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Ichirō Matsui (松井一郎, Matsui Ichirō, born 31 January 1964) is a Japanese politician who is the current mayor of Osaka, leader of the Osaka Restoration Association (ORA) and one of the presidents of Nippon Ishin no Kai alongside Toranosuke Katayama.


and he is still mayor.

on avg. he might be correct.

although men are lingering more and more I'm seeing.
Fuck this guy. Men don't want to do groceries
(01-15-2021 05:27 PM)Chaos Reigns Wrote: [ -> ]"I haven't figured out the point of life yet. I rejected God 40 years ago, yeah, but so what of it?"

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I Can relate strongly with these

Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
nothing but poise class and grace

750 people massacred defending the ark of the covenant in Ethiopia. No work if the ark was taken


My guess is the ark was taken and is now in Israel or the Vatican
(01-23-2021 02:15 PM)CTsar Wrote: [ -> ]

wow. the gall
Child Sex Trafficking Survivor Challenges Jack Dorsey On Heels Of Bombshell Lawsuit: ‘How Do You Sleep At Night?’
Twitter was hit with a bombshell lawsuit last week alleging that a young boy who was solicited and recruited for sex trafficking had to endure his own sexual abuse material being promoted on Twitter, even after attempts were made to remove the content.

Sex trafficking survivor and advocate Eliza Bleu, who has worked with the boy (dubbed as “John Doe” for anonymity) has challenged Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in the wake of the suit.

“John Doe serves as a voice for countless victims and survivors in the United States and around the world,” Bleu told The Daily Wire in a statement sent via email. “Most of the children being abused cannot report their abuse to Twitter. Big tech has shown consistently that they are unwilling to remove the child sexual abuse material and human trafficking from their platforms at scale. So, much as we have seen in times past, it takes brave survivors stepping forward to create change.”

“John Doe was a 13 years old. He was trafficked,” Bleu outlined via Twitter. “His abuse was watched 167,000 views and 2,223 retweets on Twitter. Twitter told Doe that it didn’t violate their terms of service.”

“Over the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to walk side by side with this brave young man and his parents,” the advocate said. “John Doe has inspired me in ways that you can’t imagine. He deserves justice. I love you John Doe. Keep fighting bud. You are not alone.”

The claimant alleges that Twitter “knowingly hosted sexual exploitation material, including child sex abuse material (referred to in some instances as child pornography), and allowed human trafficking and the dissemination of child sexual abuse material to continue on its platform, therefore profiting from the harmful and exploitive material and the traffic it draws.”

[link to http://www.dailywire.com (secure)]

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Kid in Ghana builds a car
the people in that video have more dignity and life force than 99% of americans
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