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CISPA in limbo thanks to Senate apathy

Despite an $84 million lobbying effort, CISPA, the controversial bill aimed at making it easier for corporations to share customers' personal information with the government, faces an uncertain future after approval in the US House of Representatives.

The next step for the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, after passing by a 288 to 127 margin in the House, is a Senate vote. However, the Senate has yet to debate the bill and has given no indication that the proposal is a priority, as major issues including gun control and immigration linger in the national consciousness.

CISPA co-sponsor Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) of the House Intelligence Committee has maintained that the law would help corporations defend against supposedly inevitable cyber-attacks by striking “that right balance between our privacy, civil liberties and stopping bad guys in their tracks from ruining what is one-sixth of the US economy,” as quoted by the Associated Press.


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Step toward possible U.S. military intervention in Syria

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is sending about 200 troops to Jordan, the vanguard of a potential U.S. military force of 20,000 or more that could be deployed if the Obama administration decides to intervene in Syria to secure chemical weapons arsenals or to prevent the 2-year-old civil war from spilling into neighboring nations.

Troops from the 1st Armored Division will establish a small headquarters near Jordan's border with Syria to help deliver humanitarian supplies for a growing flood of refugees and to plan for possible military operations, including a rapid buildup of American forces if the White House decides intervention is necessary, senior U.S. officials said.

Although the Pentagon has sent Patriot missile batteries to Turkey and several dozen U.S. troops already are in Jordan to assist with aid flights and other operations, the move marks the first deployment that Pentagon officials explicitly described as a possible step toward direct military involvement in Syria.


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"Ben Affleck, Josh Groban, Sophia Bush and Debi Mazar are among the celebs who have committed to take the 2013 Live Below the Line challenge issue by The Global Poverty Project. They will live on $1.50 of food and drink a day (no Starbucks for him!) April 29-May 3 to raise awareness about extreme poverty."

Riots on streets of Paris after gay marriage legalised

Just hours after France’s lower house of parliament voted to make gay marriage legal, protesters and riot police clashed on the streets of Paris.

The assembly in France voted 331-225 in favour of gay marriage making it the 14 country to do so. The question of whether gay marriage should be legal has caused wide divisions across France with many clashes between the police, those who support and those oppose.


Tsarnaev mother faces jail time in US

The mother and father of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have been cooperating with US authorities from their native Russia in the days since a pair of homemade bombs blew up in Boston last Monday, killing three and injuring more than 200 others. Now according to the latest reports, Anzor and Zubeidat Tsarnaev are slated to soon come stateside in order to answer more questions about their children as authorities search for answers.

Traveling to the US may be a risky maneuver for the mother, though: the clerk of the Natick District Court in Massachusetts confirmed to ABC News that Zubeidat Tsarnaeva failed to appear at a court hearing last year to resolve charges that she stole $1,600 worth of merchandise from a Lord & Taylor department store. Authorities may chose to arrest her if she enters the US due to an outstanding warrant for shoplifting.


Protest Clashes and Random Attacks Leave 111 Killed and 233 Wounded Across Iraq.

Security personnel fought demonstrators at sit-in camps in at least two predominantly Sunni cities. The highest number of casualties occurred in Hawija. The clashes led to several curfews and road closures across the country. They also encouraged two ministers to quit their posts. Overall, at least 111 people were killed and 233 more were wounded in those clashes and other violence.

Security forces triggered a deadly riot in Hawija, when they tried to arrest suspects allegedly taking refuge at a protest camp. At least 39 civilians were killed in the initial clash. They were possibly unarmed. Three soldiers were killed as well. About 153 people were wounded, both soldiers and demonstrators. Security forces claimed to have liberated 18 children who were being used as shields.


More detailed information on these incidents are within the above link.
$2 Trillion Underground Economy May Be Recovery's Savior

The growing underground economy may be helping to prevent the real economy from sinking further, according to analysts.

The shadow economy is a system composed of those who can't find a full-time or regular job. Workers turn to anything that pays them under the table, with no income reported and no taxes paid — especially with an uneven job picture.

"I think the underground economy is quite big in the U.S.," said Alexandre Padilla, associate professor of economics at Metropolitan State University of Denver. "Whether it's using undocumented workers or those here legally, it's pretty large."

"You normally see underground economies in places like Brazil or in southern Europe," said Laura Gonzalez, professor of personal finance at Fordham University. "But with the job situation and the uncertainty in the economy, it's not all that surprising to have it growing here in the United States."

Estimates are that underground activity last year totaled as much as $2 trillion, according to a study by Edgar Feige, an economist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

That's double the amount in 2009, according to a study by Friedrich Schneider, a professor at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria. The study said the shadow economy amounts to nearly 8 percent of U.S. gross domestic product.

Much of that money goes into cash registers, said Gonzalez, as personal consumption has risen since the recession.

"There is consumer spending in the short term, with people having money even if it's not reported, and that's boosting the economy," she said. "But in the long run, an underground economy is telling us that things have to change."

Shadow economies are usually associated with illegal activity, such as drug dealing. But anecdotal evidence indicates that off-the-books work in today's job market includes personal and domestic workers, such as housekeepers and nannies.

"The jobs are in service industries from small food establishments to landscaping." said David Fiorenza, an economy professor at Villanova University. "Even the arts and culture industry is not immune to working off the books in areas of music and entertainment."

It also includes firms that hire hourly or day construction labor, information technology specialists and Web designers. Many who have a job that doesn't pay enough take another one that pays under the table.

"We've always had people who make income without recording it, so it's not really new," said Peter McHenry, an assistant professor of economics at William & Mary College. "But the fact that more and more people are doing it shows how bad the job picture is," he added.

The reasons behind the underground economy's growth are fairly simple, according to Gonzalez.

"There's a lot of uncertainly about immigration changes and who will be legal, and about paying for Obamacare," she said, adding that most workers in the shadow economy are in the country illegally. "Government rules are keeping businesses from hiring."

A report from ADP Research Institute states that many employers, especially in low-wage businesses such as retail and food service, plan to reduce workers' hours to less than 30 a week to avoid having to offer health benefits through Obamacare (or pay a fine).

"This type of regulation could put more people out of work and into an underground economy," McHenry said.

But employers have their own agenda, according to Padilla.

"Businesses are not angels, and they exist to make a profit," Padilla said. "They are going to do everything they can to keep costs down, and if that means paying people off the books, they will do it. The government doesn't really have the resources to track down every business that does this."

What the government is keeping track of is lost revenues. According to the Internal Revenue Service, about $500 billion in taxes were lost last year because of unreported wages, versus $384 billion in 2001.

"The effects of the underground economy are larger than we think," said David Fiorenza. "The result is less tax money paid to the various levels of government."

"Those working and not paying the taxes puts the burden on those who pay the tax," added Fiorenza. "Taxes could be lower if the government where able to capture the underground economy instead of raising taxes on those currently paying the various income and payroll taxes."

But the dangers of a shadow economy go beyond dollars and cents, analysts said. Workers who aren't on the books don't get Social Security or health benefits, and worse.

"People who do these types of jobs run the risk of getting exploited with lower pay or not being paid at all," Gonzalez said. "There could be more exploitation if more people are forced into this type of economy."

"Some income is better than none, but there is a reason we have certain regulations in place to protect workers and what they do," McHenry said.

In the end, what's happening below the normal economy should not come as too much of a shock, according to Gonzalez.

"People are running out of patience when it comes to finding a job and losing income," Gonzalez said. "So it's not that surprising to have workers take jobs that are in the shadow economy. But it's a sign of how bad things are and how we have to get the real economy moving again."
Yep, the thumping sound of war drums can be heard world wide. Could this be the pretext for American intervention in Syria?
It will depend on russia and china. They caved in with libya last time
Russia detains 140 suspected Islamic extremists

(AP) Russia detains 140 suspected Islamic extremists
Russian police and security agents have detained 140 people at a mosque in Moscow on suspicion of involvement with Islamic extremism.

A statement from the Federal Security Agency reported by Russian news agencies said among those detained in the Friday action were 30 citizens of unspecified foreign countries.

The detentions come a week after the two suspects in the fatal Boston Marathon bombing were identified as originating from the Russian region of Chechnya and sympathizing with Islamic extremists.

Man. Its game set match at this point. Crazy action
Bill Maher slams Boston police

Bill Maher called Boston police officers “unprofessional” on Friday for shooting at the boat where Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was hiding even though it turned out he was unarmed. According to reports, no gun was found inside the boat after Tsarnaev was captured, although the Boston Police commissioner had earlier said that cops had exchanged fire with the suspect.

Maher also said that America is becoming a “police state.” “I want to talk about the police, who I am a supporter of… Look at this, I mean if this is what you have – why don’t you invade a country? …. I mean go up to Canada – take their oil… This country is becoming a police state. And it is very troubling to me,” Maher said, while showing pictures of police officers patrolling the city and searching for Tsarnaev.


Italy's Enrico Letta Announces New Government

Moments ago, Italy's Enrico Letta announced that after several days of negotiations he has enough support to form a government which will see Letta as Prime Minister, while one of Silvio Berlusconi's closest allies, Angelino Alfano, of Berlusconi's PDL, would become deputy prime minister and interior minister, in effect guaranteeing Bunga immunity from any and all political and criminal prosecutions for as long as the government is in power.

Reuters also informs that "Bank of Italy director general Fabrizio Saccomanni will take the powerful economy ministry and former European Commissioner Emma Bonino will be foreign minister, Letta said after meeting President Giorgio Napolitano. The government will be sworn in at 1030 BST on Sunday and Letta is expected to go before parliament to seek a vote of confidence on Monday."


All In The Family: Uncle Ruslan Married to Daughter of Top CIA Official

According to new research, Uncle Ruslan, aka Ruslan Tsarni, was married to the daughter of former top CIA official Graham Fuller.

This is an interesting discovery considering Tsarni is at the forefront of the effort to convince the American people that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the alleged and now dead Boston bomber, was “brainwashed” by a shadowy Albanian named Misha.

“This person just took his brain. He just brainwashed him completely,” Uncle Ruslan insisted during a news conference

So who shot hm in the neck? This boston thing has wings... Lets keep an eye on it. Thanks for the updates. The left and right are slowly converging
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