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Full Version: Revenge is best served cold, but Chinese food should be served...
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...by well-paid staff and cooks????!!!
You can eat dim-sum here, made by wealthy people???!!!!


At a time where restaurant labor practices are the subject of continued discussion and debate, one of San Francisco’s most popular restaurants has paid a massive labor settlement to its workers.

Today, Yank Sing announced that it has reached a $4 million dollar backpay and benefits settlement for 280 affected current and former employees. Between its two locations, Yank Sing currently employs 90 full-time staffers (30 hours or more per week) and 60 part-time staffers. On an average weekend, Yank Sing will do more than 1,000 covers a day at its Rincon Center location, and another 300 at its Stevenson location.

In summer 2013, a group of Yank Sing employees — with the help of the Chinese Progressive Association and the Asian Law Caucus — confronted the Chan family, which owns the restaurants, with a host of labor violations, namely ones surrounding overtime pay, tips and wage theft, and shift breaks.

“It was all pretty blatant,” California Labor Commissioner Julie Su told the Los Angeles Times. Su’s staff led the investigation along with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.

Yank Sing director of operations Jonathan Glick chalks up some of the violations to a “very bad job at keeping paperwork.” After the initial shock of the violations, Glick says that the Chans addressed the complaints and accusations.

Furthermore, the employees petitioned management for improved long-term working conditions beyond the legal minimum — which the Chans have also implemented.

“We had a plethora of meetings with all the parties involved and went to a mediation,” Glick says. “(The $4 million figure) represents everything – all of the issues. It’s a comprehensive settlement. ”

Glick, who has been at Yank Sing since October 2013, admits that Yank Sing ownership made mistakes: “We’ve taken responsibility for them. We are compensating for the past, and have put in place a structure that ensures we will be a company that our workers enjoy working at for a long time in the future.”

He adds that now employees get things like a salary that is more than the minimum wage, full benefits, full health care, vacation days and the like.

“We’ve taken steps that are socially conscious in terms of respect and benefits for our employees. For example, we as a restaurant applaud San Francisco’s passing of minimum wage increases. It will benefit so many of our employees in a positive way.”

Yank Sing Rincon Center: 101 Spear St., San Francisco. (415) 781-1111 or yanksing.com

Yank Sing Stevenson: 49 Stevenson St., San Francisco. (415) 541-4949 or yanksing.com
Just tried Hot and Sour soup from a cheap modestly-priced Chinese hole-in-the-wall establishment. I used to think it was gross but now I'm hooked. $2.50 for a big bowl.

I don't even know what I'm eating. Tofu, Egg, Pork, Bamboo Shoots, Hot-Sauce, Vinegar. What's the rundown on this stuff. Is there something like it is Asia or is it a San Francisco original?
Theres decent Chinese food in San Francisco . Chinatown LA is so bad , rather eat chain Americanized food like Panda Express. Theres good Thai food, Korean food and Indian in LA but the chinese joints suck for some reason.
yank sing is a great restaurant. one of the best in the usa
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