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Full Version: Ancient Alien series
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what do we make of this show?

it certainly opened my eyes up to alot of things, not sure if correct or not, but to me its very entertaining..
I think a lot of it is fun but I just don't like it when conspiracy truthers get associated with ancient aliens and stuff like that.

this is definitely speculative history. but some of it is interesting like graham hancock.

the ancients definitely had some special knowledge.. we tend to think society progresses in a linear fashion.. but they had some good knowledge.
maybe we should wait for redneck to talk about this.. he is the resident expert on this.
I find it interesting as well.

But it's certainly different that the 'conspiracy theory' we generally talk about.

The Ancient Alien is actually becoming quite popular in the general public.

I hear people talk about it quite often now.

I never hear people talk about mind control or 9/11 or some of the other conspiracy topics.

Different...more acceptable.

Still interesting though.

I'll probably post a few things on it as well...may something new that's not on TV.

It has a lot of entertainment value.
The first season was good, but they used all the good stuff in it and ran out of material. The subsequent seasons have involved some major stretches to find a possible alien angle.
I am more interested in what is on the back side of the moon.

there are blotted out pictures on the official high res moon photos.
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