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Full Version: You Have Been Logged out
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ha ha, I really don't care, its been 3 or 4 weeks and I am banned for perpetuity

Kiss my ass Kirik and co
i thought you knew you were permanently banned?
Well I wasnt sure, so I tried to log in to see

Kirik gave me the perm ban, wasnt sure what the process is. Never got a Dear John or a f*ck you notice, just bant
I can't believe they would ban you.. I consider you one of the forum vets

a staple of the OG!

you bashed the site huh?
I have to say I have a much more positive attitude in general. That site didn't sway me either way it was some of the members and obvious douchey subjective mods, the whole site is a con job

The app upgrade was to exclude app owners from posting pictures, so they can up their membership. I swear that is part of the issue, anyone whp pays to post pics on a forum has to be of low intelligence

Both OG and UG are a negative space to me, I am free of the daily go to, so I can join the fret and be a cave dweller

(04-02-2013 11:32 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]I can't believe they would ban you.. I consider you one of the forum vets

a staple of the OG!

you bashed the site huh?

I did, objectively though. Its a past phase for me EY

Cool. the atmosphere is getting very negative.. unless you're talking about cats and chicks
Yeah the OG has been sucking lately.
Forums are places where you can get feedback on your ideas or post good material.

If i wanted porn, i'd go to a porn site.
Come talk to me in 15 bans time OP. I almost feel like asking for a pro rata refund but I dont have the energy.

why do you keep buying blue names brah?
Its the only way I can get a screen name, they never approve my mud account requests.

Anyone got an old mud account for me to stage a kamakazi attack on the UG?
That was how they banned my old account. Oh well, site's mostly gone to shit anyway.
[Image: graph?w=400&h=220&o=f&am...m&]
^ yeah. the site is sinking pretty quick.

At least they should WARN YOU or give you some explanation.

esp. since that place they make you PAY to post pictures.

The only reason they can do that is because of the frames layout I think.
The frames layout is pretty bad ass.
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