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Switzerland no longer NWO safe haven?


"The Geneva home of Beny Steinmetz, the billionaire natural-resources investor who is Israel’s richest person, was raided by Swiss police, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The raid was ordered by Geneva’s public prosecutor following a request by the government of Guinea and occurred within the last two weeks, said the person, who was briefed on the matter and asked not to be identified as the investigation is confidential. No documents were taken away, the person said.

Steinmetz, who has a net worth of $7.4 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, offered to collaborate with Swiss Authorities and is co-operating fully, his lawyer Marc Bonnant said in an e-mailed statement. Steinmetz is undeterred, according to Bonnant, who described the actions of Guinea as a “campaign of intimidation and malicious lies, which are an attempt to damage his impeccable reputation.”

BSG Resources Ltd., Steinmetz’s mining company, owns a 49 percent stake in a venture that controls half of the giant Simandou iron ore deposit in Guinea. The West African country is reviewing mining licenses including Simandou’s, once described as the largest untapped deposit of the steel-making raw material in the world. In April, a U.S. grand jury investigation began into claims that bribes were paid by BSG Resources for mining rights in Guinea.

Diamond Fortune

Geneva’s public prosecutor said last month it opened an investigation into Onyx Financial Advisors U.K. at the request of Guinea. Swiss police last month raided the Geneva offices of Onyx, a London-based company whose chief executive officer, Dag Cramer, is a director of BSG Resources.

Onyx “provided the Swiss authorities with information following a request to Switzerland by the Government of Guinea,” it said in an Aug. 29 statement.

Guinea’s actions in requesting assistance from Swiss authorities is part of ongoing attempts to “expropriate illegally” mining rights over Simandou held by BSGR, the company said today in an e-mailed statement that included Bonnant’s comments.

Steinmetz amassed his fortune initially in the diamond trade, according to his personal website. Working from a base in Antwerp, Belgium, in the 1980s and 1990s, he joined forces with his brother Daniel Steinmetz to conduct business deals in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and India. Beny Steinmetz and his family moved to Geneva in 2010, according to the website."
^ One of many scumbags stealing the natural resources of Africa. Will be interesting if this moves forward.
Report: NSA disguised itself as Google to spy on you

September 13, 2013
Here’s one of the latest tidbits on the NSA surveillance scandal (which seems to be generating nearly as many blog items as there are phone numbers in the spy agency’s data banks).
Earlier this week, Techdirt picked up on a passing mention in a Brazilian news story and a Slate article to point out that the US National Security Agency had apparently impersonated Google on at least one occasion to gather data on people. (Mother Jones subsequently pointed out Techdirt’s point-out.)
Brazilian site Fantastico obtained and published a document leaked by Edward Snowden, which diagrams how a “man in the middle attack” involving Google was apparently carried out.
Analysis: Cost trumps risk as Japan stays nuclear

400 Richest Americans Worth More than GDP of Canada or Mexico.


"The 400 richest Americans are now worth a combined $2 trillion, according to Forbes.

That sets a record, Forbes said, and marks a jump from last year's total of $1.7 trillion.

The average net worth of a Forbes 400 member is now $5 billion—also the highest ever. And the costs of being part of the 400 Club rose to $1.3 billion.

But it's the $2 trillion number that remains the most interesting. The 400 richest are now worth more than the GDPs of many nations—and they are worth more than most governments spend or tax.

The Economist September 14 edition has a round-up of financial news with this tidbit posted as its sixth item, showing the lack of importance of the declining incomes of the non-wealthy to the financial press:

An ongoing study of income distribution found that the richest 1% in America took 19% of national income last year, their biggest share since 1928. The top 10% of earners held a record 48.2%. During the recovery between 2009 and 2012 real family incomes rose by an average of 4.6%, though this was skewed by a 31.4% increase for the top 1%. For the other 99% incomes rose by just 0.4%.

Let's repeat that last sentence: "For the other 99% [of Americans] incomes rose by just 0.4%."

Now, let's return to the CNBC article that "puts in perspective" what the richest 400 Americans are worth:
$2 trillion is more than the combined net worth of half of all Americans. The bottom half, of course.
•$2 trillion is more than the annual GDP of Italy, Mexico or Canada.
•$2 trillion is equal to the Federal Reserve's holdings of publicly traded U.S. Treasurys.
•$2 trillion is the estimated size of the underground economy, mostly unreported income.
•$2 trillion would fund all government spending through July of this year.
•$2 trillion is equal to about two-thirds of all taxes to be collected in the U.S. for 2013.
•$2 trillion would pay for all of the existing home sales in the U.S. in 2012 and 2013 year-to-date.

"Austerity" for the rich would be the best idea to implement as a public policy as you can see from these CNBC statistics. But instead, we have a Congress and White House ready to impose "austerity" on the other 99% of US citizens, even though their income is basically flat. Meanwhile, the wealth of the wealthiest continues to soar.

Anybody feeling any trickle down dollars out there?

It's only raining money and jewels and bonds and dividends on the top 1%.

And they aren't pulling out their umbrellas; they are stashing their money overseas and moving their factories to slave wage workforces in other nations.

Isn't this the kind of arrogance, exploitation and gluttony that kindled the French Revolution?

[Image: antoinette9_17.jpg?itok=i5QPlXcc]

Marie Antoinette Would Have Been Summering in the Hamptons Instead of Versailles
that is sick.

these goons love their inflation though.

they own assets/property/securities.

they go up with inflation.
the french revolution was a masonic/illuminist revolt against the catholic church.

it was not a legit revolution from the populace.
^Fair enough, and certainly, from what I can tell, the Catholic Church is not currently on the side of these 400.
No. they are trying to plunder the wealth of the church by making them comply with all kinds of NWO regulations.

also JPM and some other banks stopped dealing with the church.
EU Parliament Furious Over NSA Bank Spying.


"The recent revelations regarding the degree to which the US intelligence agency NSA monitors bank data in the European Union has infuriated many in Europe. "Now that we know what we have long been suspecting, we have to protest loudly and clearly," Jan Philipp Albrecht, a legal expert for the Green Party in the European Parliament, told SPIEGEL ONLINE. He is demanding a suspension of the SWIFT agreement, which governs the transfer of some bank data from the EU to anti-terror authorities in the United States.

On Monday, SPIEGEL reported that the NSA monitors a significant share of international money transfers, including bank and credit card transactions. The information comes from documents in the possession of whistleblower Edward Snowden that SPIEGEL has been able to see. "Follow the Money" is the name of the NSA branch that handles the surveillance. Information obtained by "Follow the Money" then flows into a financial database known as Tracfin. In 2011, Tracfin had 180 million datasets -- 84 percent of which are comprised of credit card data.

But data from the SWIFT network, headquartered in Brussels, also ends up on Tracfin. SWIFT, which handles international transfers among thousands of banks, is identified by the NSA as a "target" according to the Snowden documents. They also show that the NSA monitors SWIFT on several different levels, with the NSA department for "tailored access operations" also being involved. Among other methods, the documents note that the NSA has the ability to read "SWIFT printer traffic from numerous banks."

'The Clear Standard'

European Parliament President Martin Schulz also demanded consequences. "European data protection regulations have to be the clear standard in dealings with the Americans," he told SPIEGEL ONLINE. He said that simply abandoning the SWIFT agreement would be ineffective without an alternative for handling important international banking transactions. But the US government, he added, must live up to its obligations regarding openness with Europe.

Manfred Weber, a German conservative in the European Parliament, echoed the demand. "Washington must make it clear where it stands." He said that the focus should be placed on consumer protection. "That would make companies and politicians in America listen up," Weber said in comments made in Washington.

The reactions have been intense in part because the European Parliament flexed its muscles in 2010 when a first draft of the SWIFT agreement came up for a vote. The lawmaking body rejected the treaty before ultimately passing a new version with strengthened data protection language.

Fulfilling the regulations has proven difficult. After a long period of silence, European Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström has also since weighed in, demanding clarity from the US. But Social Democrats, Liberals, Greens and leftists in the European Parliament want more. They have demanded the suspension of the SWIFT deal between the US and the EU. "The Americans are apparently breaking into the system. We are being played for fools and spied on without limits," said liberal European parliamentarian Sophie in 't Veld.

Shedding Light

A suspension of the data protection deal would be a first in trans-Atlantic affairs -- and it is also unlikely. Even in the event of a parliamentary majority, the European Council would likewise have to agree.

"But we parliamentarians have to show clearly where we stand," says Albrecht. "The NSA activities have been known now for 14 weeks, and one still can't see any real effort by EU governments or by the US to shed light on the situation."

James Clapper, director of US national intelligence, said in the Washington Post earlier this week that the NSA collects financial information to provide "the US and our allies early warning of international financial crises which could negatively impact the global economy."

But even in the US, a spirited debate is underway over the limits of the surveillance state. The most recent to weigh in was former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in his interview with SPIEGEL published earlier this week. "Should people be concerned about their privacy? You bet," he said. "Nobody wants to think that everything they do or say is under surveillance."
I think we may see the balkanization of the net after snowden.. in turn.. the maintaining of sovereignty of nations.


big time damage to the NWO.
Trustee Alleges Corzine Operated Scheme at MF Global


Jon Corzine, the former head of MF Global Holdings Ltd., masterminded a scheme to inflate earnings that led to the eighth-biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history, according to an updated lawsuit filed by a trustee for the failed futures broker.

Corzine, a former Democratic governor and senator from New Jersey and once a co-chairman of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., implemented the trading scheme to prop up profits and get “in the money” on his stock options, according to an amended complaint filed in Manhattan bankruptcy court yesterday.

The new complaint intensifies the lawsuit brought in April by former trustee Louis J. Freeh against Corzine and senior executives Bradley Abelow and Henri Steenkamp. Freeh had said only that the executives dramatically changed MF Global’s business plan without addressing weaknesses. According to the new complaint, their actions rose to the level of a “scheme.”

“This is certainly throwing fuel on the fire,” said Michael Weinstein, chairman of Cole, Schotz, Meisel, Forman & Leonard PA’s white-collar practice in Hackensack, New Jersey. “You get into a whole new area,” possibly putting MF Global on par with financial frauds such as Enron Corp. and Adelphia Communications Corp., the former Justice Department trial attorney said in a phone interview.

Greater Damages

The new allegations may allow the holding company’s current trustee, Nader Tavakoli, to try and recoup greater damages from the estate, potentially going after money Corzine made from his bonus or options, Weinstein said. Both lawsuits seek damages to be determined at trial.

The word “fraud” doesn’t appear in the complaint, Weinstein said. If it did, that might void Corzine’s directors’ and officers’ insurance policy, leaving less money to try and recoup through the lawsuit, he said.

Steven Goldberg, a spokesman for Corzine, didn’t immediately return a call and e-mail for comment on the suit. Corzine has said there is no basis for the claim that he breached his fiduciary duties or was negligent.

MF Global’s bankruptcy can be “traced to a scheme” that Corzine, Abelow and Steenkamp “designed and implemented to prop-up the company’s apparent profitability through highly leveraged transactions in foreign debt,” Tavakoli said.

Shortly after the three took control of the company, they put it on a high-risk path that devastated its liquidity, depleted customer funds and ultimately caused its failure, Tavakoli said.

Sovereign Debt

The scheme involved making highly leveraged investments in European sovereign debt using repurchase-to-maturity financing transactions, Tavakoli said. These allowed the company to inflate earnings by immediately booking income even while it took on future liabilities from the instruments, according to the complaint.

Each such transaction put the company in further peril, and the executives increased the number of transactions near the end of financial quarters to inflate earnings and boost the company’s stock price, according to the complaint.

MF Global’s repurchase transactions rose from $400 million in September 2010 to close to $8.3 billion in August 2011. When the underlying European sovereign bonds were downgraded beginning in 2011, margin calls put more and more stress on the company.

“When the inevitable liquidity crises occurred as a result of these transactions, defendants, recklessly and with gross negligence, violated the law by using segregated customer funds to cover the company’s resulting liabilities,” Tavakoli said in the complaint. “Corzine was instrumental in misusing these customer funds.”

Going ‘Negative’

At one point, according to the complaint, Corzine told an employee of MF Global’s Treasury Department to take certain positions even if it meant going “negative” in customer accounts. Corzine also directed a subordinate to violate company policy and draw cash from the regulatory buffer established to ensure the safety of customer funds if cash was needed in October 2011, according to the complaint."
1 Million Truckers to Protest Obama by Shutting America Down for 3 Days in October

^Good stuff. Gobless the truckers.

"Bolivian President Evo Morales will file a lawsuit against the US government for crimes against humanity. He has decried the US for its intimidation tactics and fear-mongering after the Venezuelan presidential jet was blocked from entering US airspace.

“I would like to announce that we are preparing a lawsuit against Barack Obama to condemn him for crimes against humanity,” said President Morales at a press conference in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz. He branded the US president as a “criminal” who violates international law.

In solidarity with Venezuela, Bolivia will begin preparing a lawsuit against the US head of state to be taken to the international court. Furthermore, Morales has called an emergency meeting of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) to discuss what has been condemned by Venezuela as “an act of intimidation by North American imperialism.”

The Bolivian president has suggested that the members of CELAC withdraw their ambassadors from the US to send a message to the Obama Administration. As an additional measure he will call on the member nations of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas to boycott the next meeting of the UN. Members of the Alliance include Antigua and Barbuda, Cuba, Dominica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Saint Lucia.

“The US cannot be allowed to continue with its policy of intimidation and blockading presidential flights,” stressed Morales.

The Venezuelan government announced on Thursday that President Nicolas Maduro’s plane had been denied entry into Puerto Rican (US) airspace.

“We have received the information from American officials that we have been denied travel over its airspace,” Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua said, speaking to reporters during an official meeting with his South African counterpart. Jaua decried the move “as yet another act of aggression on the part of North American imperialism against the government of the Bolivarian Republic.”

President Maduro was due to arrive in Beijing this weekend for bilateral talks with the Chinese government. Jaua was adamant that the Venezuelan leader would reach his destination, regardless of any perceived interference.

The US government has not yet made any statement regarding the closing of its airspace to the Venezuelan presidential plane. Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the US.

Relations on the rocks

Washington’s relations with Latin America have deteriorated since the beginning of the year following the aerial blockade that forced Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plane to land in Austria in July. Several EU countries closed their airspace to the presidential jet because of suspicions that former CIA employee Edward Snowden - wanted in the US on espionage charges - was on board. Bolivia alleged that the US was behind the aerial blockade.

In response to the incident, Latin American leaders joined together in condemnation of what they described as “neo-colonial intimidation.”

Later in the year, the revelations on the US’ global spy network released by Edward Snowden did little to improve relations. Leaked wires revealed that the National Security Agency (NSA) had monitored the private communications of both the Brazilian and Mexican presidents.

The Brazilian government denounced the NSA surveillance as “impermissible and unacceptable,” and a violation of Brazilian sovereignty. As a result of US spying Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has postponed a state visit to Washington in October."
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