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Now that I've got your attention (from the Stomping Ground files):

Today: Happy New Year's Eve!!!

12/30/14: NOW THAT I'VE YOUR ATTENTION, GOOD NEWS???!!!! Tomorrow is the last day of 2014. The after that presents new promises, new horizons, new challenges and the the everlasting belief that good will always triumph against evil.

Because times are time now, does not never make that the opportunity to say that times will never get better. They will, and it's our duty, everyone and every each one of us to the inner core and the outer spirit that we can all make a difference.

I will. Will you????!!!!

12/29/14: ....therefore I got your ATTENTION again???!!! Good, since I have a little to say: enjoy tonight, tomorrow and the next day, since these will be the last days of 2014.

2014 was it a good year or a bad year. Doesn't matter if good or bad, as long as you're ALIVE!!!

Too many people as obsessed with saving for the future, or trying to resolve the past when it's in the NOW that you must exist. Yes, save money for your retirement, further your education for future rewards, get married to have happiness and children, BUT remember it's today, tomorrow and the next day that matter in that you must live it fully and with reserve, or regret???!!!

12:29/14: Now that I've got your attention again: the day is almost done today, and now two more work days left before the new 2015 year???!!!

Have fun when the time comes, BUT be safe???!!!
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AND don't be too Irish???!!!
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12/29/14: Now that I've got your attention: After today, just two more days before a new year rings in, a new year that will undoubtably bring you new challenges, new joys and new enterprises. GOD BLESS AMERICA???!!!

TIME to get in shape again.

TIME to challenge the ultimate challenge.

TIME to bring up old hopes and couple them with new dreams???!!!!




Evergood sausage factory burns in S.F.’s Bayview

A sausage factory in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood caught fire Wednesday, sending smoke high above the city, authorities said.
About 70 firefighters responded to the blaze just before noon at the Evergood Fine Foods plant and contained it within an hour, Fire Department officials said.
The nearly block-long building at 1389 Underwood Ave. was evacuated and nobody was injured, officials said.
“Thank God the the Fire Department is nearby. They got here real fast,” said Mario Chappell, 48, warehouse manager at the plant.
Chappell said an employee had smelled smoke — one reported the scent of burning wires — and called 911. An area of the building where sausages are smoked was believed to have burned, he said.
The cause of the fire is under investigation. The factory will be closed for the foreseeable future, said Don Miller, whose family owns Evergood.
Evergood has been making links in the Bay Area for more than 80 years, according to the company website. The sausages are distributed nationally.
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