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Smoking in commercial establishments like bars and restaurants (2003)
Smoking in public spaces (2011)
Cigarette sales to those under 21 (2013)
Sales of "flavored" tobacco products (2009)
Smoking e-cigarettes in public spaces (2013) ***
Cigarette in-store displays (2013)
Cars in Times Square (2009)
Cars from driving in newly created bike lanes (2007-2013)
Cars causing congestion below 60th Street in Manhattan (2007) *
Speeding on residential "slow zones" (2013)
Illegal guns (2006-2013) **
Sodium levels in processed foods (2010) **
Trans-fats in restaurants (2006)
Loud headphones (2013) **
Styrofoam packaging in single-service food items (2013)
Sodas larger than 16 ounces (2012) *
Collection of yard waste and grass clippings during certain times of year (2003-2013)
Organic food waste from landfills (2013) **
Commercial music over 45 decibels (2013)
Chain restaurant menus without calorie counts (2008)
The posting of signs in "city-owned grassy areas" (2013)
Non-fuel-efficient cabs (2007)
New cabs that aren't Nissan NV200s (2013) *
Greenhouse gas emissions (2007)
Government buildings that aren't LEED-certified (2005)
Non-hurricane-proof buildings in coastal areas (2013)
Black roofs (2009) **
Construction cranes over 25 years old (2013)
No. 6 and No. 4 "heavy" heating oils (2011)
Less than a 2-1 ratio of female and male restrooms in new public buildings (2005)
Cell phones in schools (2006)
Two-term limits for city elected officials (2008) *
there are a lot of people who just don't like seeing other people enjoying themselves.

M. Bloomberg is one of them.
I agree with some of the things on that list. Bloomberg is a typical elitist. Rather than focusing his time on what is objectively good for everybody, he focuses on what is good for everybody in his opinion. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, so he doesn't get everything wrong.
^ it's about control. they need to justify their jobs.. so they just keep creating more and more laws.. and that enforcement creates more and more jobs. this is how the federal gov. keeps expanding.

these guys are control freaks. psychopathic by nature.
(01-03-2014 01:11 AM)GMB13 Wrote: [ -> ]I agree with some of the things on that list. Bloomberg is a typical elitist. Rather than focusing his time on what is objectively good for everybody, he focuses on what is good for everybody in his opinion. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, so he doesn't get everything wrong.

Yeah it's not always easy getting people to do things that are probably for the good of everyone, such as bringing your own reusable bag to the store instead of taking your goods in multiple non biodegradable plastic bags every time. SF has a lot of these similar laws I noticed. The stores in SF won't even give you a bag now, at least the corner stores that I go to. But some of the stuff is clearly overstepping and betrays Bloomberg's true belief that people don't know what is best for them and shouldn't be trusted with making their own decisions.
you can bet your ass Saks or Barneys in SF still gives ultra luxurious, expensive paper bags to their customers.


if he is so concerned about the environment tell people to stop buying stuff they don't need.
In many ways, people don't deserve to be trusted to make their own decisions. The problem is, people like Bloomberg take this to mean that they can't make any decisions on their own, so they never pick their battles. Every battle is the right battle. Picking your battles is the key, whereas somebody like Bloomberg believes he knows best on any and every subject, so he feels justified in taking awfrom the people, as many decisions as possible.

Ireland is similar with non biodegradeable plastic bags. You can still get them, but you must pay for them.

"The New York Federal Reserve Bank filed a motion on Friday to dismiss a lawsuit brought by a former employee who claimed she was fired after refusing to alter a critical examination of Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

The ex-employee, Carmen Segarra, said after examining Goldman's legal and compliance divisions for seven months, she found the bank did not have policies to prevent conflicts of interest as required by regulation.

According to Segarra's lawsuit, the New York Fed's Legal Compliance and Risk team voted to downgrade Goldman's annual rating pertaining to policies and procedures as a result of findings. She alleges that two New York Fed officials overseeing the Wall Street bank, Michael Silva and his deputy Michael Koh, were concerned a downgrade would hurt the Goldman's business.

Both Koh and Silva are named as defendants in Segarra's lawsuit, as well as her former supervisor, Johnathon Kim.

Segarra was assigned to Goldman's legal and compliance divisions from October 2011 until May 2012, and looked into three controversial transactions related to Solyndra, Capmark and the merger of El Paso and Kinder Morgan Inc (KMI.N). At that point, Kim, Silva and Koh fired her and had her escorted from the building by security guards after weeks of disputes and pressure to change her examination findings, the lawsuit said."
Putin lifts ban on protests at Sochi Olympics, orders area specially for rallies

Guy is unquestionably a sociopath and may or may not actually be dying. If he is dying, I am curious as to if on his death bed he will admit to the murders. He did that awful book "If I Did It" which seemed like a veiled mea culpa, and I heard that he may have admitted to the murders to fellow inmates. I think he may actually admit to the killings before he dies.


Quote:O.J. Simpson begs Obama: Free me; I’m dying from brain cancer

Former NFL great turned criminal, O.J. Simpson, has issued a plea for clemency to President Obama, claiming he may have brain cancer and should be allowed to leave his Nevada jail cell and go free.

The 66-year-old is currently serving a 33-year sentence for kidnapping and robbery.

But he’s being tested for a tumor on his brain to determine whether he has cancer — and he’s convinced that he’s due to die any day now, The Mirror News reported.

So he’s turned to a higher power — the White House — and begged for freedom via a letter to the president.

Simpson has been in poor health for years. He’s gained weight since his imprisonment, and also suffers from blurred vision, stuttering and failing hearing. At one point, doctors warned him to lay off the sweets, else his diabetes would cause further health problems.

Simpson, who was jailed in 2008, would be eligible for parole in 2017.
he deserves to stay in prison.

he obviously committed those murders. anyone who denies that is a fool
What happened to US life expectancy?


Why did the US fall behind the OECD median in the mid-1980s for men and the early 1990s for women?

[Image: life-expectancy-at-birth-500x279.jpg]
1600 apply for 36 ice cream jobs.


"Randy Inman, the board president for Shenandoah Family Farms, said he expected the plant’s revival to trigger plenty of interest in its three dozen or so initial jobs. What he did not expect: 1,600 applicants and counting — a deluge.

Many applicants are desperate former employees still without work in a county with 7.3 percent unemployment and in an economy where manufacturing job openings now require more specialized abilities than the lower-skilled positions that have gone overseas or, in the case of Unilever, to Tennessee and Missouri, where labor and operating costs are cheaper.

Wall Street is booming, the Federal Reserve is paring back its stimulus, there are bidding wars for houses again, but for blue-collar workers in places like Hagerstown the economic recovery has yet to materialize, and many around town worry that it won’t. Laid-off workers are living week-to-week on unemployment. They’re working temp jobs and trying to reeducate themselves. They are trying to save their houses from foreclosure."
^ that is just sad.
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