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(09-23-2020 11:15 PM)Albino el Mamba Wrote: [ -> ]https://youtu.be/a43w-k6goM4

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Mamba, the little TV icon on the top right of your edit screen will give you a dropdown box. Select youtube and it will embed youtube vids for you.

[Image: 33545112-8765749-image-a-46_1600895284119.jpg]

Franklin's vehicle later hit another police car head-on. Another video shows Franklin's damaged car as officers rushed over to the vehicle

About a block from where the incident started, Franklin's car hit a curb and the officer was thrown to the ground.

He's then heard radioing for help as Franklin sped off. The other responding officers rushed back to their cars to chase after Franklin and to help the injured officer.

Franklin's vehicle later hit another police car head-on. Another video shows Franklin's damaged car as officers rushed over to the vehicle.

Despite rendering medical aid, Franklin died at the scene.



uh. doesn't look like he hit anything head on from the pic.
[Image: 8jPtDdbo?format=jpg&name=small]
[link to http://www.nzherald.co.nz (secure)]

More than 320,000 used condoms have been confiscated after police officers discovered workers washing and reshaping them to be resold during a raid at a factory in Vietnam.

According to the VN Explorer news website, the 32-year-old woman who rents the factory told officials someone delivers thousands of used condoms to her each month.

Her alleged role in the production is to clean, dry, reshape and sort condoms under unhygienic conditions before making them look fresh again and packaging them up for new customers, media reported.

Police say they found close to 360kg of sheaths that were destined to be sold on the market later on.

Inspectors are also understood to have found thousands of condoms which had already been cleaned and packed ready to be sold to unsuspecting customers.
Are the reused masks right up on your face any better?
the same group that lectures people about how crowds spread COVID


That was very satisfying!
that last dude was bawse.

Straight up took care of business.

gotta be bold and direct. no hestitation
"This Commie's calling for mommy"

The more I learn about this Andy Tifa fella the more I dislike the guy.
free radio revolution vs. penguinzo

theft operation with baby as an accomplice

Security guard could get into trouble. The mandate for licensed security guards is Observe and Report. Putting hands on people is not part of that mandate.

Maybe some stores have a detain ability?

Looked this up;

Can a security guard detain?

Not if they haven't arrested you. But they can ask you to leave a premises on behalf of the owner, or refuse to let you inside, for a number of reasons. ... If you are under citizen's arrest, they can detain you for as long as reasonably necessary for the police to arrive, but can only use reasonable force to do so.

Powers of security guards and bouncers | Legal Aid WA
http://www.legalaid.wa.gov.au › under-arrest-and-police-powers
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