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Full Version: Heartwarming Stories From Sandy Hook Parent
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Lots of amazing tales coming out of Sandy Hook but these one are right up there among the best.

Hopefully, the brighten your day as well.

Thanks for sharing, Dean. My day is brighter for having heard this story.


How does a plane write 'U + God - Smile' ?

(12-12-2014 01:11 AM)Masato Toys Wrote: [ -> ]What???

How does a plane write 'U + God - Smile' ?


I'm not really sure how that happens Masato. I think Jesus had something to do with it.
Pics or GTFO
They are rubbing it in our faces right now.

They know the more obvious it gets, the harder it is for the sheep to believe.

these guys are working with some sophisticated psychological models.
It must be. It's gone from bizarre to absolutely ridiculous.

Sorry Daglord, but Sandy Hook is just trippy weird at this point.
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