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Full Version: I will give you the key to understanding end times Bible prophecy
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Please go to Revelation 13 in a King James Bible if you have one, if not you can do it online.

The King James bible is a very special Bible in English, as it is the only one that has not been copywritten and therefore freely able to be reprinted and republished and has not been changed by more than 25%. The Lord promised that not one jot nor tittle shall pass away from the law. But I'm not here to talk about Bible versions. We can do that another time.

There are many interpretations of Revelation 13 as to who the first and the second Beast are. My diligent study and anguish over the books during the past 12 years have led me to conclude that there has been a massive cover-up to hide the true identity of these beasts.

I will give you the true interpretation but, I'm not asking you to believe me for I am just a man and a sinner. Believe no man about things of spiritual matters but pray and think and study everything diligently.

In order to understand who the first and the second beast are of Revelation 13, we must define a few terms that will help you understand not just this chapter but, the entire Bible:

Beast - a governmental system

Sea - people, tongues, nations

Earth - physical land on which a governments boundaries lie (a nation)

Lamb - Jesus Christ and His church

Goat - Satan/lucifer and his people that have given themselves over fully to his spirit of exaltatian above God

Whore/Harlot - false Christian churches and people

Virgin - the true church of Christ regardless of nationality tongue or ethnicity

Israel /Judea - those that know Jesus Christ is the God of Israel or claim to know whether they have the spirit or not, whether they be wheat or tares
The first beast, which sits on a city on seven hills is Rome.

The second beast, which was like a lamb but, had horns like a goat, is America and everything that came out of her and has defiled the whole world.
Revelation 13 you say?

Freemasons swear their oaths on a king James bible.

Go on............
What about the juice, I keep hearing they are responsible. Too much purple drank imo
Are you a protestant Lebansky ?
(12-14-2014 07:33 AM)Uncle Tomahawk Wrote: [ -> ]Are you a protestant Lebansky ?

I believe the Lord Jesus Christ loves all broken hearted people who love the truth regardless of what God they bow down to. But he hates all that exalt themselves above him who is the truth, unless they repent.

I don't like to give myself any label because I was raised Catholic as a as a child and was reared in Protestant churches of many denominations as a born-again believer 12 years ago. For the past 11 years I have been in the wilderness alone studying the Bible for myself. I am 33 years old right now.

I consider myself to be of the remnant of Jesus Christ.
very interesting stuff Lebansky
also why did you switch from Catholicism to Protestantism?

Do you still have any sympathy for Catholicism?

Like literally in the woods? How do you survive?

How does one become a true Christian in your eyes? I do not think most churches are operating on a spiritual frequency anymore. There has been so much watering down of the church. I don't want to be a heathen any longer . How can we live lives that Jesus Christ would be proud of?
(12-14-2014 01:29 PM)SometimesThe Heart of a Turtle Wrote: [ -> ]Lebansky,

How does one become a true Christian in your eyes? I do not think most churches are operating on a spiritual frequency anymore. There has been so much watering down of the church. I don't want to be a heathen any longer . How can we live lives that Jesus Christ would be proud of?

This is the most important question in the history of all humanity.

Again, I don't ask anyone to believe me because I'm just a man and a sinnerr but, it doesn't matter where you're from or what your cultural existence was/is shaped like or what you call God, even if you're an atheist or agnostic, as long as you are brokenhearted and you love the Truth in all things and you hate lies, then you are set free in heaven and you are one of the 66.7% of all of man that will definitely be saved on Great Day of Judgment. On earth as it is in heaven.

If you want to be set free on this earth from your spiritual bondage that came into you from your parents as a baby, through your upbringing and the ones you let into you as an adult, Then you have to go through a period of deep repentance in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and then have your demons bound and loosed in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It's very simple to do. I had to do it to myself about three weeks ago because no man on earth to do it for me. I had to listen to men of God and their messages on deliverence on the Internet in order to learn how to set myself free from the spirits that were telling me to kill myself.

I Give all glory and honor to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and His blood that was shed to set me free for the new man that I am because I don't want to kill myself anymore for the first time in 20 years.
There are only two commandments:

1. Don't exalt yourself above the Truth, all that is holy, all that is good and all that is righteous. In other words, don't become Lucifer.

2. Don't hurt ANYONE.

As long as do you do these two things, you can do anything you want. You can even defile your own temple, as long as you don't defile anyone else's temple.

Whether you knock or the Lord knocks, you walk into the house first. There is not a shower at the door. He will show you around, make you something to eat, play video games with you, listen to music with you, have a deep conversation with you, and then you have the choice to go to bed and rest or to take a shower if you'd like. But please remember these words, even if you never choose to take a shower, He will still accept you into his house, no matter how dirty you become in the flesh.

I tell you the truth but you don't have to believe me. I just ask that you pray, think and read about these things in the bible.
(12-14-2014 09:14 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]also why did you switch from Catholicism to Protestantism?

Do you still have any sympathy for Catholicism?


Sorry for the late reply. I had to pray and think about this before I responded.

I was raised Roman catholic as a child but, was mostly agnostic until the age of 20. My biological mother was Irish Catholic and my biological father was a Jew, so you can imagine that this caused me much confusion as a boy and then as an adult. It also didn't help that my biological parents were drug attics and homeless on the street so Philadelphia. Until the age of seven when I went to foster care, I went with my parents everywhere they went except when my father was in jail, then I was just with my mother.

When I went into foster care, it was through Catholic Social Services. For five years I was put with foster families that were Catholic and was given a free Catholic education for these 5 years. When the mother committed suicide before i was the age of 12 and my father got sober and met a beautiful woman who adopted me and continued my Catholic education until eighth-grade. I was even an altar boy as a young adult.

During this time the doctrines of Catholicism did not sit right with me, There was just too much burden, with all the kneeling, the standing and the vain repetition. I was still agnostic and very angry at God during this period.

Then the lord, at the age of 20, brought me to two pastors children. Even though they did not preach the true 100% gospel of Jesus Christ, for six months they relentlessly preached to me, then the light switch went on one day and from that day forward, one month before my 21st birthday, my mind was made new. It was perfect timing because two months prior, I started doing cocaine and OxyContin and was planning on doing my 21 shots for my 21st birthday and all of those things were taken from me in one instant. I believed 100% from that moment, that we were living in the last days and I had to study diligently the books of Revelation and all of the prophets to discover the true truth.

Through reading the Bible for myself, I discovered that the Roman Catholic Church, not the people but, the organization is evil and therefore preaching a different gospel. And it is a gospel of bondage and burden. They literally have the blood of all the martyrs on their hands. There's even much evidence that they are the ones that funded and trained Mohammed and thus, created Islam. And who is killing all the martyrs today mostly? Islam.

During my time as a baby Christian 12 years ago, only one man brought me the truth, A broken man who loves Jesus and the entire Bible. He was/is called a false prophet, a heretic, a liar and a cult member. He was the only one during that time for 12 years who brought me the full truth and I am the only one that accepted the truth from him. Everybody else spit on him and cast stones at him. I even went through a period where I believed his doctrine was dangerous and I spit upon him and cast stones at him as well and did not visit him in his iniquity. If you were reading these words, my brother, I'm so sorry and I love you with all my heart.

And the same thing that happened to him started to happen to me. Every time, pretty much, where I would go to a church and try to tell them that what they were preaching was not true, they called me the same things that they called him and caused me to become very confused. Regardless of the denomination.

This led me to believe that all denominations are not preaching the true gospel and They've given themselves over to seducing spirits because of the love of money. Even nondenominational Christianity is a denomination. They are all denominations of Babylon and Rome. I urge you all to do a Google search for 501©(3) churches.

In regards to your second question, ey, my whole family and the majority of my friends are Catholic and even though I hate with a seething passion, the doctrines and structure of Rome, I love and I know Jesus loves, all of the broken hearted Catholic people that love the truth. They will all be set free in the kingdom of heaven, regardless of which denomination of Babylon they are adhering to.

The problem is they need to be set free on this earth. They need to hear the true gospel of Jesus Christ which is about the kingdom of God on earth and having your demons cast out of you in His holy and mighty name.

This is the true gospel that will go to the seven churches on the seven continents and I pray that if there are any people reading these words that the Lord gives them the spirit to help me spread this message.

God bless you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
reading. NIce heartfelt post.
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