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Full Version: New Year greetings to you all
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I'm still healing from my last heart attack. I lost about 35 pounds and my health is improving. Still working on New Reality Programs for the Little Hobbits. The future is not a done deal by any means. Armageddon Programs will continue to run for another 6-8 years. China, Russia and the United States are moving closer to their New World of Human Clones, a Drone Military, Nano-Technology, and a host of other New Technologies which will Transform Earth into a Smart Planet. You will get your Thousand Years of Peace as Promised. Please don't fuck it up.

[Image: 161kfmt.jpg]
Happy and Healthy new year to you M8! Great news to hear you back on the gain and mend
Horus, my man

Be well brother, thanks for comin to share your wisdomz n ramblin's
Thank you friends. Let me say this: 90% of everything on this Planet is bullshit! The history of the Human Species is a lie. Religion and Politics are Mind Control Tools. The Universe is a 3-D Hologram. The Human Brain is a Bio-Computer. You walk around wearing a DNA Spacesuit. Reptilian Aliens and their bitches control this Planet. 9/11 was a CIA-Mossad Operation. Navy SEAL Team Six did not kill bin Laden. Hollywood movie, "Zero Dark Thirty" is pure bullshit! California is the next target. Some folks question my sanity. I don't care. Please pay attention when I tell you there's a Storm Coming to America in the near future. World War Three is a Process. Armageddon is a Process. 9/11 was "The Beginning of the End". Back in 1999, I picked Bush to be the President. In 2002, I said we should have a Black President when Bush leaves the White House. The World Community is fast becoming a reality. Global Economic Security. Destroy Capitalism. Global Managers. No more Wars. Freedom! One day you will look back on my ramblings and DECODE them!
I'm currently in Eugene, Oregon, and I feel great! Everyday my body is getting stronger from my last heart attack. Diet and exercise are important. Lucky me that I took good care of myself for so many years. My housemate is making peanut butter brownies with Hash. Oregon is a state where you can grow and smoke pot without going to jail.

For the record: Aliens don't look like Aliens as seen in Hollywood Movies. But rather they look like you and me. Humans are Worker Bees assigned to the surface of this Planet. Most World Leaders are either Hybrids or Clones. Shape-Shifting Technology does exist. We are not going back into the forest like a monkey in the tree or live in a cave. Virtual Reality and Spaceships are here to stay.

You can solve problems without the tears. Attitude is indeed everything. Focus and intention. Change how you think and you change the World.

Imagine if you can a Universe where everything is crazy. See! That wasn't so difficult. Just imagine Planet Earth.
Ive always wondered if my wife is an alien, hmm
May I ask what you consider may have contributed to the heart attack?

What do you do now that is different compared to before?
Happy New Year, Horus! Nice to see you back on your feet and back on the forum.
I love your posts and all, but i am not buying a word of it until you tell me an acccurate description of the painting behind me in my office.

With that out of the way.

Please continue.
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