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Full Version: Alan Watt's Dog
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is named Haimish. This is a Yiddish word meaning friendly or homey.

I wonder why he would do this? hmmmm
Isn't Alan Watt jewish?

I hear he does not really criticize zionism etc.
Hamish is a common scottish name, Alan is a scot and far from being a hebrew.
^^^^Thanks. I'm on this Yiddish kick and trying to apply it to everything I can. hahahah.

Alan Watt is the farthest thing from materialistic. Got some change to spare??

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Alan makes gallons of stew and seals it up in drums, then lives off it for the entire winter. Apart from his satellite net connection, he's closer to being off the grid than any other CT personality.
Gender: M Pronunciation: HAY-mish Meaning of Hamish: "supplanter" Origin of Hamish: Scottish variation of James
Popularity: 9%this week.

Just as Seamus/Seumus is Irish for James, Hamish is the Scottish form — one that's not often used here, but still redolent of Olde Scotland. If you're ready to go further than Duncan and Malcolm, out to Laird and Ewan territory, this may be worth consideration. It also sounds just like the Yiddish word for homey.

In Scotland, where it became popular in the second half of the nineteenth century, Hamish is a nickname for a Highlander, and it's a high-ranking name in South Australia, where it's currently in the Top 50.

Some people may have become familiar with Hamish via one of the grooms in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

alan seems to have dropped off the scene. wonder what he is up to now.
I heard that he wasn't making enough money to survive by doing his "blurbs", so he is working in a saw mill and also doing mechanical repairs to survive.
that's cool. I think a lot of CTers would rather be engaging in straightforward manual labor rather than mind bending desk jobs.
Watt could've cashed in when he was working for those patriot radio stations, but he refused to take money from advertisers who wanted him to endorse their survival snake oils. Eventually he quit his show that was rating well, for the sake of his integrity. I admire that.
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