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Full Version: SuperModels are Wrong, coke does not keep you thin
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George Prior, a 50-year-old Los Angeles father of two has documented weight and health changes after introducing 10 cans of Coca-Cola a day into his diet.

Mr Prior used a combination of Facebook and YouTube entries to show the transformation that resulted in a 10.5 kilogram increase in his weight and a body fat increase from 9 to 16 per cent.

"I've just gotten back from the doctor where I had a complete physical. I'm 50 years old, I'm in good health ... I'm going to start drinking 10 Cokes a day ... that's the only change," Mr Prior said in the first of five video diaries.

It's only 1400 more calories but we're going to see what the increased sugar and the increased insulin load, how that affects my health."

Mr Prior's reason for doing so was that, "according to the US department of Agriculture", more than 50 per cent of Americans consume the daily equivalent of 10 Cokes a day, although in the form of a combination of energy drinks, juices and other dietary forms.

Apart from the Cokes, his diet was unchanged; in fact he ate less because he lost his appetite

By day nine, Mr Prior said he had gained eight pounds (3.6 kilograms) on his starting weight of 168 pounds (76.4 kilograms), having woken up at 176 pounds (80 kilograms).

He complained of stomach pains and not feeling well due to his change in diet.

"[I] don't feel good, I'm tired of drinking Coke. It's not the drinking it, it's the feeling full all the time, the not being hungry for other foods," Mr Prior said

A general follower of the Paleo diet, which incorporates a high amount of protein intake and low carbohydrate and sugar consumption, Mr Prior said he undertook the experiment to show that a high sugar intake, not a high fat intake, is a significant cause of weight gain.

"I'm Paleo, I eat a lot of fat, I eat a lot of protein and that's why I'm doing this because I want people to know that you gain weight not because of the fat you're eating ... the change is I'm eating sugar," Mr Prior said.

"It's sugar that makes you gain weight, it's grains, it's raised insulin level that makes you gain weight, not the fat."
10 a day is nothing, guy did not even try.

Halfway though the challenge, the man said his measured body fat ratio had increased from 9 to 14 per cent and his weight was at 181 pounds (82.3 kilograms), up 13 pounds (5.9 kilograms) in just over two weeks.

At the 28-day mark the man reported a weight increase of 21 pounds (9.5 kilograms) at 189 pounds (85.9 kilograms). He said he was surprised at the amount of weight he had put on and blamed his raised insulin levels, which in turn caused his fat cells to store more fat.
10 cokes a day is extreme.

i drink a red bull once every 3 days. that is enough for me.
i have half a glass of coal tar every week, if I need it or not
well thats around 1,500 additional calories a day. Was it the coke, or the additional calories?
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