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Full Version: LSD as Cognitive Enhancer?
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seems well written, but this seems like a community college class paper haha.

I dunno man. LSD is pretty dangerous.
That's the problem with all of the hallucinogens, after hearing non-stoner types like Graham Hancock and David Icke talk about the mind opening effects of such substances, i'm at the point in my life where i'd like to experiment, just to see what all the fuss is about. The down side to this though is that there is always a risk of permanently changing from using the drug, there are people in mental asylums because they never returned from that last trip.

I do believe that it's possible to reach these areas of the mind through physical and mental relaxation techniques, but i'm yet to find any good information on this.
I definitely believe it is, but it's certainly not something you'd be able to do all the time, or even a weekly basis, really. I mean, there are people that do hallucinogens daily and hallucinogens are not toxic, but such people are VERY "out there". In Joe Rogan's (paraphrased) words, you can't do hallucinogens too much because when you do "The normal world just doesn't make sense anymore."

There is a risk of permanently changing, but from what I gather anecdotally, K2 seems more likely to kill you than a hallucinogen is to awaken dormant psychosis.

In my experience, LSD is the most friendly hallucinogen to my mind, but the quality of what you'll find varies considerably. I used to think I was incapable of seeing any "visuals" until I got the right stuff. Visuals, while they can be amazing, aren't nearly as key as the mental aspect, but they're the best measure of dose quality in my opinion. It's a long ride though, for better or for worse.

Mushrooms are a much shorter ride with virtually no hangover, but with me I was more prone to getting stuck in cycles of negative thought...but such self-criticism is not without benefit either, harsh and likely less than 100% accurate as it may be. I've been told I'm particularly capable of remaining "grounded", so this is easier said than done...but if things get bad it helps to realize that you ARE inebriated and that once you've ridden the bastard out in a few hours everything will be back to normal. Nothing a scorned woman ever says to you will hurt after you've been through a hellish introspective nightmare or two, haha...but I don't mean to focus too much on the negative aspect, just giving my take on the generally worst case scenario. Sure, if you were an idiot like someone who genuinely believes in Scientology or the Mormon story, or a Muslim who "honor killed" your daughter, you could realize how stupid you are and kill yourself, but y'know... I never thought I could fly either, haha, though I did think I could see how an idiot might think that, one time.

I'd recommend you have a friend with you if you take a trip, ideally with them tripping as well, and no one that's not tripping to do stupid stuff they think is funny or whatever...though if there's a cool non-tripping person that could take you on a scenic drive it's not a bad way to spend some of the time.
^that is true, bad trips can be terrifying but they're the ones were you learn the most from. Once your ego your defenses are "melted" by psychodelics you are exposed to all sorts of negative insight, some are irrational fears but others are real shit about your life that you are in denial of. It's a double edged sword.
Tantric masturbation, seriously look it up and jelging.
I would recommend staying away, unless your goal is to just trip out.

Some cool insight and experiences can happen.

But no lasting change and sometimes some permanent damage.
Good posts in this thread.

I am pretty sure this stuff is NOT ALL BAD.. but most people I've seen who are on this stuff have some screws loose. however guy slike Graham Hancock seem to have benefited from it.
(04-04-2013 03:08 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]Good posts in this thread.

I am pretty sure this stuff is NOT ALL BAD.. but most people I've seen who are on this stuff have some screws loose. however guy slike Graham Hancock seem to have benefited from it.

To be fair, I don't think Hancock experimented with LSD, I believe he used the same stuff as Icke did, Ayahuasca under the supervision of a South American Shaman. This is made from the root or bark of a tree, strategically blended with another plant extract, to create a very strong hallucinogen.

Hancock may have also experimented with DMT, i'm not certain.

I don't recall him ever actually claiming to have used LSD.

As part of his research for Supernatural, Graham Hancock traveled to the Peruvian Amazon to drink the powerful plant hallucinogen Ayahuasca with indigenous shamans. Such visionary experiences, Hancock argues, were fundamental to the unprecedented and astonishing evolutionary leap forward achieved by our species during the past 40,000 years and provided the inspiration for the earliest art and religious ideas of mankind. It is difficult for those who have not experienced Ayahuasca, or other related shamanic hallucinogens, to visualise the strange parallel realities into which these substances bring us. Fortunately, however, a number of shamans in the Amazon are also gifted artists and have made paintings of their own visions. Through these paintings it is possible for all of us to get some glimpse of the Ayahuasca Otherworld – which, mysteriously, is not a different place for each different individual who drinks Ayahuasca. On the contrary, whether experienced by an Amazonian shaman, or an American lawyer, or a European businessman, or a Japanese fashion designer, the Ayahuasca realm is always recognizably the same place, inhabited by the same intelligent beings with the same mission to teach us important truths about ourselves and the nature of the universe. The Peruvian shaman Pablo Amaringo is the most famous and gifted of Ayahuasca artists working today and has kindly granted us permission to reproduce here a gallery of his paintings. Click on any of the images for a larger view. For further information on Pablo and his work see http://www.pabloamaringo.com.

[Image: 14830002_500.jpg]

[Image: 14830008_500.jpg]

[Image: 14830024_500.jpg]
I did LSD for the first time last night. I just came back from the bar/club/bar/Kareoke. I did one tab, are some food, listened to music, started I feel something, but passed out.

Will try again this week.
^ stay away from that stuff. Seriously. one bad trip and you could be toast
If you did do lsd it was very weak stuff , you would not be able to sleep on an acid trip you would be high for about 12 hours and I strongly suggest not taking it with any other intoxicating substance in your system . Plus you would have woken up still high trust me I know.

I've done it twice and was awake for all 12 hours of the major high and 14-16 hours total of feeling the high.. it was a fun and frightening experience ....I felt really in touch with nature and had a very obtuse train of thought which was excellent, but I had a bad trip for about 3 hours of the 2nd trip , everything came to the surface that was bothering me then on top of that it morphed into something extremely different , by the end of the bad trip though I felt relieved tired but ny soul felt so light for a good while after that if that makes any sense
My buddy who did it with me was up till 10am. I have this tolerance thing. Last time I snorted pure MDMA after clubbing, passed out after 20 minutes.

I've done shrooms and DMT. I was scared of LSD, but I wanted to try hearing it was like shrooms. My pa is a sociology major and she told me that LSD does t have any real bad effects. Mostly propaganda.
Pride Rules, let me know what you experience next time.
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