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Full Version: Important CT terms Hijacked by Capitalist/Pop Culture
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[Image: 42EErP.jpg]

[Image: a-nightmare-on-elm-street-i13642.jpg]

[Image: hIw2BO.gif]

[Image: Uz74Yr.jpg]

[Image: tesla-cars-logo-emblem.jpg]

[Image: Magic%20Bullet-500x500.jpg]
Even with Masato pointing these out, even displayed pictorially, I fail to `get` about half of them, lol.
Nightmare and foo fighters I don‘t get.
"Foo Fighter" was a World War II pilot term for a UFO.
Not sure about Nightmare on Elm Street.

Freddy Kruger obviously represents Saturn/Satan/Ba'al.

He's also a metaphor for Monarch Programming & Satanic Ritual Abuse.

[Image: nightmare_zpsaddb8fa5.jpg]

[Image: nightmareprecious_zpsfc98342f.jpg]

[Image: nightmareprecious2_zps951ae3bb.jpg]
Freddy Kruger/Saturn imagery

[Image: baalsaturn_zpseff76f14.jpg]

Freddy Kruger/Ba'al imagery

[Image: baal_zps7f73d2dd.jpg]

[Image: baalkruger_zps0d155452.jpg]
Is that Freddy claw in precious silhouette? Wtf?
Just read the synopsis and precious sounds pretty rapey.im guessing the claw has something to do with that?
"stolen" implies ownership of said words

patent that sheit®
It wasn't 'A Nightmare on Maple St'!
What other ones can you think of?

Examples of a term, image, or otherwise important key known in CT lore that was somehow re-branded in the public consciousness with something more pop-culture and meaningless.
Some names come to mind that always piss me off, lol:
(though likely unintentional)

Alan Watts:
[Image: alan-watts21.jpg]

Alan Watt:
[Image: Alan-Watt.png]

Sir Francis Bacon:
[Image: GHc2TW.jpg]

Francis Bacon:
[Image: francis-bacon_triptych_1991-_the-museum-...t-fund.jpg]
This one is a double-double CT cross, if you get my meaning:
Big Grin

[Image: c7b10d7b79d18daa3d6104a1daf54300.jpg]


[Image: large_8gm7sx0luYOdqE5FiwU2Dp8tt63.jpg]
(01-06-2015 07:59 PM)what Wrote: [ -> ]"stolen" implies ownership of said words

patent that sheit®

Thanks what, yeah 'stolen' was not the right word.

I changed it to 'hijacked'.

Still amazed no one has got the Nightmare on Elm St yet..! -Apparently the Hollywood re-direct worked!
Elm Street is the street JFK was assassinated. Wes Craven purposefully used it as he thought it was a great name for a street where nightmares came true.
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