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Full Version: Ex-NFL player discovers the meaning of life. Quits ball-tossing and starts a farm.
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Thanks to supercalo for the find.

In 2009 Jason Brown signed a five-year, $37.5 million contract with the St. Louis Rams that made him the highest-paid center in the NFL.
Five years later, after earning more than $25 million of that contract, Brown is a farmer who's helping to feed the hungry.

CBS News caught up with Brown in Louisburg, North Carolina, where he runs a 1,000-acre farm after learning how to grow crops on YouTube.

Read more: http://uk.businessinsider.com/jason-brow...z3JfLpH3EJ
That's really cool. I wonder what happened to change his state of mind.

Not even on the same level, but for some reason this year I've actually taken an interest in volunteering. As soon as my broken ankle heals up, I'm going to get out there and help.
^ welcome to the forum.

This is a pretty inspiring story that I'm sure will not be promoted that widely.

And it should be promoted. I mean, that's what this world should be all about.
Very nice
Great story.

Finally, a story that shows what is good about people.
Awesome story.
Great find.
Good for him
Not sure what happened to my first post but I want a farm desperately and it depresses me thats never gonna happen

Im going WWoofing in italy next fall to learn how to do something I will never be able to do on my own
it doesn't take a genius to learn how to farm.. A lot of people can do it.

With an internet connection and being relatively close to a major city (say 100 miles or so) this could be a dream lifestyle.
It is my dream lifestyle most definitely .

Like big top pee wee
the ideal life is being near a major metropolitan city.. but in a rural setting with a farm/solar panels/3d printing and self sufficiency.

i'm not talking about alex jones bunker prepper type of lifestyle.. but a chill natural environment where you can get exposed to the outside world through the internet and being close to a major city but still get all the benefits of nature.

in the future with airdropped drone shipments, more efficient solar panels etc. you could be nearly self sufficient besides maybe water.

but somehow I don't think the NWO will promote this lifestyle.
I dont even need to be near a huge city.a town is ok by ne
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