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Full Version: A Feel Good Story For You At Christmas Time
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Rahm Emanuel, son of a Jewish supremacist terrorist, American who elected to serve in the IDF rather than the US armed forces, former White House Chief of Staff, likely Mossad agent, originator of the saying "never let a serious crisis go to waste", and failed Chicago mayor just got a visit from the Grinch.

Christmas Chicago Style: Mayor Rahm’s Son Robbed Right In Front Of Family’s Home


Two Chicago men mugged Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s teenage son right across the street from the Emanuel family home on Friday night — and gave the high school senior a bloody lip and a chipped tooth to boot.

The strong-arm robbery occurred at about 10 p.m., reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Emanuel’s son, Zach, had stepped outside and across the street from the residence to make a mobile phone call. The two men approached the teen, forcibly examined the contents of his pockets and stole his phone.

There was a brief struggle over the phone. That’s when the fat lip and the chipped tooth happened.

Neither assailant used any weapons.

The men fled the scene after the crime.

Chicago police would only say that the victim of a crime in front of Mayor Emanuel’s house was a male juvenile, according to CBS Chicago.

Police offered no description of the suspects.

Mayor Emanuel lives on the 4200 block of North Hermitage in the quiet, gentrified North Side neighborhood of Ravenswood. Because the mayor and his family live there, the police presence is typically high.

Emanuel said he is “crestfallen” about his son’s misfortune, an unidentified source told the Sun-Times.
when cops turn on the mayor.

i wonder if they can start spying on them and disclose their hidden secrets to the public to destroy their image.

same thing with the NYC mayor
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Quote:Police offered no description of the suspects.

why not?
they did that on purpose because of how far the politically correct agenda have gone.
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