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Full Version: Fedor goes after west & satanist attacks on Russia & Orthodox Christian values
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Quote:Satanists No Entry
Dec. 9th, 2014 at 12:05 PM

Rock musicians Satanists should not be allowed into our country, the president of the Union of mixed martial arts MMA Russia, the world-famous athlete Fedor Emelianenko. This statement was made in the famous fighter on Sunday at a press conference after the tournament in MMA at the Cup of Alexander Nevsky, in response to my question about the activity in Novosibirsk Orthodox activists.

[Image: 124368_900.jpg]

Recall from prostestami and aggressive stocks of so-called Orthodox activists associated abolition of Novosibirsk concerts Marilyn Manson, metal bands Behemoth and Cradle of Filth. Briefly describe the situation that divided Novosibirsk into two opposing camps, I asked Fedor Vladimirovich give her assessment.

- We have long been a blurring of boundaries between good and evil, their mixing. - He replied. - Not so long ago, there have been developments with Pussy Riot, our country is also divided into two camps.

Why do we let frank Satanists in our country? They decompose to our children?

In addition to drug addiction and continuous negative, this Marilyn Manson did not bring with him. I think these people do not have to indulge in our country.

- On this earth man has free choice: to be human or non-human beings, - added Fedor Emelianenko. - West, America is trying to erase our borders of good and evil, to silence our conscience, so she did not wake up, did not respond to any negativnye factors.

I'd add that the first time someone's opinion on the activity of Orthodox activists sounded exactly like the position, rather than as a desire to crush all dissent. Emelianenko said absolutely calm, non-aggressive, but confident and judiciously, once again confirming the reputation of a man of modest and an example to others balanced.

[Image: 124782_900.jpg]

great stuff. like I said, they should groom him to be the next Putin. He has the potential. Tell him to read some more books.. learn about psycho-sexual subversion and political subversion.
fedor has the chart of an intellectual. he can do this.

he must hate his brother for bringing shame to him though. seriously.
Only Fedor can succeed Putin's macho man image. But I'm not sure how savvy he is with politics.. but his stone cold demeanor is very reminiscent of Putin.

Northern Last Emperor... FEDOR!!!!
did fedor just call out the Frankists?

this translation is pretty messed up
if that klitschko subverter was a serious candidate for the president of Ukraine, then Fedor could be a serious candidate as well.
Christianity is a free will religion.. you are free to choose between good and evil.. and you will be JUDGED. if not by God, but by your own conscience.

I love Fedor's use of spiritually potent language. It can really rally the masses if used in the right way.
I'm not a religious person like Fedor but I agree. The west is now basically godless, or devoid of spiritualness, or simply without any direction for a moral code. Moral anarchism for lack of a better term.

IMO - this is at the base of radical Islam originating from Imams & theologians. Fundamentally they are in a fight to keep their religion their cultural values shaped by it from being wiped of the face of the earth like religious-based values & culture is/has been exterminated in the west. Christians fought the same religious war for millennia.
All the western whites have is Christianity. it is their history. if they go against that they are going against their entire past.

you don't have to believe in baby jesus to be allied with Christianity. You can be a cultural believer.. like the values it teaches, the basic ones are all good! How can you argue against the ten commandments?

The key thing is Christianity holds the Logos.. or the natural order.

I've looked into Catholicism and its very compatible with conservative eastern thought like Confucianism.

but Catholicism is even better since it can produce unparalleled works of art and music. It gave birth to science as well.
^ what I mean is that Christianity has a transcendent element that Confucianism does not have. t
How can you NOT like this guy both in and out of the ring?

But I hope he doesn't get talked into politics. I'd hate to see such a great man fall into that seispool.
I actually think he could be a candidate down the road for Russian President.

He should take the political route IMO. It will be hard to find a successor to Putin. Fedor has the same type of aura that Putin has.

Fedor needs to start reading books in order to better educate himself.

Also if it is true like Buchanan says.. that God is on Putin's side.. then it would be an honor for him to go into Russian politics.
This is amazing.

Klitchko would do well in politics because of his name, but I don't get the sense of any kind of wisdom or deeper understanding. Fedor however has always impressed me in this way, there is something about him that's always been more than fighting.

So surreal as an oldschool PRIDE fan to see him speaking like this on a high platform. 10 years ago it would have been immature MMA fantasy
Just goes to show that you don't have to sell your soul to the devil to become a living legend.
^ I suspected he did for a time, lol

I vividly remember watching Fedor in his prime, there was something so effortless and magical, he just tore through everyone as spectacularly as anyone could hope for, again and again.

Yet he was so calm, I seriously considered if he had some time of magickal assistance Smile

There is more to greatness than just hard work/determination imo. It comes from SOMEwhere... sometimes from without, sometimes from within. The latter I find to be fascinating in any environment
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