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Full Version: Most credible Alien Abduction Stories
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To me, the story of George Wheeler is the most credible story, because it involves multiple police officers and civilian witnesses in different locations in one incident, along with the physical evidence of electrical car damage:

Quote:Elmwood, Wisconsin Police Officer’s Repeated Sightings

What if a police officer told you he saw a UFO? Would you believe someone like that?

In 1976, 30-year veteran police officer and World War II combat pilot George Wheeler said he saw a UFO near his home in Elmwood, Wisconsin. It was the second time Wheeler had seen something strange in the skies above the area.

The officer spotted what looked like a very bright orange glow coming from the top of Tuttle Hill. He said it was as bright as the sun and hard to look at.

At first Wheeler assumed it was a fire, so he drove his squad car to the top of the hill. To his surprise, he found a glowing object that seemed to be hovering 100 -feet off the ground.

It had six bluish-white lights, windows on the sides and he could see moving shadows inside.

That’s when Wheeler radioed the sheriff’s department in Ellsworth to tell them he was watching a UFO.

Just then, the spacecraft quickly shot straight up into the sky making a whooshing sound as it left.

Wheeler claims a flash of light came down from the ship and struck him.

At that point, the squad car’s lights and radio went completely dead. Wheeler was barely conscious. He couldn’t remember what happened after that until local resident, David Moots, stopped to ask him if he was okay.

When Moots was interviewed about the case, he said Wheeler told him he’d been hit. He asked him if he’d been hit by a car, but he said, “No, one of those UFOs.”

Elmwood is actually a hotspot for UFO sightings. Moots said he’d heard of a lot of people making such claims, so it was no particular surprise. But being “hit” by a UFO took him back a bit.

There were several other witnesses involved and interviewed in this case.

Mrs. Miles Wergland, who lived just outside of Elmwood, claimed she saw a “bright orange moon-shaped object on the hill.”

Another witness, Paul Fredrickson, saw “an orange glow, like a half-moon, like a moon cut in half on Tuttle Hill.”

This wasn’t the first time Mr. Fredrickson spotted something like this. Only six months earlier, he and his son saw a very similar object in the sky about the exact same time and place.

Nearby, at the O’Bryan family farm, Mr. O’Bryan said his TV set quit for a short time while he was watching the Perry Mason show – right about the same time it all went down.

A 9-year-old boy at another nearby farm said his dogs were barking and acting unusually weird that night.

Police Chief Gene Helmer of Elmwood, yet another person involved, had been at home monitoring the “police scanner” when he heard Wheeler say he was “watching a UFO.”

Helmer’s radio went dead before Wheeler could describe it. But he did hear him say, “Get somebody up here — I’ve been hit.”

That’s when Helmer left right away to see what was up. When he got to the top of the hill, he found Moots trying to calm Wheeler down. Helmer said he’d never seen a man as frightened and upset as Wheeler was.

The officer also pointed out that the patrol car, which recently had a tune up, needed all of its points and plugs replaced in the engine and the starter was also acting up.

At about 1AM, or 2 hours after the incident, Mrs. Wheeler had to take her husband to the hospital. He was there for three days and tests found nothing, so he was released. Only a few days later he returned because he was having severe headaches and nightmares. He could also no longer remember any of the details from the sighting.

This story was also published in Fate Magazine in 2004. The author, Frank Joseph, wrote-

“As his health rapidly deteriorated for causes his doctors could not determine, he repeatedly told them, to their disbelief; that he was dying from the mysterious effects of internal injuries caused by alien beings. Within six months after his April encounter, Officer George Wheeler died of unknown causes.”
Interesting. Wonder why ufos always target muricans
Phil schneider's stories are interesting as well
I am a skeptic about Schneider because of things I read about him, like this comment:

Quote:I especially likes the part about the alien he encountered underground at Dulce, New Mexico that rubbed his stomach and then shot forward a blue beam from itself which shot at Mr. Schneider and "split him open like a fish" as he recalls and burned off all his toes and fingers. Wow that would be horrifying! It's too bad he left out what type of technology was used to reconstruct his body after being split open like a fish from a laser beam, or where they cloned new fingers and toes to be reattached to his body after the blue beam burnt them off. ~ curious7


I saw all seven parts of that Phil lecture a few months back and in one of them he holds up his left hand and shows you some of the fingers are missing. ~ curious7


(2) Schneider claimed:
Quote:"There are 9 races of alien populations...they get high off our adrenal gland substances, it is something like cocaine to them." ---Area 51 - Sometime 1995

People commented:
Quote:That's odd, it seems like anything capable of interstellar travel should be able to easily synthesize adrenaline. ~Waagh

We can already synthesize adrenaline. The aliens would only need to abduct a smart grad student. I was on board the story with the vertical scar but adrenaline vampires just doesn't make sense. ~Pokmoth
Remember the Xfiles episode with Jesse Ventura and Alex Trebek as MIB
Lot of good shit going on in that episode
I agree phil schneider is full of crap.

I don't think UFO's have visited earth.

I'm sure aliens exist somewhere, but they haven't visited our planet.
(01-09-2015 08:04 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]I agree phil schneider is full of crap.

I don't think UFO's have visited earth.

I'm sure aliens exist somewhere, but they haven't visited our planet.

First, what look like UFOs are at the least in the military's possession and probably used by them. A relative of mine saw one taken down the highway like this one:

This makes distinguishing any real encounter with something extraterrestrial from something military (including "memories" of abductions) difficult.

Secondly, I believe a big majority, maybe 80% of stories and clips of UFO sightings are made up or mistaken for extraterrestrial. Just running through Google clips, it looks like there is a lot of material that reflects Schneider's level of reliability- ie. very little.

Third, there is that other, very small category of incidents that are very hard to dismiss as frauds or military, like George Wheeler's experience. You would have to propose that the officer drove to the location, shorted out his car's electrical system, coincidentally died two years later, and that the five other witnesses in other locations like the sheriff made up their corroborating stories too.
yeah vid is interesting but it could be like a covered up stealth bomber IMO.

i'm sure the US govt. has tons of experimental craft that look like flying discs.

the most alien type of thing I'm interested in are the supposed "bases" on the moon.

i have seen pics of what seem to be structures and nasa themselves airbrush certain parts of the backside.
check this out from the moon:

[Image: 41f8cfe367c8.jpg]
(01-09-2015 09:40 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]yeah vid is interesting but it could be like a covered up stealth bomber IMO.

i'm sure the US govt. has tons of experimental craft that look like flying discs.

I think you could be right about what is in the photo, although something more similar is the X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System (a drone that looks a bit like a stealth bomber), which FOX reported was carried down the DC highway and mistaken for a UFO. However, on a closer look, I don't think that the device (on the left) was the X-47B (on the right) drone. The drone looks much more like a plane than the transported object does:
[Image: article-2181733-14515FF3000005DC-868_636x358.jpg]

I remember seeing old black and wheel reels of US Area 51 and Nazi flying discs being tested at vertical take offs, but I can't find them online now. They did not fly very quickly in the videos, and were from the WWII - 1960's era. My memory of the Nazi UFO video is a bit vague, so I could be mistaken about that one. The US one, I think, was in a documentary.

And then of course, you have:
[Image: saucer7-via-tfc-iamthewitness.jpg?109f60]

and then you have the black triangles, which are weird, but real:

[Image: 2012-09-28-triangleufo88.jpg]

The real challenge is separating US UFOs from alien UFOs.
my working theory is that if there are indeed alien UFOs they are just human time travellers going back in time.. they most likely would not be visible as to not disrupt to the space time continuum.

also if you look at grey aliens, they look like future humans. big head small body.
[Image: article-2541410-1ABE1FB200000578-876_634x300.jpg]
This is a snapshot from Google Moon that is supposed to be an alien base. Maybe it is a UFO. Or maybe it is an artificial defect in the photography. In particular, the aspect under question is the multiple dots in a row. For me, it isn't really clear what the dots are.

There is also another image, one from Chinese photographs of a different structure, but to me that one did not look really remarkable. It had some right angles, but that could just be an issue with photographing a natural phenomenon.
what is orthodox christianity's take on UFOs?

are they cool with you looking into this?
(01-09-2015 01:10 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]what is orthodox christianity's take on UFOs?
We don't have an "official" position. There is one theologian who, going back into the 1950's or so wrote about how there are extraterrestrial intelligent beings interacting with earth, and he took a positive view about them. But a few people have proposed that UFOs/aliens are really demonic projections/beings.

Personally, I don't have a very strong opinion, but think that they are real. One theory is that ancient people didn't realize how spaceships functioned, sine they did not make airplanes and thus used primitive expressions to describe them. But one interesting idea is that instead the phenomenon itself changes to look like the kinds of things the observers have about reached in their societal level. For example, maybe today we perceive them as grey people using space ships because that is about the technological level we reached. But maybe in reality they do not look the way we perceive them to look.

Quote:are they cool with you looking into this?
Most normal religions, like Orthodoxy, are not puritanical about web surfing.
(01-07-2015 10:22 AM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting. Wonder why ufos always target muricans
There are alot of UFO stories from other countries.

Is this one bunk?:
Quote:The text written in 1528 describes a mysterious ‘star’ which crossed the sky moving from the East to the West, the mysterious ‘star’ descended in the vicinity of a small village near the mountains. One of the inhabitants of the village, intrigued by the mysterious ‘star’ that had landed approached the object describing it as being disk-shaped and as big as a house, covered in brilliant colors, unlike anything he had ever seen in his lifetime, the man fainted.

He woke up in a cold a strange place that was illuminated by a mysterious red hue and even though he could still see the Sun, the moon and the stars there were no buildings or people near him, only mysterious creatures that had round faces and three eyes instead of two. According to the ancient abductee, the mysterious beings wore strange-looking clothing and spoke a language he could not understand.

The description of the mysterious UFO abduction was found in a manuscript collection gifted to China’s Cultural Ministry. After experts verified the manuscript, a book was published by the ministry, in the book is the journal of an ancestor in the Ming Dynasty, around 500 years ago, the text that speaks about the abduction can be found in one page of over five hundred pages that describe several things among them medicine, music, martial arts and other historic events.[Image: chinese-manuscript.jpg]

Quote:The 119 year old Buddhist monk who described his UFO experience
[Image: VenMasterHsuYun.jpg]
In the pictorial biography/autobiography of Master Hsu-Yan, Sanjin discovered the account of Hsu-Yan and his visit to the Da-Luo peek in 1884 as he was on the way to pay respects to the “wisdom lamps” (source):

At the end of the Great Prayer Meeting, I climbed the Da-luo Peak, where I paid reverence to the ‘wisdom lamps’ said to appear there. I saw nothing the first night but on the second, I saw a great ball of light flying from the Northern to the Central Peak, where it came down, splitting a short while later into over ten balls of different sizes. The same night, I saw on the Central Peak three balls of light flying up and down in the air and on the Northern Peak, four balls of light which varied in size.

On the tenth day of the seventh month I paid reverence and offered thanks to Manjusri Bodhisattva and then descended the Mountain. From Huayan Peak I walked northwards and arrived at Da-ying, south of Hun-yuan, where I visited the Northern Peak of Mount Heng which I climbed by way of Hu-feng Pass. There, I saw a stone arch with the inscription, ‘The First Mountain of the Northern Regions’. When I arrived at the temple, I saw a flight of steps which was so high that it seemed to lead to heaven, and a forest of stone tablets and arches. I made an offering of incense and descended the mountain..

The same accounts can be found in the pictorial biography:

The Master bowed to the Wisdom Lamps on top of Ta Lo Mountain.
People often came to this spot to witness what fortune they might.
At first there was nothing unusual, but then they all appeared:
Large ones, small ones, and in between – each fireball was unique.

Quote:UFO forces Hangzhou airport to shut down
Unexpected guests apparently have paid a visit to Hangzhou. The city,known as the“Paradise on Earth,”may have attracted the attention of celestial visitors.

At around eight o'clock in the evening, an unidentified flying object was spotted hovering the sky above Hangzhou's Xiaoshan airport. In the next hour, the airport was shut down.

Airport Official, said, "We've received orders to shut down the airport until the sky is cleared."

As a result, outgoing flights were grounded and incoming flights were diverted to nearby Ningbo and Wuxi. Normal airport operations resumed nearly two hours later

Residents near the airport have taken two photos of the object. One in daylight shows a clear comet-like tail and another taken at night features a glowing object emitting golden light.

Quote:Investigation: UFO seen in Xiaoshan airport is aircraft
14:58, July 26, 2010
[Image: P201007261503021237018646.jpg]
Based on onsite investigations, experts from Beijing and Shanghai have found that the photos of the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object), taken in the Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou and being widely spread online, are photos of an aircraft, according to Beijing Times.
A UFO was witnessed in Hangzhou's Xiaoshan airport around 9 p.m. on July 7, 2010, which, according to media reports, caused many flights to be delayed or rerouted to land in nearby airports.
According to the investigation, related departments said that radar did not detect any rumored UFOs, and the crews of two flights discovered the UFO. Furthermore, the aviation authorities have yet to publish any UFO photo or video information, and the photos and videos used by news reports or being spread online have no direct relationship with the UFO in the Xiaoshan airport.

As for the UFO in the Xiaoshan airport that caused flights to either be delayed or land in nearby airports, the investigation team believes that first, the UFO event possibly resulted from the activities of private or military aircraft because the airport radar also has "blind spots."

Quote:[Image: 002564baf2f90da1f59419.jpg]
An unidentified flying object is seen in this photo taken by a resident in Xiaoshan district of Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang province, at 9 pm on Wednesday. Provided to China Daily

A source with knowledge of the matter, however, told China Daily earlier that the object had a military connection.

A staff member at Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou said a twinkling object was first spotted over the city's sky around 8:30 pm on Wednesday. However, the object did not show up on the airport's radar.

Xiaoshan Airport was then closed at 8:45 pm over security concerns, and only resumed operation at 9:41 pm.

A dozen inbound flights were diverted to nearby airports and six outbound flights were delayed for three to four hours.

According to an estimate by Shanghai-based Evening News, more than 2,000 passengers were affected.

It was the first time an airport in China has been shut down on such short notice due to a UFO, said a staff member with the CAAC of East China, who declined to be named.

"We should first find out how the owner got the approval to fly the object," said the staff member, adding "even a fire balloon needs to get the authority's permission before lifting off."

The twinkling object could have been a light below the horizon reflecting on an airplane flying very high, given good visibility in the sky, said Zhu Dayi, who works at the Shanghai Observatory, adding such phenomena usually happen around an hour after sunset.

"If the speed of the twinkling object is extremely high, it could be a military aircraft," he said, "But no conclusion can be drawn now, as the information is limited."

See also:
The China Airport Sighting – Just One In China’s Long UFO History

The Other-Worldly Mysteries Of China’s Yellow Emperor
Quote:The Yellow Emperor (otherwise known as Huang-Di) is sited as being instrumental in developing the Chinese society. He ruled for over one-hundred years around 3000 BC, and such things as Chinese medicine, wooden houses, writing, transportation, weapons and even specific government institutions are all attributed to his genius.

Huang-Di had advanced technology and extensive knowledge of the stars and the heavens. He was even believed to have descended to Earth in a “thunderclap on a clear day!” to begin his reign.

It is also said that he could summon a dragon from the skies – a dragon that was described as having metal scales. Is this purely creative licence on those who wrote the records and stories of Huang-Di’s reign? Or might it be the best reference available to them, and the metal scales were really the metal bodywork of a “nuts-and-bolts” spacecraft?

He also kept in his possession a “magical chariot” – known as a Changhuan. This chariot could take Huang-Di to any part of his kingdom at great speed. No-one was allowed on the Changhuan without Huang-Di being present. One story told of a person who dared to defy this rule, and climbed aboard the chariot so they could travel to far lands. According to the legend, when this person returned a short time later, they had aged considerably. Some theorists believe this may actually be referring to the believed consequences of travelling faster than the speed of light.
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