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Full Version: Average Sex Partner # Must Be Skyrocketing...
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due to social media.......

tinder, pof, okcupid....... etc.

it's so easy now. especially for shy girls who didn't go out... or maybe girls who are a bit below hotness, but without the friend shaming factor, guys are hitting on them too online. also the slightly chubby girls.

i'm just thinking everyone should at the least double their # of partners. so in the new generation we are looking at on average 25 partners by the time it's all said and done.

which is interesting because the average australian has sex with 25 partners already. wtfffffffff
I am old enough to have used AOL to arrange hook ups by the time all this crazy shit like tinder came along I was all ready out of the game.
I estimate over 100 , god only knows what it would be if I had tinder 15-20 years ago fuck or in highschool
I don't think everyone is as hungry to fuck everything with a heartbeat as you are Don.

I mean sure some are, but some of us are a little picky as to what we put our penis into.

Kind of like I'm doing them the favor instead of begging for a new vagina every second I'm awake.
i think this generation is more conservative in general.

Also today's youth are less hungry for tang because they have unlimited access to internet porn. that has to be cutting down on the numbers.
EY does not have his hand on the pulse of america. L M A O @ that post. it's full blown aspergers.

maybe in china and japan where your government have castrated the men by making them eat an absolute ridiculous amount of soy. your sex drives are destroyed.
^ you don't hang around with normal people.

The young generation are in a lot of ways more conservative.

sexual partner #s are impossible to verify. Guys always report up, women report lower.

most people are not partying it up all the time. most people are not poon hounding.

We're talking about AVERAGES.
actually that dynamic doesn't deviate from reality.

the few proud guys proclaim their #'s because they had sex with most of the women. a lot of the hot women bang the same few guys.

so on average the female number will actually look lower while certain guys will have extremely high #'s.
you're just trying to justify your debauched behavior.

it is no longer really that special to be banging girls left and right. People would rather admire a nice bonded couple. times have changed.
you do not have the pulse of the west my fren.
what's cooler? banging diff. girls aimlessly like a drug addict.. or having a super loyal girl that will stay with you through the thick and the thin.

latter is more rare.. therefore more prized.
very very small portion of people think like u in the west. or there would be higher marriage rate than previous generations..... the fact is people are becoming more and more feral.
Its crazy out there.....when I was still working construction the single guys would flip through their phone showing me their conquered....

If you are Single, decent looking, and not COMPLETELY socially retarded. There is no good fucking reason why you don't have 2-3 options at all times.

fucking tinder? really? shooting fish in a barrel.
black nemo knows what i'm tlaking about. especially as a black man..... can you imagine how hard it was to get laid as a black man in the 60's and 70's?

this generation you have females seeking out BBC out in the open.
it may help guys who are willing to pull low level poon IMO (construction guys and OGers). I've never known anybody who's banged dimepieces off these dating sites or apps and I don't see the upside for a 7+ chick to use apps, why set up a date with a complete stranger and potential creep when they are constantly hit on by guys IRL. It's a lose-lose.
okay i met Miss Black Canada recently from there recently..........

totally into me and everything.
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