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(04-01-2020 11:11 AM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]hi fi mental illness.

Yep. To each his own but most of them are out of their minds.

I've been into hi-end audio since I was a teenager.

I'll never forget the first time I picked up an issue of Stereopile. I thought the whole mag was full of typos:

$20K for CD players
$40K for 2 ch amps
$100K for speakers
$1K a meter for speaker cables and interconnects!!

Just NUTS.

That said, with well recorded music (a key that audiophiles often forget), the B&O Beolab 5s have to be heard to be believed and IMO, are worth every penny of the ~$20K asking price.

[Image: Qwmyb8S.jpg]

All it requires is a source like a CD player or laptop and you're good to go.

Most audiophiles aren't interested in it because amps, preamp, room correction and sub woofers are all built in so, instead of tweaking, they'd be forced to just sit and listen to great sounding music - what a concept.

(04-12-2020 09:28 AM)Billygoat Wrote: [ -> ]No room acoustics makes all of that a waste. He's a gear nerd and a brand name guy.

That's a good tl;dr summary of the following outstanding article about audiophiles...

What Is An Audiophile - selected excerpts
Audiophiles are non-technical, non-musical kooks who imagine the darnedestly stupid things about audio equipment. Audiophiles are fun to watch; they're just as confused at how audio equipment or music really works as primitive men like cargo cults are about airplanes. An audiophile will waste days comparing the sound of power cords or different kinds of solder, but won't even notice that his speakers are out-of-phase.

An audiophile never enjoys music; he only listens to the sound of audio equipment. Just like a pedophile, the word audiophile is defined as someone with an unhealthy attraction or interest in something; in this case, it's audio equipment, but not music. An audiophile and a music lover are two entirely different people.

Audiophiles adore audio equipment, which is completely unrelated to enjoying music. In the good old days, music lovers only played with audio equipment because they had to, while audiophiles today would rather listen to their equipment than to enjoy music.

A music lover will stop what he's doing and stay glued to a favorite piece of music even if it's coming over a 3" speaker or a public-address system, while an audiophile almost never enjoys music, even if played on a $100,000 hi-fi.

Because audiophiles don't have the experience or education to understand what matters (the skill of the original recording engineer, the choice of loudspeakers, their placement in a room and the acoustics of that room), audiophiles spend fortunes on the wrong things, which are the high-profit-margin and well advertised items like cables, power conditioners, amplifiers, power cables, connectors, resistors, and just about everything that has almost nothing to do with the quality of reproduced music — but makes loads of money for the people selling these fetishes.

There's nothing wrong with owning the finest equipment or a $25,000 speaker cable, but all the professional musicians I know have none of this. More important are good recordings of great performances, great speakers, careful placement and good home acoustics.

To an audiophile, the hobby is all about playing with equipment, not enjoying music.

A music lover uses the same gear for years or decades. He gets what sounds great, like some electrostatics or whatever, and keeps it nearly forever, thoroughly enjoying to all his new recordings of great acts. Audio equipment is always a good investment; it lasts for decades. A music lover spends more on concerts and recordings than he ever does on stereo equipment, and he enjoys his music immensely for hours and hours on end, not even knowing that there's any equipment involved: he's enjoying the music itself, not listening for artifacts that aren't really there.
Ken Rockwell https://www.kenrockwell.com/audio/audiophile.htm
cool post dick

Audiophilism is almost a religion.. but a weird one.. or a cult.

none of them will submit to a double blind ABX listening test.. and for good reason

I believe if you want to get good audio, get what pro mastering engineers get.. as they are the final stop before a recording gets to the public.

they have a practical reason to get the BEST AUDIO equipment.
UFC Light Heavyweight fights Coronavirus looter:

his nickname is the ape man?
what is wrong with that dude?
(04-14-2020 01:16 PM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]his nickname is the ape man?

Smith's nickname is Lionheart. The trespasser is Luke Haberman.
Corona is making people crazy
Thais rescue elephants

LOL - Florida deems WWE 'essential business' amid coronavirus outbreak[Image: Dwwsrc9.jpg]

(CNN) -- The order that was signed on Thursday states that employees at professional sports and media production with a national audience can continue only if the location is closed to the general public. This essential service was added because it is critical to Florida's economy, officials told CNN.

World Wrestling Entertainment resumed live televised shows on Monday after weeks of taped matches, including their biggest event of the year, WrestleMania. The organization is producing new content for fans with the use of their training facility in Orlando.

I don't think WWE ever stopped. They've continued to produce weekly shows.

I live in Orlando and you see some people with masks and you see people practicing social distancing. But overall the city hasn't shut down.

Hopefully now the UFC will consider coming back to Florida and doing some shows. Indoor shows like the UFC and WWE can produce content without having an audience on site. Just do PPVs. Keep the number of workers small and test everyone.

The only real issue is where will fighters train? How do you train to get ready to fight unless you are located somewhere with lax rules?
so people can still attend WWE events in FLORIDA?
it's closed to the public. just checked

don't see an issue with that.
(04-16-2020 12:31 AM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]so people can still attend WWE events in FLORIDA?

I think they are only doing broadcast/streamiing. No live audience.
so what's the big deal?

test them for COVID and if they all test negative let them KAYFABE
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