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this video gets weirder and weider

Fucking complete degenerates everywhere you look these days...

Judge Andrew Napolitano ‘forced’ man into ‘BDSM games,’ lawsuit alleges

they remove parrots but don't remove WAP or PP COCAINE

yep. makes sense.
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Only 18 Representatives stood up to the anti-Qanon condemnation. Not sure of the party breakdown but I think there were 10 Republicans.
(10-06-2020 09:48 PM)Skookum Charlie Wrote: [ -> ]

I was talking to a guy from Belarus, who I think lives in the US now, and he didn't think it was a color revolution underway in Belarus.

I don't get it why people are still so blind to the obvious. Maybe he doesn't want to blame the US for the unrest because it is his new country and he knows all the problems that Belarus legit has.

But still, it doesn't appear to be that complicated. There are real tensions, real problems, I am sure they are having either a fuel or food shortage/inflation in Kyrgyzstan, but this is then amplified.

She says Moldova is next? I don't think so. The US of A. Starting Nov 3, 11 pm ET.

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