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Full Version: 33 Bad Parkers Who Got A Swift Visit From Karma
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[Image: 8fff5574ca722e0aca63e51c9335c557_650x.jpg]

What a large motorcycle you have.

[Image: ae1b259ad2b12b9f91a37b1e74ba6552_650x.png]

Multiple spots = multiple boots.

[Image: a0072ec520bebe29ba238c139aad0cb7_650x.jpg]

Properly labeled.

[Image: f34df1e69f5908f12120c4582d41ac98_650x.jpg]

[Image: 0090d445feae6a3b0aa6343f39525dca_650x.jpg]

[Image: 90b16fe36bef8af45255b9a26030648c_650x.jpg]
Nobody likes a bad parker.

[Image: 3116a14ce8b86a78439919e24cc79d08_650x.jpg]

If you want your car keyed, keep parking badly.

[Image: ec4e4084e094e7af0fb650a19e5f872d_650x.jpg]

Taking up 2 spot gets you blocked in.

[Image: fd1987169c05c18f14fe55927f7cde79_650x.jpg]

Parking like an idiot forces others too.

[Image: 197634ab3d80a9d00d463e50a3d91b12_650x.jpg]
[Image: 016f6244ff32725f14c6c415e61f9adf_650x.jpg]

[Image: 64384b65351e7d03726236a54da8d52b_650x.jpg]
Take my spot? Take this!

[Image: 58b091638f8c7e5ca9f773e0117a9a2c.gif]
Taking a contractor’s spot is a bad idea.

[Image: 8b4aa9d9f1973dea85e89ce3d68faf4d_650x.jpg]

[Image: fdf8a3b7433e0b120a2a666c832bc99b_650x.jpg]

Surrounding the bad parker.

[Image: e95a71224e8bcd17fd0931d3bb94ae65_650x.jpg]
Taking a reserved spot backfired.

[Image: f6dfb291f61a3d7326679df4d2ab07fe_650x.jpg]

[Image: 5675b428134fd5ee27e89e9cadca19b4_650x.jpg]

[Image: 549c57d7b4604b2bf30c797be7a4c91e_650x.jpg]

[Image: 32729a11ffaaa63bd6e46f1f8133a998_650x.jpg]
[Image: 7541488f332e2892840cf683fbc51b19_650x.jpg]

[Image: 9646dadcabd2b691be3e7d317a6ed816_650x.jpg]

[Image: 6c6deef9fbfc57adff17a8c2ab9ded8e_650x.jpg]

[Image: c6e8bdbed812cdf112949fe877cb8a2d_650x.jpg]
Parking sideways gets you blocked in also.

[Image: d875734daf4a7ddde055a70b299bb629_650x.jpg]

[Image: 2142c8f17b8a53ef7933b51d2014ff85_650x.jpg]

[Image: 85ef7e61549e630679261205bf2fad08_650x.jpg]

[Image: a5955e15dfd64ae301bfe22ae0a312f5_650x.jpg]

[Image: de616cdd703e7ee55d58b7f97166b6bf_650x.jpg]

[Image: 80fcb1205a43cea92550a0e0cf3c0848_650x.jpg]

[Image: 2a6b8a36d0617e024ce8cac3ada73f36_650x.jpg]
God I love Justice!
I like the shrink wrap idea. If done properly, no can defend (unless the tool is carrying a good knife)...
funny thread.

unless parking was relatively full I wouldn't really care if someone took up 2 spaces.
I wish I could see the look on the faces of the assholes whose cars were blocked in.
(01-10-2015 09:05 PM)GMB13 Wrote: [ -> ]I wish I could see the look on the faces of the assholes whose cars were blocked in.

Isn't that what it's all about?
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