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Full Version: Who is Richard Novia?
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Psychiatrist? School Adviser? Tech Club Founder? Security Expert and Consultant? Private Investigator? Personal Mentor to Adam Lanza?

Quote:You remember if Adam came to those events early on?

Inside events, wen we had like activities like tech club night sleepovers. We’d spend a weekend or overnight in the school, lock it down. I’m in charge, as a director of security. You had 30 kids, some of them were middle schoolers whose parents allow them to come over and stay overnight. He did partake in those.


Not sure what this guy's background is exactly but with all of his intelligence and security background...it's very odd that he became a "mentor" to such a notorious school shooter.

Any more information on this guy?
Seems he was also involved in surveillance equipment for the Newtown School System.

Quote:Despite the picturesque setting, officials at Newtown High School, which educates 1,500 students, were particularly mindful of security after the tragedies of 9/11 and Columbine. As a result, Novia began researching an updated emergency response plan and soon set his sights on a video surveillance system. After viewing film footage of the Columbine massacre, it was clear a LAN-based video surveillance system would be of help to first responders because they could remotely access hallways, lobbies and other internal areas to monitor any problems.

Novia conducted weekly workshops for teachers and staff and promoted the idea of cameras with Superintendent John Reed and business executive Ron Bienkowski. While there was initial reluctance to the idea of school cameras, Novia pointed out that their presence would equal 10 security officers patrolling the school corridors on a 24/7 basis. This was important since there had been behavioral violations during the school day and theft and vandalism in the off-hours.

Before any of these concerns could seriously be addressed, a string of unlucky events occurred. A fire destroyed a school restroom. It contaminated the ventilation system and destroyed wired systems, causing the facility to be closed. Then, somebody flooded the third-floor science labs. Water ran down the walls and collapsed ceilings on the floors below, causing the closure of the building’s entire wing. Repairs amounted to $500,000.

Novia investigated and identified the culprits, who chalked the capers up as pranks. The students were arrested, but all attempts at restitution through the courts were of little economic benefit to the school. By now, the idea of video surveillance, despite its costs and privacy implications, wasn’t so far-fetched to school personnel and the Board of Education.

Novia researched the cost of a video surveillance system and was presented with six estimates in the $100,000-or-more range. Still, the proposals did not meet Novia’s requirements after he invested a great deal of time educating himself on networks, digital systems, site analyses and surveillance operations. Further, many of the offerings involved “no-name” brands he did not trust.

Richard Novia possess an unusually broad background with combined investigative and security practices and management. He was a multi-state professional licensed to practice private investigations and security since 1985 with many certificates. Mr. Novia provided investigative and security services to many corporations, attorneys, and municipalities as well as private citizens and nationally recognized humanitarian and environmental organizations.

Mr. Novia has held active membership with ASIS International since 1995 and InfraGard (Homeland Security) since 2000. While residing in Connecticut, he managed several private investigative and security agencies providing a wide range of specialized services to Corporate America.

interesting. people are digging deeply into this issue.

this issue isn't going away anytime soon.
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