and security features similar to what is used in the genuine bills.

“You know, go big or go home,” boasted Bourassa, who had previously served short stints in prison as a small time drug dealer.

The European paper mills shipped him five palettes of the special paper and Bourassa recalls the day it arrived.

“That was the coolest thing on earth cause from there, once his is done, the rest is nothing,” he said.

Authorities say Bourassa had help from others, including an actual skilled printer, who helped him locate an off-set press to produce the bills and other equipment to add non-consecutive serial numbers.

Once the money was printed, he sold it in bulk to criminal groups “One million in fakes was $300,000,” Bourassa said.

Bourassa regarded his accomplishment as a complete victory over the United States government.

“It was, like, screw you
,” he said.

In the end, Bourassa’s arrogance caught up with him.

An undercover agent in one of the criminal groups buying Bourassa’s fakes helped lead authorities to his secret operation in Quebec.

But after the RCMP and the U.S. Secret Service raided Bourassa’s home, he still had a card to play because authorities did not know where the remainder of his special paper and fake twenties was hidden.

“And that made them crazy, so Secret Service was here all the time, following me around all the time,” he told "20/20".

In March, he agreed to turn over the remaining fakes and paper in return for the deal his lawyer worked out with Canadian prosecutors.

U.S. Secret Service Deputy Special Agent in Charge Stuart Tryon declined to comment on Bourassa’s short prison visit, beyond saying the case was "handled by the Canadian government per their normal procedures." Tryon confirmed that Bourassa is not wanted in the U.S.

Canadian authorities said their investigation into the counterfeit ring is continuing. They believe Bourassa is going public now to claim credit in order to protect the leaders of the organized crime group with which he is associated.

“Evidence suggests there’s more stashes of paper, more stashes of counterfeit notes out there and there’s more people involved,” said RCMP investigator Adams.

“It takes a network of people to pass all these bills, it’s a huge quantity so you can‘t just trust a couple of people,” said RCMP investigator Michaud. “You need a big network.”

Bourassa insists it was all his operation but would not say whether there is still more counterfeit money hidden away or how much he profited from his operation.

Tryon of the Secret Service said that the American public should "rest assured that only one hundredth of one percent of currency that is in circulation is even perceived to be counterfeit.

“That number is so small because we do a great job in investigating these cases, as [do] our law enforcement partners,” he said.

The Secret Service says there were more than 3,500 arrests by American law enforcement last year of people attempting to counterfeit U.S. currency. The $20 bill was the most widely passed of the fake notes.

But what Bourassa and the Mounted police investigators agree on is that there are lots of his fake $20 notes still in circulation in the U.S., virtually undetectable.
^ very interesting article. I read the whole thing.

entertaining read.
(05-11-2014 08:01 AM)sparkuri Wrote: [ -> ]
(05-10-2014 10:58 AM)GMB13 Wrote: [ -> ]

First thing I thought of.

Good for the kid.
Mine are next.

Neither of my daughters participate, but they're made to stand.

I remember as a kid, getting a 15 minute tirade from my father because I refused to take my hat off during the national anthem.

I thought it was a stupid tradition, and it was sunny out.
nothing wrong with patriotism, but the country has failed its citizens at this point. So as a form of protest it is legitimate.
telegraph trolling for reactions again:

Muslim father beat daughter, 14 with tennis racket for relationship with white boy
The father-of-three from a "traditional Asian family" was later arrested after the boyfriend became concerned when the girl stopped sending text messages

Huge protests and riots in Vietnam, foreign-owned factories being torched, because of Chinese oil drilling in disputed waters.

100 black Detroit pastors outraged over 'gay rights' comparison to civil rights
"Never have I been so insulted."

Published 14 May 2014 | Brownie Marie

A judge's reversal of a voter-approved ban against same-sex marriage in Michigan is being protested by 100 black pastors in Detroit.

The pastors are offended by the comparison of same-sex coupling to the civil rights movement, and dismayed by the government's rejection of biblical marriage.

The 2004 Marriage Protection Amendment defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman in Michigan, but Federal Judge Bernard Friedman reversed that legislation on March 21.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette was successful in getting 6th Circuit judges to keep the marriage ban in place while an appeal is pending in the United States Court of Appeals.

In addition to Judge Friedman's infringement on their rights by rejecting a voter-approved ban, the pastors are outraged by the frequent comparison of same-sex marriage activism to the civil rights movement.

"To state that marriage redefinition is in any way similar to the civil rights movement is intellectually empty, dishonest and manufactured," Minister Stacy Swimp, founder of Revive Alive Missional Ministry, told Charisma News.

"When has anyone from the LGBT demographic ever been publicly lynched, specifically excluded from moving into neighborhoods, prohibited from sitting on a jury and denied the right to sue others because of their sexual preferences?"

St. Galilee Baptist Church Pastor James Crowder said the comparison to civil rights is as fictional as a theater production.

"Judge Friedman is sanctioning the staging of a false story," he said. "On stage are many actors who pretend that redefining traditional marriage is as valid as blacks fighting against the carnage of chattel slavery and the humiliation of Jim Crow.

"Never have I been so insulted. The curtain must be pulled down on this play of disinformation."

Despite the federal government allowing benefits for same-sex couples, and gay marriage being approved in 20 states including Washington D.C., the pastors said they will continue to support the biblical definition of marriage, and reject political leaders who do not.

"We will not follow men who would rather believe a lie than the truth," Rev. Dr. Randolph Thomas, senior pastor of Greater Bethlehem Church and president of the Westside Minister's Alliance, told Charisma News.

"We cannot and we will not endorse anyone who blatantly blasphemies the Word of God and leads people in the wrong direction."

It is outrageous to the point of insanity to compare marriage equality with past mistreatment of minorities.

Of course, the LGBT movement as a whole immediately defies logic and reason, so this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. These people are delusional beyond hope.
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